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Executive position in an organization where a background in automotive and industrial sales with a strong knowledge in program management, Engineering and quality systems implementation is required.



Professional with seventeen years of experience in sales in the Automotive OEM and Manufacturing industry in the fields of front and rear lighting, decorative plastics parts and fasteners with program management, engineering and quality system implementation experience.


Spanish and English.
Sales and Management
Manage and sales coordination for customers as GM NAO, Ford North America, Toyota US, Chrysler Co. Volkswagen de Mexico, Nissan de Mexico and Mercedes Benz US, for forward and rear Lighting, Decorative plastic parts and fasteners with maximum annual turnover over 60 Mi USD.   Sales, program management and resident Engineer at the GM Tech Center in Detroit, Mi. for two years under the supplier integration program for Chrome plating emblems and moldings. Program manager and sales coordination of tail lamps launch for Chrysler Co.   Manage and sales coordination of a team of 5 people for fasteners as Heli-coil inserts and blind rivet nuts for automotive and industrial maintenance and reparation as well as the furniture industry. Develop of marketing strategy and coordination of distributors in different cities in Mexico for Heli-coil inserts.   Business plan preparation experienced and Quality system implementation leader for VDA 6.1 requirements at Böllhoff Mexico. Cost Engineer for two years. Manage and coordination of transfer business from Phillips Mexico to Böllhoff of stamping parts for appliances as irons, blenders and fans.

Work experience

Jan 2001Dec 2003

Sales Manager

Yorka North America.

Rear lighting supplier for the automotive industry, originally part of Yorka Spain and currently merged to Automotive lighting Co.

Jan 1996Dec 2000

Sales Manager


Automotive decorative Plastic parts Supplier. Originally was part of Dott Industries USA. Chrome plating, Painting, Hot-stamping and Injection Molding Supplier.Sales operation based in Michigan USA

May 1992Oct 1995

Sales Manager:


Fasteners and assemble systems manufacturer as steel inserts and blind rivet nuts; Subsidiary of Böllhoff GmBH Germany;