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Work experience

Junior Researcher

Justus von Liebig Universität

Part-time employed as Junior Researcher in the Centre for Continental Agricultural and Economic Studies of the Justus-von-Liebig University.

Sep 2001Present

Senior Executive Partner

Common Sense Consulting
  • Networking with key administrative and political deciders in the EU member state
  • Representation of client interests in EU institutions and national/regional governments
  • Macroeconomic and investment related EU-political sourcing, analysis and prognosis
  • EU-policies related risk-assessment and risk-prevention advisory
  • PR-crisis management
  • Personality PR for select customers
Oct 2001Jul 2004

Enlargement Correspondent

European Commission
  • Defining and implementing Enlargement Communication and Information Strategy for Austria for 2001-2006.
  • Co-ordinating information of the general public in Austria on Enlargement related issues.
  • Communication on EU-Enlargement affairs with key governmental decision-makers in CEE and Austria.
Jan 2001Jul 2001

Press and Public Relations Officer

Festspielhaus St. Pölten
  • Press and electronic media contact

  • Public relations and image campaigns

  • Responsible for international relations

Jan 1998Nov 2000

Senior Researcher

Institut für den Donauraum und Mitteleuropa
  • Editor of the institute’s publications

  • Project definition and implementation on an international level

  • Research on EU-CEE pre-Accession Relations; CEE-Affairs

Mar 1993Jan 1998

Journalist, political and macro economic research

Free lance stringer
  • EU-CEE/CIS Investment Interaction consultancy

  • Research and analysis for daily publications and radio broadcasts on the Balkan Crisis/Civil War


Trilingual German English French, up to and including publishing quality. Middling to fair command of a number of Slavic languages such as Ukrainian or Russian, and, for all it's work, some Afrikaans.
Soft skills
Interview techniques; investigation; information sourcing and verification; multiplier communication; public and media presentation; mediation; internal health check;


May 1985Jul 1985


Jan 1980Dec 1984

Matriculation Certificate


Personal interests

In 2002, Gregor succeeded his father as president of the “Razumovsky Society for Art and Culture”. Under his mentorship, the “Viennese Razumovsky Quartet” was re-created in 2005 and has since had numerous international public appearances.

 Gregor founded the “European Institute for the furtherance of Democracy” of Vienna in 1999 of which he has become Honorary President in 2007.

 From 1992 to 1997, Gregor was an active member of the social services German Red Cross in Lich and has been awarded the Henry-Dunant Silver Medal for life-saving action at highest personal risk in the winter of 1996/97.

 From 1989 to 1991, Gregor was chairman of the Liberal University Group (students’ representation) of the University of Giessen, holding a seat on the University Senate as student representative,


Gregor was born in 1965 and lives with his wife and children in Austria since 1997, having spent the first 32 years of his live in a colourful succession of countries, ranging from Germany, the Netherlands and  Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and France down to South Africa. Trilingual in English, French and German, Gregor has working knowledge of Ukrainian, Russian and Afrikaans.

Professionally, Gregor has been active in the EU member states, especially in France, Austria and the States of the CEE, including  Romania and Bulgaria. Outside of the EU, Gregor has been seen working on the Balkans and the states of the former Soviet Union, specifically Ukraine and the Russian Federation.


Gregor Razumovsky is currently looking for new opportunities, ideally in an executive function, on the NGO /  NPO, media or cultural sectors, or working in the field of Government or Public or Press Relations. G.R. is willing  to work globally out of Vienna, or to relocate to other continents.