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  • Seeking a productive career in the field of computer sciences and engineering.
  • Opportunities to study or work abroad, in addition to contribute to my career an international research experience.


Systems Engineer from the University of Cartagena and Technology in Telecommunications from SENA, extremely interested in new technologies.

I have strong communication skills both in English and Spanish and I consider myself a determined, creative and self-motivated person, always eager to learn new things.
Along my work experience, I have been able to meet deadlines and deliver projects in a timely manner.

I had an intense education in the field of software development and have a solid experience in the area. I can participate at any stage of development from requirements gathering through implementation, even in the phase of analysis and planning of tests, strategies and procedures to ensure quality and proper functioning of software.

A passionate coder (Java, JavaScript, SQL, HTML5, CSS3, among others), fantastic troubleshooter, and enthusiastic Software Developer who has a long record of developing, implementing and testing software to meet specific project requirements. I have extensive experience of coming up with software solutions designed to meet business requirements. 

I am able to innovate and design telecommunications networks, I can play as a network administrator, also as a professional support network and software systems. I am Advisor and consultant in telecommunications networks and have independent experience in installation of structured wiring.

As a professional I dedicate it to my own self-development continuum, I like to work closely with others, and have an eye for detail and problem identification. I am able to express my ideas with tact. I do not stop in situations of conflict. I am a person of influence and I like to make decisions in a group. I find it easy to assume the leadership role. I'm methodical and organized but I know how to be flexible when unforeseen circumstances arise. I trust in my ability to succeed and no doubt about my potential, I like to be innovative and find original solutions. I am able to adjust my goals in difficult situations.

Work experience


Software developer

Sociedad Portuaria Regional Cartagena


  • Java development
  •  Testing the website and developments at the level programming for functionality in different situations.
  •  Accurately updating administrative records of projects.
  •  Organising and setting up conferences and meetings.
  •  Producing informative well-organized reports to seniormanagement.
  •  Automation of web and desktop applications

Business or sector: Port sector


IM (Information Management)


An international experience gained through AIESEC fits into my individual’s learning goals. I had chances to get integrated into foreign cultures as deeply as possible and broaden my horizons.


  •  Responsible for the internal communication.
  •  Java development

Business or sector: Students


Jan 2010Present

B.Sc., Systems Engineering

Universidad de Cartagena

Thesis Topic: Design of an architecture for the definition of combat units that support the military tactical training.
Advisor: Ph.D Julio Rodríguez, M.Sc David Franco, M.Sc. Yasmin Moya
Area of Study: Simulation, Software architecture, programming, Software engineering, Sciences.


Technology in Telecommunications


Area of Study: Microwave networks, mobile networks, wireless computing, protocols, among others.


Diploma Multimedia development and management

Universidad de San Buenaventura

Final Project: Website for booking sportives stages in Cartagena
Area of Study: Graphic design, web programming.

Personal qualities

  •  Having a flexible approach and a Can Do attitude.
  •  Highly motivated and organised.
  •  Able to explain technical data to non technical colleagues.
  •  Have good technical and analytic skills.
  •  Ability to ensured projects run to schedule and budget..
  •  Experience of training and mentoring junior and new staff.

Research interests

New technologies | software engineering | hardward programming | programming languages | software architecture | augmented reality | UI | automation | design | networks | simulation | computer graphics | computational models | multimedia 


  • Java | Perl
  • SQL | PHP
  • HTML5 | CSS3 | XML | JavaScript 
  • Spanish | English

Awards, honors & scholarships

DAAD Program Group Study Visits, 2015

  • University of Hamburg (Visit to Uni - Hamburg)
  • Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  • Kaiserslautern University of Technology
  • Cologne University of Applied Sciences (Visit to CUAS)

Leader of the group


Below you will see what motivational criteria are relevant to my professional life.


In the Donut above, you will find a description of the behaviors that I tend to adopt in a professional circumstance. These behaviors are grouped together into 5 dimensions called Clusters of Criteria:

(Ease in public, Opening up to others, Diplomacy, Persuasion)

To be in contact with others, convey something to someone, generally through a form of communication (written or oral).

(Leading, Taking responsibility, Organization, Vision)

To organize, manage something or someone.

(Self-confidence, Independent mind, Creativity, Autonomy)

To have the courage, audacity, and boldness to do something.

(Stress management, Responsiveness, Patience, Respect for authority)

The ability to modify one’s attitude, thoughts, behaviors depending on new situations, to adjust.

(Determination, Ambition, Work ethic, Competitive spirit)

The ability to move beyond a set guide, achieve greater performances than ones previously accomplished.


Object-Oriented programming
Clean Code



Start up, CANVAS

Agile Methodologies


Data research and analysis
  • Knowledge of statistical analysis 
  • Skilled at interpreting and collating results in clear, simple language to communicate effectively with decision-makers
Develop and web design


Javier Antonio Montoya Martínez / M.Sc. / Ph.D

  • M.Sc., Theory and Numerical Simulation of Condensed Matter
  • Ph.D., Theory and Numerical Simulation of Condensed Matter

E: [email protected]

T: (+57) (314) 543-4415

Dagoberto Morón León/ Dr. rer. nat / Ph.D

Universidad de Cartagena

E: [email protected]

T: (+57) (312) 685-9799

Miguel Angel García Bolaños / M.Sc

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Universidad de Cartagena

E: [email protected] 

T: (+57) (300) 510-6622

Julio Rodríguez Ribon / Ph.D

  • Ph.D Telematics systems engineering

Universidad de Cartagena

E: [email protected]

T: (+57) (300) 808-6243