Work History

Work History

Project Engineer - Consultant

-Managed plant communications network upgrades in parallel with Y2K Remediation and Compliance project execution. Coordinated vendor upgrades of plant mixing software and Allen Bradley PLC logic controllers.-Supervised fiber network installations during manufacturing plant physical expansion to support CAPRI SUN ALL NATURAL® juice drinks and new capabilities to produce OSCAR MAYER® LUNCHABLES®.

Dec 2010 - Present

Founding Member | Social Media Marketing

Ultimate Life Company

I  am a Founding Member and Independent Contractor of the Ultimate Life Company, Inc. (ULC); a for profit division of Together We Can Change The World, Inc. Current Projects Include: - Development and Implementation of a Social/Network Marketing Strategy. - Development of a web presence to support marketing membership benefits of this education/training product. - Creation of appropriate copy for marketing.

Jan 2009 - Sep 2009

Management & Project Consultant [Virtual]

Relationship Capital Institute

My role in the  Relationship Capital Institute organization was to bring strategic planning and innovative collaboration management to focus the efforts of several start-up initiatives.

Those initiatives were as follows:

- Develop web presence concept as well as plan and execute on delivery of the same

- Train editorial staff/contributors in blogging technology and administration

- Train staff in SEO methodology and aid in development of strategy to use same

- Coordinate and manage volunteer activities related to project and content creation

- Support development of long term vision and potential 'value add" projects for portfolio

- Stratagize, Develop and Deliver presentations regarding the high level business plan for RCI

Of worthy note is the fact that RCI is a totally virtual effort with contributor and management having never met face to face and existing almost wholly in Skype conferences and cloud computing document shares. The new complexity of virtual collaboration and volunteer "boot-strap" efforts to support this start-up were often encountered, conflicts resolved and cultural norms established without the physical presence of any participants.

May 2008 - Dec 2008

Management & Project Consultant [Virtual]

Relationship Networking Industry Association

I have been supporting the Relationship Networking Industry Association (RNIA) since May of 2008. I was originally volunteered/engaged to consult on project management. My Roles and Responsibilities within RNIA were as a Consultant: - Project Management - Internal Volunteer & Offshore Resource Management - Innovation Consultation - Business plan development - Content Creation and Review - Creative online marketing approaches RNIA is dedicated to helping entities learn how to build healthy and supportive personal and business relationships. Relationship Capital and Reputations are the core measurement of networking value. RNIA seeks to embed these concepts and processes into the networking industry. The RNIA Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK) best practices standard was assembled from time tested processes of communication based in values. RNIA has existed for several years as a non-profit organization building relationships with thought leaders and continues these days.

These activities spawned the development of a commercial start-up entity called Libertango. The entity approach, product lines and services were created as a strategy in parallel to the RNIA project efforts.

Oct 2007 - Dec 2007

Project Manager / Web Design [Virtual]

Group Technology of Trumbull Inc

Strategic Web Content and Design Consulting, including Search Engine Optimization plan for the creation of a site to support Group Technology's business growth strategy.

Jul 2007 - Aug 2007

Sr. Project Management Consultant


US Government ALUI Project RFP Response

- Develop Project Management/Agile SDCL Approach Response to RFP- Participate in RFP Oral Q&A Interviews hosted by House of Reps- Co-develop rigorous questionnaire to elaborate RFP/Project scope- Co-develop portions of second and third responses to RFP- Outline Risks related to project

Jan 2003 - Jul 2007

Sr. Project Management Consultant

Group Technology of Trumbull Inc

Client: Unilever Home & Personal Care North America, Inc.

-Completed feasibility study of vendor outsourced DR solutions for MS Exchange and Blackberry for 25,000 email clients in North and Latin America. Final recommendation supported by Global and Regional Architects.-Reviewed, re-engineered, negotiated Disaster Recovery Policies and Procedures to support multi-regional re-organization and creation of a unified contingency response team across North and Latin America. Team members were geographically separated throughout discussion and negotiation processes.

-Managed Tape Consolidation RFP and subsequent vendor contract negotiations. Vendor proposed designs were to support 2000+ servers’ data protection requirements. Drafted and presented business cases based on final responses and architect recommendations. Delivered two finalist proposals to stakeholders featuring a consolidated Virtual Tape disk array and secondary LTO3 tape architecture.

Jan 2001 - Jan 2003

IT Project Manager Consultant

Group Technology of Trumbull Inc

Client: Unilever Global Infrastructure Organization (GIO) & Best Foods

-Initiated, designed, planned and executed processes & procedures for migration of 15,000+ email clients in North America. Clients were migrated from old systems at a max rate of 1200 users per 4 day weekly cycle.-Managed 8 Indian offshore resources, for a full year, to deliver North American scripted applications supporting 10,000+ desktop deployments. Created and delivered scripting training to offshore resources.-Managed QA of packaging outputs prior to deployment. Managed, scheduled and coordinated User Acceptance and IT applications group testing facilities.-Drafted policies, procedures and processes for onshore requirements gathering and scripting submission. Transferred inputs to offshore resources resulting in delivery of quality application packages.

