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To use my skills to help better the world for me and others and make sure Education is a top priority.


  • Public Speaking
  • Politics
  • Graphic Design
  • Debate
  • Law
  • Web Design


My name is Raymond Houston and I am currently 16 years old. I have not held my first job yet however, I am not new to the working force. In June 2007 I became a volunteer at a skilled nursing facility in Citrus Heights, CA called Manor Care.  Some people might think teenagers are not hard workers or do not wish to work hard, I however am a hard worker and wish to work. When I am not busy with school work I am either spending time with my friends or checking the political news. I’m a member of my School Site Council, many people at my school and on my district board think I will run for office in the 2012 election. I’m looking for my first job where I could use the skills I have learned from my volunteer position to the company I am working for. I like to deal with people and think I would be great in Customer Service.

Work experience

Jun 2007May 2009


Manor Care

As a Volunteer I worked in activities, however unlike most of the volunteers I helped out everywhere I was needed. Weather that be helping in Admissions, Medical Records, Business Office, and as well as Environmental Services. I worked closely with residents and family members. I became attached to residents. I made rounds when I was not busy and checked in on residents, I checked on call lights when nurses did not. I learned how to work with nurses, and the other co-workers. For two years I learned customer service by working with family members and residents who were angry, hard to understand, or another way others could not work with them. I worked with nurses who were angry and very tired providing me with experience on how to work with them and get what they wanted. During my time here I not only learned customer service but, I learned responsibility, trustworthy, and confidence.  This was a non paid job I worked from 8:00AM to 5:00PM.


Aug 2008Present

Antelope View Charter School

Currently at Antelope View Charter School I am a sophomore. I became actively involved in the School Site Council and with the Center Unified School District Board meetings, in late December of 2008. I’ve been pointed out by my teachers of someone who shows exemplary citizenship as well as the Principal of the school. I’m a hard-worker at school and get my work done, I have only missed one day of school this year. I have been awarded Principals award of Excellence for Exemplary Citizenship, I was awarded another Exemplary Citizenship award and recently made Honor roll for the Fall semester for having a GPA of 3.00


In 8th grade I was a member of the Yearbook Staff for my school. I was assigned Sports and Clubs, during this time I mostly took pictures of all the different clubs and sports. I took pictures during basketball games, track, cross country, and wrestling.
During my freshmen year at high school I was in Beginning Journalism for the first semester after the first semester. When second semester started I was bumped up to Advanced Journalism and became a staff writer for my school newspaper. I mostly wrote columns. I wrote a column about my trip to Hawaii as my first piece, on my second story I wrote how teachers comments could go to far, I got good reviews from teachers and students saying I had struck the right point. I was on my way to train to be an Editor for the Editorial section but switched schools, the school I am at does not have Journalism currently.
Everyone is used to using a computer. I spend a great deal of time on the computer, I know the search engines to use and which ones that are the best. I know how to surf the internet fast and get also what I need. I am also good at using Microsoft Word, Publisher, Power-Point, and Excel. I am also use to using the new 2007 versions of them. I’m still learning Graphic Design and feel that I am a beginner at it.