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What separates good dentists from great practitioners is not so much the technical skills of the doctor – as once the level is quite high, there is not much one can do to distinguish himself – as the attention he/she pays to the overall well-being of the patient. When Dr. Raymond Zhu decided to found Maple Family Dentistry, after working in a private practice in Winnipeg and teaching at a nearby Faculty, he instantly put the focus on providing the best environment possible to his patients.

A graduate of the University of Manitoba, Dr. Zhu had been praised his whole education for his impeccable grades and superior technique... but he knew that his many distinctions would do little to please his patients and help them through procedures which are not always the most pleasant. That is why he made a point to not only offer a custom tailored service but also to be friendly, available, and always welcome people with a smile. In short, he decided to put relationships first. And Maple Family Dentistry flourished…

Maple Family Dentistry

2535 Major Mackenzie Dr

Suite 211, Maple Plaza

Maple, Ontario L6A 1C6

P. 905-832-3700