Jan 2000 - Dec 2000

QA Project Manager Consultant

-Managed the QA processing of approximately 1700 scripted applications for automated deployment, most of which were in-house or legacy software.-Coordinated the processing of outputs from 20+ scripters; 4 of which were QA team direct reports and tasked with the UAT and Quality control relative to these scripts. Project outputs supported the deployment of applications to 10,000+ desktops.

Mar 1999 - Sep 1999

Project Manager & Network Engineer

-Evaluated and Performed Y2K remediation of hardware and software as required across 56 external offices and main office. Developed and deployed appropriate backup plans and disaster recovery processes and procedures.-Diagnosed and documented network issues, designed and implemented project plan to resolve as necessary. Coordinated installs, upgrades and consolidations of new and redundant databases in remote offices.

Feb 1997 - Mar 1999

ISP Network Engineer and Consultant

- Managed ISP dialup customer base of 4,300 clients. Planned and implemented backup strategy for servers hosting 400 websites.-Performed due diligence on transfer of ISP backbone provider to more cost effective vendor. Planned and executed parallel IP environment to minimize customer affects during migration.-Coordinated technical aspects of divesture of ISP division to Mindspring via customer base acquisition. Completion of this project resulted in 400,000.00 infusion to core business.


1995 - Present



  • Project Planning and Program Control Processes, Project Management [] | June 2008 - Sep 2008
    • Project Planning and Program Control Processes is a comprehensive 45-hour workshop taken to fulfill Project Management Institute PMP renewal PDU requirements and to explore at a working level the fundamental processes of planning a project thoroughly and then manage the project to the plan (Program Control). - project planning payback - the investment and the return - Defining, managing, and modeling project work-scope, work inter-dependency (relationships) - Developing effective time and resource project models - The time analysis process (float analysis / critical path management / etc.) - The resource planning process - Project change control - establishing and managing project baselines (technical / schedule / cost) - Measuring and managing performance, risks and opportunities - Using project management software as a project planning and program control tool
  • PMP Boot camp [Cheetah Learning] | Apr 2005
  • Microsoft Project 2003 - Level 1 Training [ElementK] | Jan 2005
  • U-Plan / Clarity Training - Process (Workflows) | Jan 2005
  • U-Plan / Clarity Training - Timesheets |Jan 2005
  • U-Plan / Clarity Training - Properties and Document Manager | Jan 2005
  • U-Plan / Clarity Training - Look and Feel | Dec 2004
  • U-Plan / Clarity Training - Team and Tasks |Dec 2004
  • U-Plan / Clarity Training - Project Lifecycle Awareness |Dec 2004
  • IT Project + Certified Professional (Comptia, Inc.) | Feb 2002 | ID Number: COMP10062604


  • Cisco Certified Network Associate [CCNA] (Cisco Systems, Inc) | Oct 1999 | Cisco ID: CSCO10038752
  • MS 1567 Microsoft Windows Professional Course [HTR, Inc.] | Dec 1999
  • MS 1594 Installing and Configuring Microsoft Windows 2000 File, Print and Web Server [HTR, Inc.] | Dec 1999
  • Microsoft Certified Professional [MCP] (Microsoft) | Jul 1998 | Microsoft Certified Professional ID: 1057977
  • Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet [MCP+I] (Microsoft) | Jul 1998 | Microsoft Certified Professional ID: 1057977
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer [MCSE] (Microsoft ) | Jul 1998 | Microsoft Certified Professional ID: 1057977
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer MCSE NT 4.0  Bootcamp [ICTS] | Mar 1998 - Apr 1998
  • A+ Certification (Comptia, Inc.) | Dec 1997 | Candidate No. 1C6AE5
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (Atwood Institute for Research and Education) | Dec 1995 | Certificate Number: W79-2913
Jun 2004 - Oct 2009


American Sentinel University

In 2007 I took a full-time career sabbatical to retool and complete my formal education via American Sentinel University (A.S.U.). My focus was on business and project management thus ensuring my capabilities to deliver maximum tangible Project ROI to clients and employers. These capabilities include Web 2.0 tools and processes supporting cost effective remote/virtual capabilities and creating efficiencies for my clients and for me to manage project requirements gathering, team development, plan execution and strategic business planning activities.



Collaborative Project Management

Virtual Project Team Management [Offshore]

Project Management Consulting


Feb 2002 - Present

IT Project + Certified Professional

Comptia, Inc.
Apr 2005 - Apr 2012

PMP [Project Management Professional]

Project Management Institute