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Work experience

May 2011Aug 2011

Inventory Clerk

T.J. Trading Company

·Assisted with placing orders to Core Mark inventory software and various suppliers, keeping warehouse in           an orderly and organized fashion, along with keeping the shelves easily accessible.

·Checked Shipping/receiving deliveries, and make sure all orders are correct as well as daily invoice                       entries

·Determined minimum and maximum stock levels, maintaining optimal inventory

·Supervised the loading and unloading of goods, making sure that items were handled with care and                       placed accurately

Jul 2007Aug 2010

Sr. Customer Service Assistant

Jet Airways India Ltd.

·Maintaining customer service, cash controls.

·Manage airport operations to achieve sales, service and customer satisfaction.

·Assisting the supervisor in managing the team to achieve sales goals and profit growth.

·Keep cost low and ensuring airline profitability.

·Providing highest level of Guest satisfaction by maintaining on time flights departures.

·Maintaining overall airport operations ticketing, check in-counters, arrivals, departures, special handling                 guest.

·Effectively prospecting to ensure new sales and add new customers to increase the business.

·Prepares customer feedback, inventory reports and coordinating with other departments


Business administration

Durham College

·Experience with calculating inventory through DRP and MRP system

·Competent in conducting “make vs. buy” analysis

·Competent use of Microsoft Office systems: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook


Team Leader
  Experience with calculating inventory through DRP and MRP system   Capablet in conducting “make vs. buy” analysis   Competent use of Microsoft Office systems: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook


Customer Focus

Planning and Organizing

Creative thinking

Inventory planning and control

         Problem resolution


My interests are varied and include conservation, music and travelling


Looking for a position as a team player with a people-oriented organization where I will be able to maximize my experience in customer-service inside a challenging environment for achieving all the corporate goal


Blog posts

Does social media has the potential to bring about real social change I feel that social media absolutely has the potential to cause real social change in the world today. From what I have seen so far over the past few years, it appears that people are utilizing social media for good purposes and are bringing about a real social movement. This set of tools has the ability to reach such a large audience and in a very short amount of time. Social media is changing the way people collect, analyze, and distribute useful information to others around the world One current example of how social media can inflict real social change is the Kony 2012 campaign. Kony is an African warlord accused of war crime which involves child soldiers. Jason Russell, a film maker, decided to make a video on Kony and uploaded it to YouTube. Overnight the video went viral and Kony’s name became plastered all across numerous social networking sites. Within less than a week this video had the whole world talking about Kony, and now the world is rallying together in the Kony 2012 campaign to bring awareness to and an end to war crimes in Africa. Without social media there is no way this campaign could have gotten as much attention and motivation as it did. Therefore I do believe social media is a very effective way to bring about real social change. Social media sites allow for total freedom to make it a public matter whatever you feel you need to. The level of convenience it offers will continue to cause change in social interaction. Social media sites will only further find ways to link us to the rest of the world, only making it easier and more accessible Another example would be the S.O.P.A act. Social media spread the word, and like a forest fire every new about it in minutes and stood against it. Making the government take back the law and re-edit it over and over again.

Do you believe that social media has increased the quality of news and information or decreased it Personally i believe that social media is very popular and people benefit from it as it is convenient to use and easily available to everyone. The most significant benefit of using social media it  is an accessible and inexpensive source of communication that enables unrestricted flow and exchange of information. It allows people to post the current news and events regardless of their global position from the entire world.The birth of the internet saw a new method of broadcasting news podcast, laptops and internet friendly cell phone. However, this allowed people to expand on the news where they could comment, send or blog. In my opinion being able to view the news online works best for me. In regards to people commenting and essentially becoming authors, editors and publishers, I feel that if they want to share their personal thoughts on the news and other people read about it than it is the reader's choice. There are some passionate people who literally make it their duty, to post the current happenings. Once you find that said person, you really don't need to pay much attention to the papers, news or radio. Some news sites do not allow posts from viewers, but it is where Facebook and Twitter come in to picture. Social media plays an enormous part in the distribution of news.Although, there is a percentage that still reads their news from a local or national newspaper. But as time progresses and more people will use online sources than traditional sources of media. Social media like Facebook and Twitter caused fundamental shift in quality of news and information look at what's happening at   Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. Only this social media could have caused this and confirms that this social media is nothing less than a revolution.Overall, I am against the idea that social media has decreased the quality of the news we read today. Social media biggest shift since the industrial revolution Now a day’s social media is widely used and accepted all around the globe. People have also started saying that it’s not official until it’s on Face book. So what does this mean if you want to stay in touch with rest of the world and looking for updates on regular basic you had to have a social networking account? A recent survey shows that 1 out of 8 couples married in US last year met via social media. A small example of how social media got popular can be understand by that Radio took 38 years to reach 50 million, Television took 13 years but Face Book only 9 months and had crossed 100 million users. It was also revealed that if Face book becomes a country its can be the fourth largest country in the world. When we talk about social media in business it’s one of the best ways to market your products and to look other offers and deals given by other players in the market. However, you are now living in a different age. It is an age in which you have to keep up with what other business people are doing. If you everyone else is effectively leveraging social media and you are not using it, you and your business will be left behind. You really have no choice Some basic benefits of social networking 1) Display Your ResumeLinkedIn allows you to display your full resume online for any future employers or recruiters to see. This will help bring you new opportunities that never would have existed otherwise.2) Find a job Jobs are posted every minute on social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter along with the links or information you need to apply for them. From Business point of view 1) Display your product You can display your products on social networking site without any cost involved in it. Ask your friends and family to comment on it and respond back. This way you’re making a valuable connection that will help grow your number of return customers. 2) Know your competitors Just follow your competitors on social networking and you may come to know what they are looking at and you may provide a better deal for the same thing. 3) Customer opinion Ask your clients and customers to follow you on social networking sites so that they can get updates on regular basic  they can also put there valuable comments so that it’s become easy for other buyer. Most important there valuable comments and suggestion will always help you to grow fast


Aug 2007Present

Basic Airport Handling

Airport Authority Of India
Sep 2007Present

Customer Service Excellence

Jet Airways India Ltd
Oct 2008Present

Dangerous goods and regulations

Airport Authority Of India