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Familier with system connectivity tourbleshoot.
Migrated PVCS Code into Synergy.
Captured the KT for ClearCase builds for ACE Team in Mumbai.
Project Management - MS Project
Manage project using Project Schedule - Transtion of CM Work from Invensys IDC to Cognizant ODC
Windows Batch Programming Perl Shell Scripting Power Shell
Programming Language
Share Point Technology
Administration fo Share Point Cusromization of Share Point Sites
Windows Virtual Server 2005 R2 Virtual PC 2004, 2007 VMWare Client/Infrastructure - User Solaris Container
InstallShield 8.0, 2008, 2009, 2010 AdminStudio 8.0, 8.6 MSI and Install Script
Operating Systems
Windows - different operating system Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0/5.0 and Sun Solaris 10
Telelogic Tools - Synergy/Change

Work experience

Sep 2009Present

Manager - Configuration Management


Work with current employer to ensure that valuable contribution can be made to blend Service and Development Culture in one umbrella.Major focus is on resource allocation, deal with Invensys as a Client support. Also ensure that Development Service - CM Team works as a gateway between Invensys (client) and Conginzant, so best of two processes can be taken to come up with more matured process.Work closely with NSS and DevIT to do H/W capacity planning.More focus on each team member's carrer aspiration and team ramp up.

Apr 2004Aug 2009

Manager - Configuration Management

Invensys Development Centre India Pvt. Ltd.

Worked as purely Configuration Management expert.

  • Worked with Development Team closely to provide best baseline and code propagation recommendation.
  • Worked with PRO/II and HEXTRAN Development team to do:
    • Major code restructure and Dll split up of PRO/II
    • Migrated Hextran codebase from PVCS to Synergy and ensured the application result match with legacy source code structure.
  • Introduced concept of Common Framework Install to reduce co-existence of SimSci-Esscor products.
  • Distributed Change Management to keep multi site in sync.
  • CM Synergy Server administration for GSD Products. – involves up gradation of Version Control tool and all related changes. Migration/Create new projects.
  • As a self drive learnt Install Shield and supported several projects - PRO/II, Pipephase, Inplant, Visual Flow, CFI. Later delegated the work to new team memebrs as the team expanded.
  • Server upgrade from RHEL 3.0 to 4.0 on Synergy Server
  • Migration of Telelogic Synergy from 6.4 to 6.5.
  • Set up new Builds for new Product or new release branches and Build Process automation.
  • In last three years more involved in building the team, so junior team members have the skill to troubleshoot the process on their own.
  • Improved CM Process by introducing Stage 3 Check list.
  • Built a larger team when Global Development Services Team was from in IDC on 2008. Ensured that knowledge is distributed across the team builds up more redundancy and scalability.
  • Started engaging team members to come up with their ideas to improve and automate the process.
  • Evaluation of Synergy 7.1 and Change 5.2 with Global Development Services Team.
  • Transition from Invensys IDC to Cognizant ODC:
    • Major role to transtion CM activity from IDC to Cognizant ODC

On-Site visit at Lake Forest, CA, USA (March 2005 to April 2005):

  1. Learned WW Build Systems and day to day ClearCase User issues. This knowledge enabled to support ACE Team in Mumbai.
  2. Developed Perl script to migrate Access based Defect database to Telelogic Change. extensively participated in design review board to finalize the requirement of each data points in CR Life Cycle.

Reason for Change:

As per Invensys business strategy, part of IDC operation was partnered to Cognizant.

Aug 2002Mar 2004

Engineer – Development – II / Configuration Engineer – II

Baan Info Systems India Ltd.

Started career as Domain Expert in PRO/II. Later on moved to Configuration Management.

1.Fixed several Calc / GUI defects in ProII. Fixed Client/Server defects in PRO/II2.ProII scheduled builds from PVCS. Build troubleshooting and distribution.3.Migration of ProII from PVCS to CM Synergy. All required code structure changes was designed, reviewed with peer development team at US and implemented.4.Set up and handling of automated builds from CM Synergy for SimSci products.


  1. Fixed several legacy Heat Exchanger and Reactive Distillation defects to start with development work
  2. On own took the challenge of PRO/II code integration builds and understood in and out of existing build scripts and processes without any support from US Development Team

On-Site visit at Lake Forest, CA, USA (Feb 2003 to May 2003):

  1. Took up responsibility of taking builds of PRO/II. The codebase was in PVCS. It was ensured builds was done on everyweek, so latest changes are available on Monday. As part of the build troubleshooting, fixed many compilation errors.
  2. Understood PRO/II Client Server architecture and addressed many Client Server defects.
  3. Worked on Product defects as and when needed.
  4. Understood the process of ROMeo build and source code architecture.

Reason for Change:

As per Invensys business strategy, IDC was seperated out of BaaN and a seperate company Invensys IDC was formed.

Jul 1999Jul 2002

Senior Officer – Technical

Exide Industries Limited

The job includes issuing and implementing manufacturing process guidelines in the factories, periodic monitoring of different process areas and quality in the factories, critical analysis of raw materials and products using sophisticated instrumentation and improvement of process.The process involved frequent plant visit collect industrila data. Process innovation in pilot scale in R&D Lab and impliment the same process through plant trial.

