In today’s real estate market, a variety of factors are making it more challenging than ever to break through the noise and connect with customers. A new cost-effective tool can help.

A Smart Solution: Reach E-Tours

Reach E-Tours – custom video tours of your listings – will separate you, your website, and the homes you are trying to sell from the rest of the realty pack. 

How it Works Employing digital technology and years of award-winning expertise, Reach Media Solutions will:

▪  Provide a Free On-Site Consultation    A Reach video professional will conduct a no-cost walk-through of your listing, working with you to determine which elements, angles, and approaches will best showcase the property and create a dynamic e-tour.

▪  Capture the Content    With the consultation complete, it’s lights-cameras-action as Reach professionals put their tools and experience to work on your listing.

▪  Take it to the Next Level     Now it’s time to use the latest editing equipment to turn the raw material into a polished and compelling e-tour of your listing.  At this stage, Reach can add music, transitions, voice-over narration, and informative text (square-footage, special features).  Reach can also help you post the completed video online and share it directly via e-mail with potential home buyers.

Competitively Priced

Although Reach E-Tours offer prospective home buyers a more dynamic and true-to-life look at your listings than more traditional advertising methods, E-Tours are a low-cost, smart investment. E-tours typically cost less than comparable print advertisements.

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