Work experience

Work experience
Dec 2013 - Present

Business Executive

DLI Systems LLC, Dubai UAE

-          Performing sales activities on major accounts and negotiates sales price and discounts in consultation with the management.

-          Product presentation to clients.

-          Reviews progress of sales.

-          Forecasting annual, quarterly and monthly revenue streams.

-          Developing specific plans to ensure sales.

-          Coordinating proper company resources to ensure efficient and stable customer support.

-          Suggesting sales policies, practices and procedures to the management

-          Collaborating with the marketing manager to establish and control budgets for sales promotion and trade show expenses.

Types of clients handled- IT and HR managers of all companies where manpower is involved.

Jun 2012 - Sep 2013

Business Executive

Impress Trading and Contracting WLL, Qatar

-          Forming corporate goals, policies, and strategies..

-          Over seeing procurement & supply chain activities.

-          Human resources management, board relations, public awareness& partnership building.

-          Directing and overseeing organization's financial and budgeting activities.

-          Negotiating contracts

-          Ensuring that the Directors are properly informed and that sufficient information is provided to the Board to enable the Directors to form appropriate judgments.

-          Leading by personal example and encouraging all employees to conduct their activities in accordance with all applicable laws and the Company’s standards and policies.

-          Achieved maximum sales by directing sales & marketing activities.

Apr 2011 - Nov 2011

Sales Manager

Hydroball Technics(SEA) Pte Ltd, Singapore

-          Negotiate with prospective customer and enter contract to sell.

-          Perform sales activities on major accounts and negotiates sales price and discounts in consultation with directors.

-          Manages personnel and develops sales and sales support staff.

-          Reviews progress of sales roles throughout the company.

-          Forecasts annual, quarterly and monthly revenue streams.

-          Develops specific plans to ensure revenue growth in company’s products.

-          Coordinate proper company resources to ensure efficient and stable sales results.

-          Formulates all sales policies, practices and procedures.

-          Holds regular meeting with sales staff.

-          Product presentation to clients

Types of Clients handled- Facility management of malls (Keppeland), office towers, Hotels, Metro stations (SMRT), manufacturing plants etc


Jul 2009 - Aug 2010


Victoria University Australia

Level:     MBA      (Research)                   Institution:   Victoria University, Australia

Market expansion - Coles, Australia
Strategic Planning- Motorola India
HR report- Sheraton worldwide
Marketing Plan- L’Oreal Paris Singapore
WOS- General Motors Global
MIS Plan-
Change Management- Kingfisher Airlines
Economic report- Water Scarcity in India

Jun 2009 - Dec 2009

Masters Progression Diploma

SIC college, Singapore
Apr 2006 - Apr 2009

Bachelor of Science

University Of Madras



MS Office

Adobe Illustrator

Corel Video Studio


Adobe Photoshop

Corel Draw

Business Management



International English Language Testing System

British Council
Aug 2005 - Present

Advanced Diploma in Computer Hardware and Networking

CSC India
Jul 2001 - Present

Corel draw

Pathfinder Technologies PVT Ltd
Apr 2007 - Present

Training Certification for hygiene and sanitation

St Johns ambulance, India