Site Visit:

  1. Stationed at Hosur Factory to do an experiment to recude battery plate curing time reduction.
  2. Frequently visited Haldia plant for tests on Automotive battery
  3. Stationed at Shyamnagar factory for analizing probelms of Industrial battery.

Reason for Change:

Though the job was for Process Engineer, there was not much scope to apply Chemical Engineering domain knowledge.

Aug 1997Jul 1999

Process Engineer

UHDE India Ltd

Underwent training in various Process Engineering activities which comprised usage of various process calculation/design softwares (standard / in-house). Involved in following projects:1. Cost Estimation for a Oxo–alcohol plant for ESSAR: Updating basic engineering documents of an existing plant based on Licensor (Hoechst-Celanese) input.2.100 TPD conc. HNO3 plant for GNFC, Bharuch:Modification of existing OSBL system to hook up a new CNA plant package unit (Licensor: Plinke GmbH) with existing plant. 3. Extended Basic Eng. Package for a new PVA plant for VCIL, Mahad: Design of Thermosyphon reboilers using M–Treb (HTFS).4. Capacity expansion of Agrochemical (Triazophos) Plant for AgrEvo India Ltd., Ankleshwar:Preparation of As-built P&ID for existing plant. Preparation of revamp P&IDs. Execution of detail engineering including pre-commissioning activity and commissioning assistance.5. HIPS – 3rd Line project for Supreme Petrochem, Nagothane:Preparation of special parts list and specifications for special parts.6. Remodelling of Agrochemical Plant (Anilofos & Tablet) for AgrEvo India Ltd., Ankleshwar: Collection of technical data, reparation of technical offer and implementation of remodelling concepts into P&IDs.

7. The AgrEvo job required site stay for 6 months on intermittent basis. The commissioning was satisfactory to the client, which secured all future projects for UHDE from AgrEvo.

Reason for Change:

Personal - had to move to home town.


Jul 1995Jan 1997


Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

The Project was on Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Methyl Isobutyle Ketone Reactor. This was a sponsored project by NOCIL.

Areas of interest: Process Simulation, Process Control, Matlab, Optimization.

Jul 1991Jun 1995


Jadavpur University

Industrial Training done at Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Haldia. Detailed study included Lube Oil Unit.Final year Project was Computer Aided Design of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger.


Vijayapal Meka

Jay Mallya

Joe Ayers

Ramam Atmakuri


Linux 5.0 Administration

Red Hat
Nov 2007Present

Trageted Selection




Working as a Software Configuration Manager grooming and maintaining a centralized Configuration Management Team to cut across all business units in the organization and support all products, in a wide variety of Industrial Automation and Process Simulation applications.

Particularly interested in SDLC and Sofware CM process. Interested in Rational ClearCase, Telelogic Synergy and Change Tools. Building database Server, life cycle implementation, migration to latest version and pre deployment testing of Telelogic Products.

Professional Summary:

Total 12+ years of experience with 5 years to Prcoess Industry and past 7+ years in Software Configuration Management.

Involved in Resource Management, Manpower Planning, Recruitments, Deployment and Allocation of Resources. Excellent verbal and written communication, good analytical skills and execution capability leading towards high degree of customer centricity.

Core Competency:

  1. Strong concept of Configuration Management
  2. SCM Tools knowledge including Operating System
  3. Project and people management
  4. Chemical Engineering Domain Knowledge which helps to undertand Process Model and Simulation.

Software Proficiency:

  • Familiarity to Programming Languages:
    • FORTRAN, C/C++, and Visual Basic 6.0.
  • Application Packages Used - MATLAB, GAMS, HTFS, HTRI and PDMS
  • Process Simulators Used
    • Visual Flow, ROMeo, DynSim,
  • Scripting Languages: Windows Scripting, PERL, UNIX K-Shell Script, VB Script
  • Source Code ControllingTools
    • Visual Source Safe, PVCS
    • Synergy,
    • ClearCase
  • Bug Tracking Tool
    • Change Synergy
  • Microsoft Development Platform
    • Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Studio .NET
    • Compaq Visual FORTRAN 6.6B, Intel Visual FORTRAN 8.0/9.0
  • Install Shield Developer 8.0/10.0/12-15
  • Operating Systems: Windows (9X, NT4.0, 2K, XP, 2K3), Linux, Solaris.
  • Virtual Machine:
    • Virtual PC 2004 and Virtual Server 2K5 R2.
    • VMWare Infrastructure
    • Solaris Containers

Functional Skills

A) Exposure to People Management:

  • Started as single resource to support SimSci in 2004
  • Since 2005 helped the team to expand and groomed freshers to become good CM resource.
  • Maintains open communication to peers and team members and implement their feedback to build up a dependable coheasive team serving the customer.
  • In 2007 announcement of Global Development Services Team expandned to scope to interact other teams as well.
  • Worked with HR to build up the present team.
  • Addressed team's individual concern and take it to higher management for resolution
  • Delagation work to juniors and support from behind so each team member is highlighted and gets accountability.
  • Believe in team play and work in tandem with IT, Documentation and Development Team.
  • Contributed ideas to plan the migration of Invensys IDC to Cognizant ODC.

