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Ravi Mandal

Cloud Software Engineer | Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)


Software Engineer with 3+ years of working experience in the industry. Experience with different technology stack and frameworks. Highly motivated and passionate about development. I can easily work with new technology stack and can build high- performance system architectures. I can work on both back-end and front-end but I prefer working in back-end more. I have experience of leading development teams and delivering products with best results. 

Apart from my professional life, I am very active in the  community. I organize and deliver sessions in different events, workshops, and conferences 

Work experience

July 2017Present

Cloud Software Engineer and Team Lead

Insight Workshop


  • Lead the development team with 10 developers 
  • Communicate with client and lead the technical discussions 
  • Design system architectures to provide low latency and high performance system 
  • Deploy, manage and monitor cloud based workloads and on-premises services deployed on Windows Server 2012/2016 
  • Develop features on voice communication system using C# 6 and UCMA 5 SDK 
  • R&D new features and develop prototype 
  • Integrate third party APIs 
  • Develop bots using Microsoft Bot Framework 
  • Develop chat based customer support
  • Develop system based on microservice architecture 


  • Completed development of voice based communication system which uses Skype for Business and Skype Web SDK as core technology 
  • Developed REST APIs using ASP.NET  Web API 
  • Developed live dashboard using SignalR which monitors all active calls 
  • Integrated voice recognition system in IVR Menu 
  • Developed MVP product for chat based communication system using Microsoft Bot Framework, Azure Functions, Azure Storage, Cosmos DB and SQL Server and completed the first milestone
  • Migrated existing system to .NET Core from .NET Framework 
  • Developed user presence system using Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Function and SignalR 
  • Designed system architecture for scalability and cost optimized cloud based solution 
  • Integrated Azure AD and Azure AD B2C for authentication 
April 2017 July 2017

Software Engineer (Part-Time)

Insight Workshop


  • Deploy, manage and monitor cloud based workloads in Azure and background services deployed in Windows Server 2012
  • Add features to existing system voice communication system 
  • Fix critical bugs before the product goes live to customers 
  • Communicate with client and lead technical discussions 


  • Lead the product from MVP phase to production ready system 
  • On-boarded different companies into the system 
  • Fixed critical bugs and implemented better logging system 
  • Used Unified Communications Managed API (UCMA) 5.0 SDK to develop voice system 
  • Implemented caching using Azure Redis Cache 

January 2016April 2017

.NET Full Stack Developer and Team Lead

Unlimited Technology


  • Design system architectures 
  • Deploy, manage, and monitor cloud based workloads in Azure
  • Develop applications using .NET Stack 
  • Communicate with clients and lead technical discussions 


  • Developed an event management system using ASP.NET MVC 5, ASP.NET Web API, Microsoft SQL Server 2014, AngularJS 
  • Developed an event attendance system and attendee badge printing system using ASP.NET MVC 5 and AngularJS 
  • Developed an information system related to maternity health used by governmental organization and NGOs using Umbraco CMS 
  • Designed system architectures and databases for various in-house and external projects
  • Integrated back end processing using Hangfire, Azure Cloud Services for different projects 
  • Utilized Azure App Service, Azure SQL, Azure Storage in different projects 
  • Utilized repository pattern to develop data access layers 
  • Reviewed codes written by team and help team with development process 
October 2015November 2016

iOS Developer

Unlimited Technology


  • Develop iOS applications for Japanese client 
  • Utilize Bluetooth LE devices in application 
  • Integrate in-app purchase to sell musics and videos 
  • Develop music player to play downloaded music 
  • Integrate YouTube Live Stream in application to stream camera feed


  • Developed an application for exhibition halls which pushes information to user's mobile using beacon devices
  • Developed a music streaming application where music provider can sell music to customer through app using in-app purchases 
  • Developed a music player which plays downloaded music from the store 
  • Developed a live streaming module which streams camera feed from iOS Device to YouTube Live Stream using RTSP protocol 
  • Integrated live chat system using Web Sockets in live video streaming 
  • Integrated in-app purchases used to sell recorded music and videos 
  • Implemented multiple language support 
  • Optimized performance of existing system 
  • Wrote different libraries and wrapper for the application in Objective-C 
  • Integrated application with Google API, YouTube API  
  • Published builds to App Store 
May 2015September 2015

Windows Phone Developer

Unlimited Technology 


  • Develop mobile applications for disaster response 
  • Deploy, manage and monitor cloud workloads 
  • Enable offline-syncing in all applications used for data collection 


  • Developed 4 different mobile apps which were used as disaster assessment tool by different NGOs during 2015 earthquake in Nepal 
  • Used C# 5.0, Windows Phone 8.1 SDK and Windows 10 SDK 
  • Developed back end using Windows Azure Mobile Service SDK and ASP.NET Web API 
  • Developed custom offline syncing library using SQLite to enable data collection including photos without need of having an active internet connection  
  • Deployed and monitored all services to find bug and fix it as soon as possible 
  • Utilized Azure Storage for storing blobs 



Bachelors of Computer Science and Information Technology

Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu

Higher Secondary 

Premier Higher Secondary School, Baneshwor, Kathmandu 

Subjects : Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Nepali, English


School Leaving Certificate (SLC)

Global Public School, Pepsicola, Kathmandu

Honors & Awards

  • Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Azure - Microsoft (January 2017)
  • Global Teen Hero 2015 Finalist - Glocal Pvt. Ltd. (September 2015)
  • Imagine Cup National Finalist - Microsoft (April 2015)