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Work experience

Mar 2012Present

Security Guard

Hardcore Security Inc.

Although the company I work for is Hardcore Security Inc. I am locationed at the Ajax Ciniplex Theater.

My main duties at the Ajax Ciniplex Theater are:

-Patrol the general area

-Control Access to 18-A or restricted movies

-Maintain and enforce the rules set out by the theater

Apr 2011Jun 2011

Core Aeration Specialist

Spring Masters Canada

Spring Masters Canada is where a large portion of my communication skills and negotiation ability was learned

My main duties at Spring Masters Canada were:

- Negotiating prices with clients

-Aerating lawns and backyards in a safe and efficient manner

-Selling aeration services to the general population

Jun 2011Jan 2011

Poll Clerk

Elections Canada

Working as a Poll Clerk taught me a lot about following protocols and specific processes

My main duties at Elections Canada were:

-maintain an orderly list of voters

-direct voters to other locations

-answer any general questions about the voting process



Dec 2011Dec 2014

First Aid and Cpr Certified- Level C

Active Canadian Emergency Training Inc.



My name is Raza Ahmed. I am just a hard working, talented and motivated individual who is ready to prove himself.  Throughout the years i have held a variety of jobs that have given me a diverse skill set. While i would prefer a job in operations management, I am the type of person who can adapt and excel anywhere.Simply contact me so I can convince you why I am gonna be the best employee you have ever had.

Blog Post Reflection

This blog post and my blog in general reflects my social media skills by demonstrating my writing ability and my ability to analyze social media. My writing skills are reflected because all my blog posts are detailed and logical. My ability to analyze is reflected because all my blog posts require me to analyze a subject and draw conclusions from it.

Social Bookmarking Article(link below)

I read this article a while ago and I feel it really changed the way I worked as an employee. It is an article about being a good employee. The article mentions very simple yet often forgotten ways to be a better employee.

Me reading and understanding this article reflects my social media skills by underlining my good qualities.  I always strive to reflect the qualities mentioned in the article. As a result those qualities reflect in the work I do. Wether I am writing a blog post or writing a report, I always do my best.

Blog Post

As a requirement of a social media class that I took in college I was required to write and maintain a blog about various subjects concerning social media. Below is a posting from that blog that I feel really demonstrates my written communication skills.

Social Media, Potential for Social Change? I do think that social media has the potential to bring about real social change. The main reason I believe that is humans are naturally social creatures. This means they will always try to form bonds with people that they don’t even know. The key to social change is cooperation between large amounts of people. Social media is the perfect outlet for this type of communication.  Based on my conclusion I disagree with the view of Malcom Gladwell who is a well-known author in the area of social media. Malcom believes that social media is built around weak social ties and that these ties are not strong enough to bring change. To further prove my point there have already been many examples of human beings tapping into their natural sense of community to bring about world change. For example in Lebanon, social media was one of the driving forces in bringing down the government there. The citizens of Lebanon posted videos and articles of the government’s unethical and wrong actions. The government has no control over social media. As a result they could not censor the citizens of Lebanon. The videos and articles helped the people of Lebanon truly realize how bad things had gotten. This led to a protest which led to the overthrowing of the government. As mentioned above social media is free from government censorship. This means that if someone posts something incriminating about the government on a social media site the government cannot censor that information. Other forms of media do not have this same advantage. For example the CBC is a crown corporation and is government funded which means the government can decide what the CBC presents. In conclusion social media has the potential to bring about real social change because of the nature of people and because social media is free from government censorship.