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Broad skill set of an entrepreneur passionate about technology. Exceedingly quick grasp of technologies, industry/market trends, and client/customer requirements. Effective team-builder who thrives in fast-growth organizations. Creative problem-solver with hands-on, get-it-done attitude. Conscientious manager and player/coach. Articulate, effective communicator, written and oral.

GENERAL MANAGEMENT/OPERATIONS  Solid budget-management and operations performance; P & L responsibility, revenues exceeding $40 million annually; experienced recruiter, manager, and motivator of design/development and product-marketing teams.

PRODUCT MARKETING/MANAGEMENT  Driver of product-development and -introduction processes; analytical, customer-oriented manager of product roadmaps, feature-sets, and pricing; effective implementer of beta/pilot programs.

ENGINEERING/MANAGEMENT  Hands-on team leader and project manager for development of complex hardware/software systems, test-systems deployment, and quality control. Broad understanding of computer, audio, RF, and power devices and systems.

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS/AUTHORING  Experienced developer of complex technical documentation, including white papers, product and market analyses, and industry reports. Extremely broad technical knowledge base, hardware/software/internet systems.

Ray was a co-founder of Lattice Semiconductor Corp., and has since has served in engineering and marketing management roles in a number of hardware and software firms. He is currently consulting to early-stage technology companies.

Work experience


Provided proposal support, marketing, project- and program-management, and advisory services to early-stage technology and contracting start-up companies.
  • Developed and managed proposals and strategic plans for start-up technology firms
  • Program-managed nine Government SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) contracts
  • Project-managed design/build of a company's first 'clean room' for internal fabrication capabilities
  • Designed go-to-market plan for a company’s next-generation product family
  • Redesigned and produced customer presentations and collateral marketing material for several tech firms
  • Developed and instituted management systems for employees and processes.



Joined systems-integration/systems-engineering small-business government contractor to support execution and deployment of Task Orders under recently awarded SeaPort-e (Navy) contract.

  • Authored responses to RFPs, white papers, and concept proposals
  • Recruited key personnel, including business-development and government-relations executives
  • Serve as manager/liaison to SeaPort-e teaming partners
  • Recruit teaming partners, draft and implement teaming agreements
  • Responsible for financial planning and management
  • Introduced quarterly planning and MBO systems
  • Developed and wrote business and strategic plans



Recruited to lead a next-generation materials company's vertical integration into the components business within a strict cost framework. Intrinsic was acquired by Cree, Inc. in 2006.

  • Developed strategic marketing plan for newly acquired components business
  • Managed P&L for combined US and Sweden operations, exceeding $2,500,000 annually

  • Set manufacturing plan and negotiated favorable pricing with Europe-based foundry partner, reducing average per-run costs by 55%
  • Focused product development on two market areas, down from four
  • Recruited design/product-engineering and marketing talent
  • Oversaw introduction of first power devices out of fabrication
  • Developed manufacturing (final assembly) and marketing partnerships

SVP Marketing


Recruited to lead strategic and tactical marketing for manufacturer of embedded antennas and proprietary RF components and systems aimed at the mobile communications industry.

  • Refocused company product strategy around quick-turn embedded antenna products
  • Streamlined and reorganized product families, reducing line items by 20%
  • Developed market plan for penetrating China-based ODMs of mobile phones and PDAs
  • Led product introduction for next-generation ChipWave™ product family and developed go-to-market plan
  • Redesigned and produced customer presentations and collateral marketing material
  • Standardized MRD and PRD processes
  • Developed product costing and pricing analysis



Joined founder to spearhead launch of client/server platform for the hospitality industry, providing room-service, information, and audio entertainment directly into guestrooms.

  • Led development of preproduction Guest In-room Assistant (GIA™) system
  • Managed hardware design and implementation using COTS components
  • Developed and managed BOM, budgets, and financial projections
  • Recruited software development team
  • Project-managed 65-room pilot GIA system installation at Hilton hotel
  • Developed and managed Quality Assurance program
  • Assembled and managed relationships with hospitality industry advisory board
  • Led fundraising activity, securing $2,000,000 in venture capital



Co-founder of SaaS business pioneering new category of data-aggregation services that provide customers on-demand access and delivery of data across the enterprise and the web.

  • Developed the business model and drafted strategic business plan
  • Obtained lease lines and oversaw installation of load-balanced co-located servers at Equinix
  • Led marketing initiative to establish company’s position in business-to-business e-commerce marketplaces.
  • Secured the company’s largest ($300,000) software license.
  • Recruited and managed sales, marketing, business-development, and professional services organizations
  • Managed company's growth to monthly recurring revenues exceeding $100k, and employee base to 32
  • Led fundraising activity, securing $4,750,000 in seed and institutional VC funding



Partnered with founder/CEO to transform multimedia development firm (formerly Meetinghouse Technologies) into proprietary Internet printing business that was subsequently acquired by Kinko’s, Inc.

