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1983-1984 US Army Reserves High School deferrement program 191 Military Police Unit Mandan ND. 

1984-1985 US Army Basic Training / Military Police School, Ft. McClellan AL.

1985-1986 US Army Military Police Bravo Unit Ft. McClellan AL. 

1986-1988 US Army  216th Military Police  Company Heidelberg Germany 

1989-1990 US Army 216th Military Police  Company dispatched to Operation Desert Shield 


☆ Young Professionals Network 

☆ Patriot Guard Riders Local Chapter member

☆ Rotary Club Member

☆ American Legion Member

☆ AmVets Member

☆ Kiwanis Club member

☆ Partnership with my friends in a real estate venture to buy and flip houses. 


Over seventeen years of top producing sales experience, with an eclectic skill set which includes: territory sales management, business to business sales, marketing, branding, advertising. 

public relations, sales management, sales trainer and team building experience.

These skills will help me build, manage and train your sales team to succeed. 

I will be a great asset to your company or organization.

Work experience

Mar 2017Present

General Sales Manager

Prairie Radio Communications

I'm a working Sales Manager in which I carry my own clients and I'm in the field with my sales team. I hired and trained the current team of 4 sales members. I maintain a client book of business that has an annual revenue of over $400,000. Our company has an annual budget of 1.2 million dollars and that is up from $900,000. I lead by example and like to be in the field. I'm proficient in cold calling and train my team to cold call. I utilize my consultative selling skills and also train my team in consultative style selling. I build sales plans and promotional sales agreements.  We have 5 major components within the services that we provide such as Newspaper, Radio, Social Media, Web Streaming and Video. I handle the sales directive for all. 

Oct 2014Dec 2017

Senior Sales Specialist

I-80 Equipment

Largest supplier of ariel truck equipment in the market. Spoke directly with business owners and guided them through our sales process. Executed formal quotes, secured financing and completed all documents attributed to the sale of the equipment. I always maintained my gpal of 5 trucks per month some months with 8 truck sales. Each truck average 65k  and each month I would have $325,000 in sales. I would maintain the relationship with my clients even after rhe truck was delivered.  


Vice-president of Sales & Marketing

Regional Media / Virden Broadcasting
  • Built and managed a successful sales team.
  • Started new revenue streams within our business model. 
  • Formulate marketing plans and proposals for current clients and prospects.
  • Prospect for new clients by utilizing networking contacts and referrals from current clients. 
  • Carried and maintained a successful book of business that billed over $20,000 per month.
  • I utilize the consultant style selling process to operate and maintain my book of business. 
  • Manage the sales department for the Tri-County and Quad Cities market area which includes two telemarketers and three sales account managers. 

Tri-County Market Sales Manager

Regional Media
  • Manage the largest book of business with yearly revenues well over $300,000 dollars per year.  I started my book with 0 and built it to over $25000.00 in monthly billing. 
  • Formulate marketing plans and proposals for current clients and prospects.
  • Prospect for new clients by utilizing networking contacts and referrals from current clients. 
  • My book of business is based upon yearly contracted sales to give a better ROI to my clients. 
  • I utilize the consultant style selling process to operate and maintain my book of business. 
  • Manage the sales department for the Tri-County market area which includes two telemarketers and two sales account managers. . 

Owner Operator / Contractor

Velocity Express Services
  • Contract operator exclusively to Velocity Express services operated under Blackerinc Express. 
  • Contracted to the largest routes within Velocity Express from Davenport IA to Madison Wisconsin.
  • Insured and bonded to carry pharmaceutical grade narcotics to pharmacies, clinics and hospitals in our route territory.
  • Delivered certified mail and executive mail to Mid-American Energy, Ameren Energy , and John Deere.
  • Entrusted, Insured and bonded to deliver certified bank receipts and checks to local banks in our territory. 

Commercial Business Director

Galaxy One Marketing
  • Developed custom audio and visual solutions for all our commercial business accounts.
  • Coordinated commercial sales teams within a 5 state territory to include IA, IL, MN, CO, and MI.
  • Oversaw the sales and install teams from the beginning of the sales process to the full installation.
  • Managed and coordinated efforts of the local sales affiliates within the 5 state territory.
  • Implemented policy and proceedures for sales and product installations to clients base.
  • Implemented premier packages for commercial clients to be a full service provider of 
  • video and audio solutions for business.

Production Supervisor / Cutomer Liaison Official

Wright Tree Service
  • Served as production supervisor, Utility Arbor certified, maintained safety regulations.
  • Utilized my skills with the public to maintain residential trees around utility lines.
  • Contracted to Ameren Power and Cilco Power companies to clear utility lines and remove dangerous trees. 
  • Oversaw daily utility operations and maintained that safety regulations were being enforced in the field.
  • Oversaw all the utility lines in my territory and set up maintenance schedules, storm damage operations,  and wire surveillance.