B) Exposure to Configuration Management:

  • CM Synergy Server instyallation and administration UNIX (Solaris, Linux) and Windows
  • Multisite monitoring
  • Disaster Management - restore Synergy from Backup.
  • Setup new project Builds – Advanced template for Product Builds
  • Migration of Product from CC to CM – ACE Projects in Mumbai, using Synergy Migrate Tool
  • Migration of Access based Defect Tracking System to Change Synergy 4.3 using Perl Script API.
  • Daily Builds for Various products – trouble shoot build, conflict resolution
  • Baselien of Code, Setup of patch branch
  • Process implementation – Code review, re-baseline
  • Up gradation of Re-baseline scripts to new version of CM Synergy (6.3 to 6.4)
  • Install Shield Support to PRO/II, Pipe Phase, Inplant and Visual Flow.
  • Database migrations from CM Synergy 6.2 à 6.3 à 6.4à6.5
  • Migration from Windows CM Server to Linux 2.1. Migration from CM Server from Linux 2.1 to 3.0. à 4.0
  • CM synergy 6.3 to 6.4 – pilot, side effect on existing scripts and act proactively
  • Migration of Product from PVCS to CM Synergy – ProII, HEXTRAN. Restructure of code and setup build scripts.
  • Planning for Synergy 7.1 and Change 5.2 Upgrade and testing as a team spanning US and IDC. This also includes frequent interaction to IBM Tech Support to address the Issues.
  • Support IRG Australia to setup their server in IDC. Directly interacted with the WSRA counterparts and establsihed the importance of IDC IRG CM Team.

C) Exposure to Process Engineering:

  • Thermal design of Shell and Tube exchanger and Thermo Syphon reboiler.
  • Plant wide pressure drop calculation to decide Pump process specification.
  • Raw data from Agro Chemical site and translate the same to P&ID Diagram
  • Commisioning of expansion of a batch process plant, which included vacuum testing, dry run with solvent, PLC testing and process run.
  • Study of elctrochemical process and implement the same in manufacturing plant.
  • Troubleshooting of cell charging problem by conducting plant wide experiments.

D) Exposure to Modelling/Simulation/Control:

1.Intensive exposure to various software for programming, computation, process modelling, simulation and control in CAD course at the Computer Aided Design Centre, IIT, Mumbai, as under:

·Process Design and Optimisation of a Multi-component Distillation Column using PROCESS.

·Optimisation of Refrigeration cost of a Natural Gas Plant using PROCESS by changing plant topology.

·Process Integration by Pinch Technology.

·Heat Exchanger Network Synthesis by Mathematical Programming.

·Design of MIMO control system (Side Stream Distillation column – as a case study) using MATLAB.

·Inferential Estimation of a Fed-batch fermentation using MATLAB.

·Dynamic modelling of a Batch Polymerisation Reactor.

·Dynamic modelling and simulation of a FCC unit.

2.In Master’s Dissertation worked for Modelling, Simulation & Optimisation of a Trickle Bed Catalytic Reactor. Process was to produce MIBK by catalytic hydrogenation of acetone (A project offered by NOCIL, Thane). The objective was to develop model for the catalytic reactor with catalyst in tube side and coolant on shell side.The features of the model are as under:

·Rigorous reaction kinetic model from literature.

·Adiabatic flash calculation to estimate inlet liquid and vapour phase composition.

·Two-phase flow characteristics to account pressure drop and heat transfer at tube side.

·Bell-Delaware Method to estimate heat transfer at shell side.

·Catalyst deactivation model.

·Separate modules to account recycle hydrogen separation and cold liquid reflux at rector bottom.

·The model was simulated using Microsoft FORTRAN 5.0 and result was validated against actual plant data.

3.Independently developed modelling programs:

·Bubble Point/ Dew Point/Flash Calculation – C & Visual Basic 6

·Flow distribution in branched pipe network– Fortran (Validation Pending)

·Programme for Linear Algebra & Regression – Fortran & Visual Basic 6


US B1/B2 un-annotated Visa valid till Jan 2013


To work as an Techno-Manager, driving a talented group of SCM experts across the globe. Leverage the strength of each expert in the global team and provide unique solution to the business. Grooming new team member to take them forward.


  • Googling on different topics of interest
    • Networking, IT, Storage
    • Biology and medical science
    • Marine science
    • Movie
    • Astrophysics
  • Watching old movie, documentary, mini series.
  • Photography
  • Travelling
  • Wild Life
  • Environment

Passport Details

New Passport Details:

Number: H0070942

Issued at: Hyderabad

Valid Till:31st July 2018

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Issued at: Calcutta

Valid US B1/B2 Visa (without Annotation) valid till 26th January 2013

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Present Address:

101 A.G. Arcade

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33/A Bagha Jatin Road

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District: Hooghly

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