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" If you call failures experiments, you can put them in your resume and claim them as achievements."
- Mason Cooley

Marketing and Sales Consultant - Social Media Management- Content Creation

Accomplished, enthusiastic writer offering a solid background in Media and English Studies. Skilled in researching and creating an array of materials ranging from popular culture, education, youth focused development and business.  Recognized for skills required for publishing and creating content that engages the reader in through in-depth understanding of their needs and interests. Possess excellent editorial, written and communication abilities, leveraged to ensure high quality and standards with grammatical and content accuracy.

  • Skilled Writer, with a proven track record in producing high quality content for an array of industries and topics.
  • Conscientious Editor, with an eye for detail enabling the refinement of written material with grammatical  accuracy. 
  • Detail- focused with the ability to analyze information and discern relevant facts in relation to targets and objectives.
  • Highly organized with skills in workload prioritization, ensuring projects are completed within the given time frame.

Work experience

Aug 2014Present

Marketing Consultant

Thoughtworld —

- Catered to the customers energy needs.

- Established rapport with potential energy customers across Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland.

- Worked under pressure to reach daily and weekly targets. Kept up with the team's expectations and worked as a team.

- Managed content using Microsoft Excel, Power Point and Word for marketing campaigns.

May 2013Jan 2015

Content Curator/ Director

Campus Diaries —

- Content Curator/Director Worked with a multi-disciplinary approach to create ideas and content online.

- Developed ideas for stories that involved personal face-to-face interviews for the content of the stories.

- Edited and curated ideas for fresh stories on a media platform.

- Made consistent use of critical thinking and problem solving skills and managed time effectively.

- Managed a team that had to publish their stories every week with approval and scrutiny of their work.

Education and Qualifications


M.A- Media and Communications

Swinburne University, Hawthorn

- Had the opportunity to intern at Australian Unity, Carlton to interview aged care residents which was an initiative of
the course of the Life Stories project.
- Produced Journalistic Video Content that had been featured on the UniPoll Watch website for the Victorian
Elections in 2014.
- Produced Radio Content that had been aired on SWIN FM, Swinburne University's Radio Station.
- Produced Videos for my YouTube channel which featured quirky content on everyday life scenarios.
- Shot documentaries and composited them using After Effects CC 2015, Adobe Audition and Adobe Premiere Pro


B.A- Honours in English Studies

Christ University

- Grades of credit and above obtained for all subjects to date.
- Received high distinction for presentation regarding Research Paper writing on
popular culture and society.
- Developed immense knowledge of society and theory practice and received excellent
compliments from the professors who taught me over the years.
- Participated in national as well as international workshops hosted by the Department
of English and gained practical and theoretical skills in the process.


Humanities and Social Science- Grade 11 and 12

Baldwin Girls' High School

Skills and Interests

- I am a good orator and have got proven experience in public speaking.
- I've been a part of Hillsong Church that has volunteered at raising funds for families in need and we have been
instrumental in renovating schools as a part of City Care.
- I’m keen on managing social events or any work place that requires excellent
communication skills.
- Interested in script writing, editing and working on the layout of any media field.
- I have a passion for teaching. I've taught high school students English for about 2 years
back in India, where English is a second language.
- I'm proficient in using editing software like Adobe After Effects, Audition, Premiere
Pro CC, Microsoft Word, Office, Excel and Power Point.


1. Diana Bossio
Course Convenor for the Media and Communications Masters Program, Swinburne
Ph: 03- 9214 8107
Email: [email protected]

2. Mitchell McPherson
Youth Residential Support Worker – Cohealth
Ph:+61- 431581670
Email: [email protected]

3. Keith Brouder
Sales Supervisor at Thoughtworld, Level 3/ 342 Flinders Street VIC 3000
Ph: +61- 481176574
Email: [email protected]

4. Kaz Singh Whalia
Sales Manager at Thoughtworld, Level 3/342 Flinders Street VIC 3000
Ph: +61- 403695886
Email: [email protected]