Rebecca Dufresne

Customer Service Specialist


Customer service specialist with over ten years of inbound call center experience. 

Work experience

Work experience

Cisco GSR PQed agent

2013 - 2015

Two jobs which are paid as if they are one job but for which I hold separate titles and which are considered to be two separate positions.

Global Service Relations / Entitlement Agent - Work closely with large corporations, both within the United States and Internationally, via phone and email correspondence to determine proof of prepayment for technical support. on rare occasions assist them with obtaining special permission to be given technical support when no proof of prepayment can be provided. Additionally when a company has paid for a software package but cannot download it I help them with obtaining the files.

TAC Front-line Agent - Assist large corporations in creating cases asking for technical assistance. Gather contact information, severity of the issue, proof of prepayment and a description of the problem and enter all pertinent information into a computer system which dispatches the case to the team of trained engineers most suited to help them with their problem; then if the situation is sever assist them with contacting an engineer on the same call.

CFL Front-line Agent - Assisted callers with various general customer service tasks; This position ended because it had very little to do with the other two.

Tier I Technical Support

2008 - 2009
Cybernet Slash Support

Helped customers set up their VoIO equipment. Also assisted customers with troubleshooting and replacing faulty equipment and educated customers on proper use and care of their equipment.

AT&T chat agent

2013 - 2014

Assisted four customers at once over chat with technical support for their mobile devices; including both troubleshooting, general use and replacement if necessary; with navigating the website and customizing their own portfolios; with paying their bills, understanding and disputing charges, and obtaining refunds; and finally with selecting and purchasing new phones and with signing new service agreements.

Customer Service Agent

2005 - 2006
Flying J/TCH

Assisted Customers with Deposits and Money Transfers to and from Bank Accounts Performed other Duties as Required.



High School Diploma

1990 - 1996
Dugway High school

General high school education from a 4A school.