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Work experience

Aug 2013Present

CTO, Managing Partner


MageLine is a young web development company that loves building top-notch eCommerce Solutions that fit your needs.

Main responsibilities:       

  • Sales
  • Client/Account Management
  • Projects Estimations
  • eCommerce Development (Magento)
  • Recruiting
Jan 2014Aug 2014

Technical Lead


As a consultant and Tech Lead for Optaros I worked for a Global client, spending more than 6 months on the client side in Switzerland.

The role involved providing technical solutions and suggestions, knowledge transfer from the previous company that started the project and managing a team of more than 40 people (developers, QA, BA) all over the world.


I was also responsible, together with the PM and PL, for planning the sprints and the overall project.

Jul 2012Jul 2013

Chief Technology Officer


Main responsibilities:       

  • Development Department Management – Work closely with the Development Manager to ensure a proper functioning of the Development Department. Set development procedures and flows, development best practices; oversee project plans, estimates and development.
  • Team Management – Modify the team structure as needed, taking into consideration various changes in the initial setup. Always adapt based on priorities and project changes and availability.
  • People management – leading and motivating all team members. Constantly held 1on1 discussions, measuring the employee satisfaction index. Identify weak points and propose training in order to improve them. Obtain budgets to ensure proper hardware and software is in place for each colleague.
  • Projects estimations – Guiding/leading teams in the estimation process for new projects. Provide technical insights were necessary. Asses project plans and adjust accordingly. Propose scope changes if needed, in order to meet the client’s needs regarding budget and/or time frame. Take into account known issues from past projects and optimize flows/processes in order to avoid them.
  • New business – Constantly reading about new trends, business models and proposing new business lines to support the company and/or create brand awareness. Responding to client’s RFPs, converting leads to clients. Actively develop existing clients, proposing new projects for their business.
  • Performance management – setting up goals for team members and monitoring them through time, for career progression and team leadership (both formal and informal performance reviews). Proposed and developed 360 degrees evaluation platform.
  • Conflict management – successfully managed and resolved conflicts, either between team members or in relationships with clients. Convinced old customers to return to the company and convinced existing customers to further develop our relationship, addressing their concerns and improving all possible issues.
  • Recruiting – New talent interviews for all open positions (HR Manger, Senior Developers, Developers, QA Engineers, Frontend Developers, SysAdmin) taking into consideration more than hard skills in order to maintain company`s culture. Successfully head-hunted when needed.
  • Client management – Always be in contact with clients, making sure that all aspects of the partnership are meetings the expectations. Mediate any arising conflicts.
Apr 2011Jul 2012

Senior Software Developer

  • Software Development – Develop eCommece projects using Magento (Community, Enterprise) – , , , .
  • Sales Support – Help the Sales team gain new clients and/or further develop existing ones by attending pitches, propose software & hardware solutions and constantly suggest new features/enhancements that would improve the existing solutions.
  • Train and support new colleagues
  • Oversee team’s estimates



Universitatea „Babeș-Bolyai” din Cluj-Napoca


Magento Certified Developer


Vlad Torceanu, Operations, Process and Project Manager

Rares is one of the best professionals i had the pleasure to work with. He is quality oriented, has a great intuition and his knowledge is amazing. I'll work again with him with no hesitation.

Andreea-Diana Paraschiv, Marketing & PR Officer, Innobyte

I have had the pleasure of working together with Rares on several projects at INNOBYTE. Any technical problem I had, he managed to find a solution. He is very motivated to achieve results, and he will use the available resources to their best. His brilliant mind delivered key-solutions, saving time for our team and maintaining the level of quality that INNOBYTE's clients are used to. Very open-minded, he will motivate his team into achieving proper results. He has the power to see the big picture and develop long term technical solutions.

Gabriel Cioropina, Software Engineer, Innobyte

Rares is a good adviser (regarding personal or professional issues) with also a good handle on difficult situations between team members, leading the team straight to success.

Oana Rosca, Project Manager, Innobyte

Working with Rares is an experience in itself. As a web developer, as a team leader and as a CTO, he has proved to be on top of any situation he encountered. I have always found the support I needed from a team member and from a manager, as well. He masters a combination of technical, situation analysis and people skills that make him a valuable asset to any company that is looking for smart, competent, easily adaptable employees. He can be demanding with the people he leads, but only to bring out what's best in each and every one of them. I haven't always agreed with his decisions, but each and every one of them has proved to accomplish the expected result, so I've learnt to trust his judgment, which hasn't failed me so far. I've learnt a lot from working with him and I feel that I have yet to learn much more.

Marius Avram, Project Manager, Innobyte

I had both the honor and pleasure to work with Rares Pintea at Innobyte. Possibly, one of the most influential person in the company, he has the ability to offer a fresh, intelligent and subjective perspective to any difficult situation the company may run into. I personally see him fit to any position involving tehincal insights within web development projects. Due to his advanced communication skills and subjectivity, he can be easily considered an important factor in any decision taken within the company.

Laurentiu Plesa, Web Developer, Innobyte

Rares is a very good programmer, always providing good quality on time. He is able to find very good and quick solutions to complex problems, a quality that few programmers have.

Roxana Abagiu, Project Manager, Innobyte

Working with Rares has helped me learn several things about how to manage a team and the relation with clients. He has been the go-to person whenever someone in our team needed technical input or when I was unsure on the right way to handle a situation. I had the opportunity to work with him as a programmer and CTO at Innobyte and in both cases he proved to be a valuable member both for and within the team. I strongly recommend his technical and people skills which have helped him grow within the company and gain everyone's respect and trust. He has proved himself to be a valuable team member, valuable Team Leader and great CTO

Florentina Petcu, Project Manager, Innobyte

Rares is a visionary CTO with a positive, can-do attitude, very skilled in IT management and business negotiations. He is an open-minded team player driving people to find out the best solutions


Zend Framework
Symfony Framework
Agile Methodologies & Agile Software Development
Team Management & Leadership
Software Development Life Cycle
Software Development
Portfolio Management
Project Planning & Management
Versioning Systems