Sales Manager / Commercial Business Director

Batteries Plus Inc.
  • Involved in the opening of both Batteries Plus locations in Davenport  IA and Moline IL.
  • Involved in the day to day operations of the stores with product knowledge, inventory  maintenance, custom battery installs, solve customer  battery problems, train employees to cashier 
  • I gave up my duties as general manager and became the commercial director for the company. I was able to obtain city contracts for the city of Moline, Bettendorf, Davenport, and East Moline under my lead. I also obtained city contracts for our sealed lead battery line. I did all my own prospecting, secured my own leads and maintained my own account base. 
  • I secured annual accounts and monthly business as the commercial director to generate over 35% of the batteries that left our stores locations.This contributed to well over 50% of the businesses bottom line.

Commerial & Residential Sales Consultant

Tru-Green Chemlawn

•  Consulted with cutomers on there property for lawn care services and products.

•  Managed residential and commercial properties and clients.

•  Would meet or exceed our set sales goals each and every month. 

•  Expanded my experience to horticulture and sold horticulture services to commercial and residential clients. 


Single Copy Sales Manager / Advertising Account Manager .

Lee Enterprises / Bismarck Tribune -Muscatine Journal
  • In one year I was able to increase circulation and retain subscribers in my territory by 30%. I was rewarded with a trip to Disney World from the company. 
  • I was given an opportunity to move up with in the company as a Assistant Circulation manager and was flown to the Quad City market to see the Muscatine Journal. 
  • I took on the opportunity to turn around the subscription base and also to produce more single copy sales in the territory which I did with vigor. Increasing new subscription rate and single copy locations in the city and outside the local region. 
  • Was given the Newspapers In Education program to sell to the commercial advertising base of clients. I increased sales by 20% more than was sold company wide. 


Darren Brown

“Rick is one of the best employees I have ever worked with; his dedication and work ethic is among the best I have ever seen. He treats all his clients with the same respect, regardless of how large or small the business is. Over the past year, I have learned a lot from Rick on how to service your clients beyond the normal visit or phone call. I highly recommend Rick!!!” July 1, 2011

Jon Keener

"It's an honor to have worked with Richard! I've been in sales for over 15yrs and I can honestly say that Richard isn't a salesman. He is a consultant. Sales people focus on themselves. Richard listens to the needs of his clients and then delivers solutions that meet or exceeds their expectations. Integrity and trust is the foundation of who he is. To be associated with some one like Richard is a privelage and honor." 

Beverly Murray

“Richard is a treat to have as a sales executive. He listens very carefully to your business needs and aligns this well with what his company has to offer. He is very personable and a genuine individual. Our business partnership is outstandingly effective and I know I can trust his expertise. He does his job very well and I would highly recommend him for any undertaking. And compliments to building rapport, I would consider him friend now too!”

Fletcher M. Ford

“Richard is very detail oriented and has a wonderful passion for helping small businesses. Richard works extremely hard to provide excellent service to his customers and the companies I have had in the past. Richard has always been dedicated to excellence and precise execution. Richard is also a cherished friend as well as a wonderful colleague.”


Feb 1985Jun 1986

Certified Small Business Program

US Army Base College Program



Sales Management

 I have utilized my management skills to work with a team of sales people to lead, train and get them focused to succeed everyday. Manage daily organization operations by utilizing prospect and activity lists with details to help increase sale proficiency. Utilize RAB sales training and maintain success reports at the end of day, week and month.  Increased sales by adopting the consultant style selling approach and teaching it to my associates.   

Computer Proficiency

 Utilize computers and mobile devices in my daily operations to help with organizational skills. Proficient with Mobile and PC utilizing Word, Excel and Microsoft Outlook, Graphics,  Utilize RAB Account Manager to help with organization of daily routine. Utilize applications for mobile and PC such as mobile office, ACT account manager, RAB account manager. Mobile presenter.   

Mobile and Web Marketing
  Utilize Internal company networks or external websites to increase ROI for clients and potential clients. Share with clients ideas to help increase their "clicks" or "hits" to their website. Increase our companies bottom line through the selling of the company website to clients and potential clients.  
Consultative style selling approach

Utilize this style of selling to maintain relationships with my clients. I have been very successful with this style of selling and have built lasting relationships with my customers. 

CRM Proficiency

I'm proficient in using Salesforce and ZOHO in lead maintenance and customer management tools. 


May 1985Jun 1991

Certified US Army Military Police

US Army Justice Dept.

US Army Ranger Combat Certified 

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