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Raymond Tallia spent more than twenty-five years in government service, conducting major investigations, working with international organizations like NATO and Interpol, and collaborating with the Central Intelligence Agency. He was stationed at the American Embassy in Paris and in nearly a dozen countries in Africa and Europe. Mr. Tallia carried out special details for the White House and built close ties with officials in North Africa and Arab nations.After retiring, Raymond Tallia used many of his contacts when he started a boutique consultancy, RJT Associates, Inc. The Washington, DC, firm performs due diligence and research for companies inside and outside of the United States. Many companies come to Raymond Tallia seeking background information on individuals, customers, and businesses. Notably, while consulting for a Fortune 50 corporation, he identified fraudulent activities in a potential business partner, ending an impending alliance and preventing negative publicity. For a Swiss company, he conducted due diligence work that smoothed the way for its acquisition of a US company. His work also proved instrumental in helping a French corporation to land a $100 million contract. Raymond Tallia’s government career has been recounted by former contacts and coworkers. Most recently, some of his operations were detailed in a chapter in Monaco Special Police, a book written by a former head of the police in the Principality of Monaco. Tallia’s work also was chronicled in Body Mike, by former mafia informant Joe Cantaloupo, and Brick Agent, by top undercover agent Tony Villano. Outside of work, Raymond Tallia donates his professional skills to the Consortium of Child Welfare, federal courts, and various charitable foundations.

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