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Ray Schroeder has served as Lead UEM Energy Engineer with the U.S. Navy, NAVFAC-SE, at the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station since 2009. Ray Schroeder offers technical experience in implementing the Utilities and Energy Management Program, facilitating diverse projects for utilities and energy conservation and renewable energy utilization. He leads a number of junior engineering and technical personnel in Corpus Christi, Texas, undertaking complex engineering tasks essential to the overall mission goals. Prior to taking his current position, Mr. Schroeder held responsibilities as Lead General/Mechanical Engineer at the U.S. Army Fort Hood’s Aviation War Fighting Center in Fort Rucker. In addition to completing projects at the Corpus Christi Army Depot over a period of six years, he helped fulfill Contract Officer's Representative for Architectural and Engineering (A&E) contracts. From 2006 to 2009, Ray Schroeder notably served in a Lead Engineer capacity, supervising junior personnel in a number of technical A&E projects centered around U.S. rotary-wing aircraft airframe structures, ordnance and weapons systems, transmission drive hub assemblies, and primary and stabalator rotor blade assemblies. He undertook focused technical analysis and engineering design while also engaging in aircraft systems repair and certification testing.In 2007 and 2008, Mr. Schroeder held duties as Senior Project Engineering Liaison for the U.S. Department of Defense with The Boeing Company. He worked in various capacities from conceptual development to prototype fabrication and operational testing, ensuring the successful production and procurement of double vacuum displacement (DVD) tables. This innovative equipment redesign significantly shortened production time and improved quality of composite high-integrity “patches” utilized by the U.S. Department of Defense and aircraft manufacturers. In his free time, Mr. Schroeder takes full advantage of the hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing opportunities the Corpus Christi area has to offer. Ray Schroeder has traveled as far as Canada and Alaska on fishing and hunting excursions.

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