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Work experience

Jun 2007Present

System Administrator

  • Installing and Configuring Operational Server
  • Setup Network Infrastucture
  • Monitoring Operational Server & Network Trafic
  • Monitoring Traffic and Bandwidth usage
  • Create and manage LDAP as Directory Service
  • Create and manage DNS Server
  • Create and manage PC ROUTER For LAN and Internet Gateway
  • Create and manage Firewall with Shorewall and Juniper
  • Create and Manage Enterprise Mail Server with Postfix+LDAP
  • Create and Manage Proxy Authentication with Squid+LDAP
  • Create and Manage Web Intranet Server
  • Create and Manage Avast as Local Anti Virus Server
  • Create and Manage Local Traffic Monitoring
  • Create and Manage Server Monitoring Report
Feb 2007Jun 2007

Senior System Engineer

  • Installing and Configuring Operational Server
  • Setup Network Infrastucture
  • Monitoring Operational Server & Network Trafic
  • Create Connection between CP and Telco
  • Help to finding solution on the Operational Server Problem
  • Monitoring Traffic and Bandwidth usage
Sep 2003Jan 2007

IT Administrator

  • Create and manage DNS and DHCP Server
  • Create and manage Active Directory and LDAP as Directory Service
  • Create and manage Domain Controler on Linux or Windows NT/2000
  • Create and manage LTSP and Windows 2000 as Terminal Server
  • Create and manage Proxy Server with LDAP authentication
  • Create and manage Lotus Domino and Postfix as Mail Server
  • Create and manage Symantec and Norman as Server/client Antivirus
  • Create and manage PC Router with Freesco Linux
  • Developing Firewall with IpCops and Shorewall
  • Backup and maintenance Files and Database
  • Help to handled trouble for 94 nodes PC on LAN
  • Conducting other IT duties
Jan 2003Aug 2003

Technical Support

  • Travelling to handled PC and Macintosh trouble for client on site
  • Make solve client trouble daily report
  • PC installation and assembling
Jan 2002Jan 2003

Technical Support

  • Create and manage LAN
  • PC installation & Trouble shooting



IT Skill
Experienced in the field of IT Administrator, Network Security, Cabling, Hardware Installations, Developing Server like PDC, LDAP, DNS, Database, WEB, FTP, POP, SMTP, File Server, VOIP, Instant Messaging Server, Monitoring Server, Traffic Monitoring, Anti Virus, Proxy, PC Router, Firewall, LTSP, Terminal Server and others on MS Windows or Linux Variant. I also considered well in Scripting and Programing languages.


Mr. Ratdhian Sukmana is a Professional System Administrator in the One of Biggest Advertising company at Indonesia. He has over 7 years experience in IT Duties. His experience focuses on Server configuration, Network and IT Security. He joined to several Mailing List and also contribute as writer to share his Experience on His contact number is 081310618205 and please Visit his personal Blogs at, you can read many nice articles about his Linux experience.



  • Windows Server 2008 (Expertgym) at Microsoft Indonesia, Jakarta
  • VOIP at ICT Centre, Jakarta
  • Lotus Domino R6 Mail Administration at Andalan Nusantara Teknologi, Jakarta
  • Cisco Network Academy Program at CNAP SMKN 26, Jakarta
  • Linux Customized at Gaya Favorit Press PT, Jakarta
  • Linux Basic user, System Administration & Network at Nurulfikri Computer& Statistic Jakarta
  • Visual Basic Programming at Gunadarma Univesrsity, Jakarta
  • SQL Interactive and Informix4GL Programming at Gunadarma Univesrsity, Jakarta
  • Ethernet Hardware Installation at Gunadarma Univesrsity, Jakarta
  • Computer Technician at Indonesian Technician Technology, Jakarta