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Work experience

Apr 2011Present

Upgrading Skills

Villanova University

The closing of the Chrysler Motors plant in Kenosha, Wisconsin signaled an opportunity to upgrade my process-improvement and project-management skills. Seeking to align personal interest, experience, and professional growth, identified Villanova Universityas one of the nation’s leading providers of Lean Six Sigmatraining and certification.

This program has provided me advanced training in Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Project Management, and Finance and Accounting.

Attained Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (LSSBB) certification in December, 2011. Attained Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt (MBB) certification in June, 2012 .

Created several useful statistical tools in MS Excel.  Stayed tuned for posts!

Located some very useful Project Management Templates.  Please refer to post "Some of My Favorite Sites."

Jan 1997Nov 2010

Skilled Trades Journeyman MIllwright; TPM Specialist (Recorder, Resource)

Chrysler Group LLC

After advancing to journeyman status, combinined manufacturing engineering background with understanding of maintenance practices to successfully pilot this plant's first comprehensive Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) network. Resolved issues related to timely data collection, statistical analysis, and process improvement documentation.DATA-COLLECTION - When timely data was at an all-time low, and resistance to data-collection was at an all-time high, teamed with production to design and introduce a user-friendly data-collection system to production and management personnel. Trained more than 20 personnel--including operators, supervisors, managers, engineers, and the plant manager--to enter data and/or access reports. As a result, encountered virtually no resistance from the users of this system. PLEASE REFER TO THE FOLLOWING YOUTUBE VIDEO:  

MDL Data-Collection.mp4. DATA ANALYSIS AND COMMUNICATION- When resistance and opposition was the norm for maintenance-run process-improvement teams, designed and introduced a creative network-based format that reduced TPM meeting times from 60 minutes to less than 30 minutes, and painlessly eliminated team opposition and resistance. New format included easy-to-understand analysis and presentation of critical operational metrics. Providing the "right tools" focused team efforts on those opportunities that most impacted production.INFORMATION RETRIEVAL - When up-to-the-minute data analysis and team documentation was non-existent, enabled network link to all data and team reports for review by process-improvement teams and management at the click of a mouse. Posted monthly metrics (e.g., Pareto analyses, OEE, throughput, MTTF, MTTR, availability, efficiency, and quality) in a central location for convenient viewing by hourly personnel, management, and visitors.
Jan 1992Jan 1997

Senior Manufacturing Engineer

Cherry Electrical Products

Developed and launched this company's first-ever comprehensive quality network. In response to supervision’s and engineering’s dissatisfaction and frustration with an expensive and complex statistical-analysis package, created an inexpensive ($123) user-friendly database application which evolved into CDQ-Net, a comprehensive data-storage, analysis, retrieval, tracking, and reporting system.Elevated CDQ-Net to become a primary resource of manufacturing and quality engineers for gathering process data, tracking project success, and justifying capital investments for process improvement. Utilized CDQ-Net to routinely assist cross-functional teams in the generation of process FMEAs and control plans by providing previously unavailable and unobtainable data. Received this company's President's award. Later credited with helping to target opportunities which, when resolved, resulted in $900,000 in savings. Coordinated with Document Control to design a process that significantly reduced cycle times for generation, revision, and maintenance of controlled documents.Teamed with Production supervision to automate the data-entry responsibilities in the assembly areas of the Control Devices division.Provided training in basic statistics, chart reading, and computer basics to individuals and groups of up to 50 people.Facilitated several process-improvement teams of eight to ten production workers, including one team which authored this company’s first training manual for electronic assemblers.

Jan 1989Jan 1992

Electronic/Quality Technician

Manutronics, Inc.
Initially responsible for test, analysis, and repair of electronic assemblies.Promoted to this plant's first and only position as quality technician, performed root-cause analysis and documentation on all returned products.Collaborated with engineering and production to assess clarity and accuracy of assembly processes and to determine corrective-action strategies.



Master of Science

University of Massachusetts, Amherst
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Bachelor of Science

Marian College
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Associate of Science

Gateway Technical College
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Contact me to discuss any help you may require in moving your Lean Manufacturing or Six Sigma initiatives forward. We can partner to help achieve your goals by hiring (or contracting) me in a full-time staff position attached to Engineering, Production, and/or Maintenance.



PERSONAL NOTE:  I’m fairly new to the concept of creating a “web presence.”  Several of the books that I’ve read on the subject of business profiles recommend communicating in an impersonal, “professional” tone.  While I consider myself and the quality of my work to be very professional, I am NOT an impersonal type guy.

So, as you browse through the remainder of this page—as I hope you will—please keep in mind that it was composed by a real person dressed in jeans and a tee shirt.


Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma are neither rocket science nor magic. These are logical, systematic, and proven approaches to process and product improvement. But successful implementation requires training, vision, focus, organization, determination, and leadership. You have come to the right place!Resourceful engineer with more than 20 years of proven success in statistical analysis, team-building, and process improvement in a variety of manufacturing environments. Recognized for ability to combine technology with Lean Six Sigma tools to creatively and cost-effectively resolve issues like machine downtime, product defects; data acquisition and analysis; and employee resistance to change. PLEASE REFER TO VIDEO REFERENCED LATER IN THE SECTION.Efficient communicator praised for designing the means to present precise data or information to team members while reducing meeting times by 50 percent. Can be counted on to coordinate with stakeholders to create and/or provide the right tools and information to the right people at the right time.First to successfully design and pilot a comprehensive Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) network at Chrysler Motors in Kenosha, Wisconsin. PLEASE REFER TO THE FOLLOWING YOUTUBE VIDEO:  

MDL Data-Collection.mp4.

First to successfully design and launch a quality network (CDQ-Net) for the Control Devices division at Cherry Electrical Products in Waukegan, Illinois. Received this company's President's award. Credited with helping to target opportunities which, when resolved, resulted in $900,000 in savings.Always open to discuss your needs and offer innovative solutions to move your organization’s initiatives in Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, TPM, or statistical analysis forward. Contact me to discuss any help you may require or to get introductions to my network.

KEYWORDS: Black Belt, Green Belt, TPM, Minitab, Kaizen, 5S, Value Stream, Process Mapping, FMEA, QFD, Continuous Improvement, Statistical Analysis, Facilitator, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Access, Root-cause Analysis, Throughput, Lean Manufacturing, Maintenance, Pareto Analysis, Teams, Six Sigma, Project Management

M. S. Engineering ManagementB. S. Quality ManagementA. S. Electromechanical TechnologyCertified Lean Six Sigma Black BeltCertified Quality EngineerJourneyman Millwright


Jun 2001Present

Journeyman Millwright

United Auto Workers (UAW) | |License 249932
Jun 1992Jan 2015

Certified Quality Engineer (CQE)

ASQ | |License 00221833
Dec 2011Dec 2014

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (LSSBB)

Villanova University | |License VIL154721