  • Co-developed new business plan, accelerated restructuring of organization and recruiting new team
  • Worked with CEO in preparing marketing plan and fundraising plan
  • Introduced web-based customer-specified printing tool CustomPrint Pro™ into beta test at first six printing companies
  • Recruited key management, including CTO, VP Sales, finance director, and technical staff
  • Directed corporate development, including legal and financial restructuring, hiring practices, and implementation of the company’s first employee stock option plan
  • Helped secure more than $3,000,000 in venture capital and debt financing
  • Member of the board of directors

President (US)


Established US entity and office to commercialize software developed by Europe-based software consulting firm specializing in modeling and simulation tools.

  • Reorganized operations, setting up sales and marketing, consulting, and product-development organizations in the US; recruited VP Sales, VP Marketing, VP Consulting, and Finance Director
  • Doubled sales annually to more than $1,600,000, grew organization to 45 employees worldwide
  • Spearheaded development of flagship Metro Server™, launched at InfoWorld’s DEMO conference, producing sales of $100,000 within the first month
  • Successfully implemented the company’s first beta program with more than forty international testers, including Boeing, Arthur Anderson, Anderson Consulting, Statoil, British Telecom, Ziff-Davis, Sandia Labs, and NOAA
  • Led planning and development for Powersim Studios™, a business unit for creating high-end simulations playable via the web; initial clients included America Online, Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), and Ziff-Davis
  • Raised venture capital totaling $7,600,000



Launched, funded and operated a multimedia development and production company producing content and providing consulting services in online and interactive applications.

  • Developed presentations, interactive prototypes, commercials/promotions, and industrial videos
  • Led sales and business-development efforts, producing projects for McGraw-Hill, Hearst New Media, and The Waterford School
  • Set up lease lines, acquired computer and video-production hardware and software
  • Managed and trained creative and production staff
  • Produced commercial and non-commercial film, video, and CD-ROM projects

LAN Group VP

Managed acquisition and P&L for computer-networking magazines acquired from Novell Inc., transforming former house organs into leading professional industry publications.

  • Recruited sales, finance and circulation directors, and chief editors; expanded group from 17 to 51 employees
  • Set up regional sales territories across the US, hired seven full-time direct advertising sales professionals, plus two commission-based sales reps
  • Grew revenues from less than $5,000,000 to more than $14,000,000 in three-year period; transforming LAN Group into the most profitable in computer division including Byte, Data Communications, and UNIX World
  • Struck high-margin co-publishing arrangement with Softbank Corp. for native-language version of LAN TIMES in Japan
  • Assembled state-of-the-art network-testing lab for new-product evaluations and competitive ‘shoot-outs
  • Oversaw redesign of three publications, auditing of circulations, and conversion of flagship LAN TIMES from monthly to biweekly frequency
  • Managed the cultural transition of provincial Utah-based staff to professional business publication standards; developed plan to relocate operations to West Coast office



Co-founded 'fab-less' manufacturer of new class of high-speed programmable logic device (PLD) computer chips using electrically erasable technology.

  • Directed all phases of start-up, administration, and operations: hiring key engineering personnel, developing marketing plans, obtaining equipment leases
  • Hired industry-veteran managers and directors from Intel, AMD, Signetics, Harris, and others
  • Oversaw recruitment of direct sales force of 15 regional account execs and more than 10 distributors and rep organizations worldwide.
  • Negotiated foundry relationships with National Semiconductor (US), Seiko-Epson and NMB Semiconductor (Japan), and SGS (Italy)
  • During seven-year tenure, grew quarterly sales to more than $8,000,000 (>$40,000,000 annual rate), employees to 120
  • Secured more than $16,000,000 in venture financing
  • Led the company through eight consecutive quarters of profitability, preparing it for an IPO in 1989 (NASDAQ:LSCC)


BS Electrical Engineering



MS SharePoint
Administrator for company SharePoint site Set up MS Project Server for managing Government contracts  
Reviewed/edited files for 3D models of prototypes Developed, reviewed, and edited MEP drawings for design/build  
Basic website editing skills Search Engine Marketing (SEM)/Search Engine Optimization (SEO) knowledge
Social Media
Familiarity with social-media marketing Twitter, Facebook user
Adobe CS5
Highly proficient in Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign Demonstrable skills in document, brochure, and marketing-collateral creation Extensive experience web-page wireframing Advanced technical illustration, including patent drawings
MS Office
Extremely proficient in Word, including advanced features Expert builder of Excel financial models PowerPoint presentation master Extensive project management with Microsoft Project