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 Hi, my name is Rasheik Cannon and I am a graphic designer. I started my career designing for Home Depot as a sales designer/ specialist. I have recently touched up, or updated my skills by going to ITT-Tech for Graphic Design. I love designing things as far as cars houses, rooms for houses, furniture. I even do logos, and clothing. What  I really enjoy is making video games or  concepts for a game i would love to design are motion pictures, and special effects within movies.

Please check out short fight video of Aqua-Nine on you tube. It has action for you to see, look for the shark at the end this is a draft for you watch

For a better or higher graphic output checkout

Thanks for looking at my online portfolio. 


Jun 2011Present

Graphic designer


Basically I design 3D model and animate them as well, I also do wed design too. I utilize the entire adobe Master suit, 3D max, 20/20 which I have job experience in from Home Depot. 

Work experience

Aug 2011Dec 2012

manufacturer/ assemble


Assembled Boeing enturnal airplane parts. Reading blueprint coupled with various tools such as sonic welding, soldering utilized assembly.   

Mar 2006Mar 2010

Sale Specialist

Home depot

Sales, and designs in all major departments, installment and  presentation were given weekly by me in plumbing, floor and wall, and kitchen and bath

Apr 2013Mar 2014



I was a manager for electronics, and photo, my daily task were to delegate employees

Apr 2012Jan 2013

Sales specialist


Sales designer and specialist for plumbing and floor and wall, and kitchen and bath.

Apr 2015Feb 2016

Walmart Supervisor 


I manged 7 different department mangers. I was in charge of 7 departments with over 70 employees to monitor and delegating.  


Just Art and Models I'm working  on and Class work

A little bit of everything  is within this section. A few things that I'm working on and class projects.



Some of my interests are playing video games and designing them. I love 3-D modeling, animation, Flash, and Dreamweaver . I'm a graphic web designer at heart. I also like working on small home improvement projects as well, as far as redesigning room or doing layouts for them.