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For the past three years I have worked ardently for a start-up software firm whose product I believed in, helping the company grow from approximately 75 to 350 employees scattered across several global offices. As a Lead Support Engineer, I managed a small, primarily autonomous team, providing technological support for our corporate office of 55+ employees as well as our locations in Pune, India and Ottawa, Canada. With more than twenty years experience in the field, I have cultivated excellent references as well as a broad skill set; furthermore, I master new technologies with an intuitive ease. Prior to working at Mimosa, I managed my own IT firm for over a decade, employing a small team of specialists providing project management and IT services for small businesses in the greater Los Angeles metro. With a complete working knowledge of how to install, upgrade, maintain, and troubleshoot enterprise-class computer environments, as well as other leading workplace technologies, I am a valuable asset for any tech-driven company. I have excellent customer-facing and interpersonal skills, and I thrive in dynamic environments that require rapid adaptation to resolve fluid needs

Work experience

Apr 2006Feb 2009

Senior IT Support Engineer

Providing hands on IT support for our North American headquarters and supporting our remote users world wide. This includes 300+ users in offices throughout the world including India, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Australia, Canada and Asia.
Jan 1995Nov 2005

Owner / IT Services Provider

R & D Computer Solutions
♦ Designed, implemented, and maintained effective computer systems based on client needs; provided clients with simple, clear assessments of complicated technical issues ♦ Provided comprehensive mission-critical support services to small businesses ♦ Identified technical failures and explained technical problems in an easily-understood manner, particularly those pertaining to personal data loss ♦ Achieved a client retention rate of greater than 85% ♦ Designed a computer lab for a private educational facility; examined budget allocations, researched vendors for those willing to offer discounts to educational institutions, and acquired price-reductions on new equipment; outfitted the lab for 65 students and 10 administrators; equipment was procured at the lowest cost possible, saving the facility an estimated $5,000; negotiated free software, technical support, and extended warranties, saving an additional estimated $250 per machine ♦ Outfitted a non-profit cancer advocacy agency with the infrastructure required to efficiently manage their operations; persuaded many contributing hardware vendors to donate or substantially discount their merchandise; came in under budget, leading to a long-term maintenance contract ♦ Reduced overhead by consolidating communication methods; analyzed outbound, inbound 800, cellular, and paging usage, identifying redundant and outdated forms of communication ♦ Assembled and trained a team of highly-qualified field technicians; through experience, developed appropriate criteria to identify successful candidates for employment; established milestones for performance evaluations and devised a system for employees to self-indentify weak areas and provide a concrete plan for improvement
Jan 1994Jan 1995

Field Computer Technician

Blame The Computer
♦ Performed on-site computer services for entertainment, legal, and real estate agencies ♦ Provided customer training regarding the use of computer technology ♦ Ordered DSL/HiCap data circuits and worked onsite to connect customer networks ♦ Implemented video conferencing systems, procuring the appropriate equipment ♦ Delivered and installed computer hardware; performed network build-outs ♦ Mitigated data disasters for mid-sized companies; diagnosed hardware component failures; acted quickly to secure replacement hardware and to restore customer data so as to minimize disruption to the client’s business



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