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MBS in Business Management from National University, seeking for a job related to the academic background. Want to contribute to the success of the organization, and to achieve that goal have the capability of working hard with integrity and punctuality as well as have the confidence of taking any discretion with deduction, because success is the criteria of measurement of eligibility.  Able to work effectively in a team or get on with a job alone without supervision, and  able to relate to a wide range of people. Keen and willing to learn.




Govt. Azizul Haque College, Bogra

Obtained the Degree of Masters in Business Studies (OneYear) Management in 2013 and was placed in the Second Class.

Apr 2015


Govt. Azizul Haque College, Bogra

Obtained the Degree of Bachelor in Business Studies (Four Year) with Honours in Management in 2012 and was placed in the Second Class.

Aug 2007


Rajshahi Govt. City College

Passed the Higher Secondary Certificate Examination in Business Studies group securing GPA 3.50 in the scale of 5.00.

Jul 2005


Bangladesh Railway Govt. Girls' High School

Passed the Secondary School Certificate Examination in Science group securing GPA 3.88 in the scale of 5.00.

Work experience

Online Reputation Management (Freelancer)


Currently working as a freelancer in Upwork Inc. where my job is to managing the online reputations of my clients from various parts of the world.

Computer Skill

Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows (95, 98, 2000, XP, 7)
Office ApplicationMicrosoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)
Otherse-mail, Browsing & PC Assembling.

Languages Proficiency

Good command in spoken and written in Bengali and English language.


Reading books, listening music and gardening.

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I do hereby affirm you that all information presented here are true to my knowledge. If required and where applicable this document can be supported by authentic certificate papers.

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