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Work experience

Dec 2015Present

Director of Orality Coaching

Spoken Worldwide

Director of International Coaching Program working with Oral Learning methodologies through strategic partnerships.

Jun 2013Nov 2015

Global Oral Learning Coordinator

International Church of the Nazarene

Lead Story Trainer for denomination. Responsible for training trainers and developing curricula for various aspects of Nazarene ministry worldwide.

Apr 2008Mar 2013


Grove City Church of the Nazarene

Missionary in Belize, operating as Adjunct Professor under Nazarene Theological Seminary, Guatemala.

  • Responsible for teaching 30 different courses required as educational standards for ordination. 
  • Development and coordination of distance education and training centers across Belize.
  • Training of nationals who are growing in responsibilities to take over entire job tasking.
  • Adaptation and development of improved teaching methods appropriate to inherent educational challenges.
  • Utilized a stylized Bible Story Telling technique in order to enhance student participation and retention.
  • Developed a new Bible Story based curriculum for Primary and Preferred Oral Learners.
Jun 2003Aug 2007

Outreach Pastor

Seashore Community Church
  • Lead church through multiple creative and engaging evangelistic events.
  • Lead 6 international mission efforts to Philippines, Romania, England, and Israel.
  • Guided church and board in transition to new Lead Pastor.
  • Also served as CHAPLAIN for local businesses: 

Morey's Piers

Lower Township Rescue Squad

  • Radio - Wrote, recorded and produced a 5 minute daily program called "God Encounters!"
Feb 1996Aug 2007

NIVS Missionary

International Church of the Nazarene
  • Participated initially, then led nearly 30 volunteer mission trips to 24 different countries.
  • Construction, medical, dental, evangelistic, teaching.
  • Spent 3 months in South Asia, teaching church planting and discipleship strategies to Jesus Film teams.
Jan 2000Apr 2001

Director of Research and Development

Antioch Interactive

  • Researched all aspects of development used for computer generated visual tours of the Tabernacle of Moses and Solomon's Temple.
  • Successfully navigated video and print production as well as multiple television viewing engagements for The Tabernacle.
  • Wrote the companion workbook for The Tabernacle.
Oct 1995Dec 1999

Founder and President

Actual Reality, Inc.

  • Founder and President of Actual Reality, Inc. creators of the first CD-Rom for Christians.
  • Distributed nationally though Warner Press.
  • Actual Reality, along with all assets, was eventually gifted to Youth for Christ, USA.


Aug 2015Jun 2018

Doctor of Ministry, Semiotics and Future Studies

George Fox Evangelical Seminary / Portland Seminary

Dissertation: Developing Narrative Based Visual Theology for Oral Learning Pastors

Jun 2003Jul 2005

Master of Arts

Northwest Nazarene University

Earned while employed full time as Outreach Pastor at Seashore Community Church, Cape May, NJ

Jan 1981May 1986

Bachelor of Arts

Moody Bible Institute

Completed initial program while Moody was still a 3 year institution. Later completed Bachelor's after Moody became a university.


  • Empowering others
  • Avid reader
  • Student of culture
  • Eager traveller
  • Curious Learner
  • Faithful friend
  • Photography
  • New Media


Ted S. Haines

"I have known Ray for many years. His vision and passion for his work is surpassed only by his love for the Lord. He is more that a teacher who is blessed with an ability to communicate and relate tangible and creative ways to diverse groups and cultures. He has the ability to take a concept, formulate a plan of action and execute this plan to meet the objective; bring the Gospel! This is especially apparent in his most recent body of work with story-telling tools which he has successfully used to teach potential pastors, with limited education, complex theological concepts required for ordination..."

Greg Taylor

Connections to Ray:

  • Multiple mission teams/ trips
  • Training / evaluations
  • Speaker

Rev. Mark Fuller

Senior pastor of 3,000 member Nazarene church. Responsible for the vision casting of all missional activities of the church.

Bramuel Musya

  • Chairman; East African Orality Network (EAON)
  • Africa Coordinator; International Orality Network
  • Nairobi - Kenya.

Teresa A. Page

Connections to Ray:

  1. Bible Story Telling Projects
  2. Pastor / Teacher

Merideth Fiorucci

Connections to Ray:

  1. Chaplain
  2. Event Committee
  3. Host Missionary
  4. Events Speaker

Jeffrey R. Lindsay

Connections to Ray: member of the church Ray pastored in Cape May.


A recent Clifton Strengths Finder evaluation revealed my top 5 strengths as:

  • Strategic
  • Learner
  • Achiever
  • Activator
  • Futuristic

These combine into a fairly rare yet dynamic blend of someone who can think through a current situation, seeking out and learning valuable insights along the way, setting and successfully accomplishing significant goals with prompt actions while keeping his sights on the curve leading into the future.

This combination fuels right actions for right reasons while propelling the development of innovative and effective approaches to accomplish greater visions on broader horizons.

A Bible teacher at heart, these traits, along with a passion for missional work among the nations, drive me to seek the greatest possible avenues to fulfill what has been entrusted to me.

Creator of...


To maximize my reach in training trainers determined to impact their own nations and people groups through the use of Bible Story Telling techniques. My personal goal is to globally train 1 million leaders.


Speaking, writing, listening - all WITH understanding. That is the essence of Ray's communication's abilities and goals. The team will not go very far without clear direction, communicated clearly and properly, while listening for necessary adjustments along the way.
Team Builder
Inherent in any organizational success is the creation and implementation of effective, purpose driven teams. Ray has learned the value of this in numerous instances and has proven his ability to craft and delegate among a wide variety of creative teams.
Trainer / Teacher
An education principle Ray maintains is that the teacher has not taught if the student fails to learn. Realizing that this places the weight of the responsibility squarely on the shoulders of the teacher/leader, Ray insists that whatever means necessary must be taken in order to assure the success of the student or employee. This makes Ray an engaging, creative, personable, teacher willing to take risks in order to see his students or employees advance.
18 years in youth ministry formed a fertile field for creative thinking. When shifting from one situation, cultural group or assignment to another, the creative flair is always present. "What if" are more than words as Ray is adept at finding and creating workable solutions in a wide variety of settings.
Strategic Thinker
Analysis is second nature for Ray. Constantly viewing his environment while making inquiries, formulating potential scenarios and sifting through the likely outcomes, sets him apart as a proven strategic thinker. Not settling for having good ideas only, Ray pursues viable options until they become valuable reality.



Personality Trainer

Florence Littauer/CLASS Services

Old Testament Live Instructor

Walk Thru the Bible, Atlanta GA