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Work experience

Popular, Cold Storage

My working experience consist of working as a cashier in cold storage. As I am not qualified to be an official cashier due to my age, I was assigned to become a cashier under the SCAN-PAY-GO (An automated) counter. 

I was also in stock taking while I was working in Popular, which involved handling and scanning of stocks in the warehouses in various Popular outlets.

I was also involved in the workfield of being a telemarketer.

I can conduct myself professionally in any situation and I will lead if i have too.


IT Skills
I know how to set Audio and visual equipments. I also know how to use the following:   Powerpoint Word Document Excel Spreadsheet Adobe Photoshop Cam Studio Adobe Dreamweaver Window Movie Maker


I am currently seventeen years old this year, and I have just graduated from my secondary education. I am always constantly on the look out for community services as I have the passion to serve the community and render my services to those who are in need. As for my personal qualities, I would like to get the opportunity to work in social services for an enriching experience.


I like to eat (which explain my size)

I like to play DDR