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Work experience

Jun 2003Present

Asst. Manager

The Pasta Market

My duties were cleaning and setting tables, greeting customers, taking orders, closing shifts were I would have to count all the drawers out. Make the deposit for each night. Making sure that everybody understands thier duties for that evening. Wich sometimes means that I have to play the bad guy but some one has to do it.


Aug 2004Jun 2008


wilson high school


customer service
I can work wonders with the customers. I know excatly how to speak to them. I know how to greet them and even when thier having a bad day. I can cheer them up a little bit. I love working with people thats all I have ever been shown.


Robert collins

Aris Lammas

Ramona Valdez


I have had a few years in the restaurant buiness, and i enjoy it. I started as a hostess and worked my way up to  management. I've been pulling closing shifts for over three years now. I know how to count inventory, close out registers, and make deposits. Yes i know how to be a manager, but I also know how to work as a team. It is very important to be able to speak with your coworkers, because it is one of the most important things to have in a work place is cummunication. I am very reliable. My old shifts were often twelve to thirteen hour shifts. So I understand that sometime it is necessary, and we all must pull our part. Thank you.


My interests are besides working are my children. I do have two small children ones four and the other one is going to be two. They are my life, and I hope in any job they understand that.

I also like to read and going on walks.