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Work experience

February 2017Present

VP of Communications

Peninsula Women's Network

As VP of Communications I work within the organization as well as with media outlets in Hampton Roads' seven cities to present the mission and goals of PWN. I also work with CNU through PWN to educate up and coming professionals on media, especially social, public relations, and how to implement a digital marketing plan to grow their business. As VP of Communications working with the CNU program I am also able to offer shadowing opportunities to students studying in my field and facilitate shadowing and internship opportunities for students in other fields of work.  

July 2016Present

Director of Marketing 

Odd Moxie

As Director of Marketing I am responsible for the planning and implementing of Odd Moxie's marketing strategy as well as client relations and retention. I also handle short and long range development of Odd Moxie marketable content and monitored how the brand is doing over multiple platforms and regions. 

May 2015Present


Radical Solutions, LLC

Radical Solutions addresses the needs of nonprofits, activist organizations, and any group seeking to change the world. Radical Solutions, LLC combines my Mary Poppins bag of skills, a trick or two I always keep up my sleeves, and my ever growing network to provide solutions for organizations in the areas of communication, public relations, marketing, social media, growth, and fundraising. Radical Solutions handles the communication chaos so companies can fulfill their missions and expand their reach. Specialties *Writing *Social Media *Public Relations *Event Planning

Jun 2015Present


Womonscape Center, Inc.

I write a monthly column for the Womonscape Center's newsletter that addresses a wide range of women's issues, from a feminist/womanist perspective.

May 2015May 2016


The Secular Parents Show

One of three fabulous co-hosts on a weekly secular parenting show. We leave no stone unturned as we discuss parenting from a secular point of view. Currently airs on Secular TV every Sunday at 1pm EST.

Jul 2015Jul 2016

Communications Chair 

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula 

As communications chair, I work to build UUFP's social media presence while also increasing its membership base through various communication channels including but not limited to the press, website, social media, and property signage. My work also entails developing an annual communications plan and editorial calendar. I also oversee and manage all communication avenues such as social media accounts, social media management software, website, blog, newsletter, a weekly digest, press releases, general announcements, live streaming activities, and anything else that would fall under the scope of communications.

Jun 2011Present

Founder and Executive Editor

Bright Parenting Magazine

Bright Parenting Magazine is a parenting magazine for freethinking families and is published quarterly. At Bright Parenting, we believe children are born right the first time and seek to provide support, advice, and some occasional laughs to those raising the next generation of freethinkers. My duties include, but are no way limited to, editing, layout design, maintain an online presence, website maintenance, writing, photography, promotion, and marketing. This position requires skill with Indesign and Photoshop.


Internet Goddess

W.E.L.L. Women Empowered and Loving Life

I maintain the website for W.E.L.L., help in maintaining our social media presence, as well as act as board president, and work with alongside colleagues to plan and execute women-centered events.

Jan 2010Present


Road Home Photography

I capture the moments clients want to remember forever. Specializing in family, children, and landscape photography. As well as natural light photography. This position requires skill with Photoshop.


Senior Educational Guide

Holmes Schooling

I oversee the education of my three children through love, guidance, and a healthy dose of humor. Our adventures are documented on the blog Ramblings of a Dysfunctional Homeschooler which averages 330 page views a month when I'm not generating new content and over 2000 page views a month when I'm producing new content.

Jan 2000Present

Freelance Writer


I write for clients who contact me personally or through a third party source. Freelance work I do includes but is not limited to:
Research Papers
White Papers
Ghost Writing
Office Memos
Press Releases

Mar 2004Jul 2006

Building Materials Sales Specialist 

Lowe's Home Improvement 

I oversaw the sales for the Millwork, Building Materials, and Lumber departments while working in conjunction with Contract Sales and Installed Sales. I managed the merchandise for the Building Materials and Lumber departments, overseeing the weekly inventory count performed by four sales associates. It was my job to ensure they performed the count in an accurate and timely manner.  


Mar 2015Present

BA in English and History  

American Public University

My educational focus is English-Writing and History with a concentration on African Americans and women, mainly Black women. Semester Hours: 21

Sep 2010Jun 2011

General Education, English, History 

Wayne Community College

General education study to acquire transfer courses.  Semester Hours: 9

Sep 2008Jun 2009

 Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Special Education, English

The University of North Dakota 

My educational focus was  on education from Pre-K to 5th Grade, with a minor in English and Special Education. Semester Hours: 10

Sep 2007Jun 2008

Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Special Education, English 

Lake Region State College 

My educational focus was  on education from Pre-K to 5th Grade, with a minor in English and Special Education.  Semester Hours: 30

Sep 2005Jun 2006

Liberal Arts 

Wayne Community College 

General education study to acquire prerequisite classes. Semester Hours: 10



Crafts clever quips; sleep with a copy of The Elements of Style; knows the difference between there, they’re, and their; is best friends with Thesaurus; understands the importance of word limits; has 15 years experience putting words on paper through ghostwriting, newsletters, articles, and blogging 


Rewrites friends text messages; corrects mistakes in books; has been known to change the radio station for improper use of grammar; edits self-published magazine; press releases and newsletter for local Unitarian Universalist church

Social Media 

Over six years of managing multiple social media platforms for non-profits, churches, and businesses. Currently oversees the social media for a local Unitarian Universalist church; invest in staying current on social media trends; understands the importance of a hashtag; used Facebook before it was hip; understands the importance social media plays in brand outreach; moderate selfie taker

Event Planning

Knows you can’t have a good party without good PR; ability to handle hiccups and meltdowns with calm and ease; has planned everything from a “green” style TED Talk to, community harvest celebration, and a women's networking event


Becomes immersed in topic; refuses to acknowledge Wikipedia as a legitimate source; on first name basis with librarians; has spent the last 10 years researching various science, religion, and history topics, has spent the last year focusing specifically on the history of Black women and feminism

Public Relations

Every situation can be fixed; has turned desk jockeys into board members; successfully ensured the election of a board member through a combination of cleverly crafted articles, press releases, and image crafting


Three years of formal art training, one year of formal design training, and six years of hands-on digital photography experience. I only shot in manual and if your photographer is using auto they're doing it wrong. Specialties include natural light photography, people -mainly children and families, and landscapes. I also utilize Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, and possess my own Adobe Creative Suites account

Web Design

Dances with HTML and turns drab into fab; has maintained multiple websites for the last five years; knows that design is just as important as functionality