Computer Technician

I have been repairing/upgrading most Computers, Consoles, and Phones available since Middle School. I am familiar with the majority of current operating systems and knowledgeable of most products available. I also set up home networks and Entertainment systems. I am constantly speaking with everyone in the field as well as being a valuable resource to local students, friends and colleagues in my area for recommendations and questions. I am contacted for challenges from anyone who knows of me included that a fair number of people acknowledge my skills and come to me for help daily. I am looking to do what I love as a career.


I am seeking an entry level position, that will enable me to utilize and further develop my skills while providing me the opportunity to expand my actual on the job experience.


I have a deep passion for Technology and Multimedia. I have integrated what I know of computers and music towards production and have managed to utilize everything I have ever learned to create my own studio that I built from scratch with components that I have been researching for years to complete multiple machines with integrated entertainment systems all adapted to fulfill recording legitimate studio grade instrumentals and digital tracks in the highest quality at the most effective price being someone who is employed independently. I also really enjoy video gaming and animating noted that I appreciate them as much as I design, play and watch the newest sensations in the next-gen era. I'm against taking any of it for granted. I closely follow the results for what has been expanding throughout my whole lifetime being a true period of transition.

Work History

Work History
Jan 2016




Aug 2009 - Dec 2011

Clerical/Field Assistance

101 Seamless Gutters

Data Entry (QuickBooks), Network Maintenance & PC Backup


Sep 2006 - May 2010

High School Diploma

Montgomery High