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Sep 1992Dec 1995

Bachelor of Science

Boston University


Over the course of her successful advertising and marketing career promoting lifestyle brands, consumer goods, financial industries, and beauty products and services, Raquel Brule has traveled the world. In the process, she has come to understand different cultures through the common bonds of art and food. For several years, Raquel Brule, also known as Raquel de Lavandeyra, journeyed to the United Nations, assessing hotels, upscale boutiques, and restaurants for inclusion on a luxury travel website. In this capacity, she stayed in four- and five-star hotels, dined in top-rated restaurants, and shopped in ritzy establishments, evaluating everything from pillows to lattes. Raquel de Lavandeyra also focused on impeccable service or the lack thereof for their discerning readers.Raquel Brule has traveled throughout Europe, the United States, Mexico, and India. The experience has broadened her horizons on opera, museums and art, healthy living, and cooking, enabling her to prepare Mediterranean dishes, the vegetarian fare popular in India, and the Mexican cuisine she enjoys while visiting that region. Raquel de Lavandeyra studied cooking techniques in Florence, Italy, where she learned to use locally grown seasonal ingredients to produce the freshest dishes. Known as the slow-food movement, the culinary philosophy also aims to do the least harm to the environment.A marketing and lifestyles expert, Raquel Brule resides in the Dominican Republic and shares her success by contributing to the well-being of the region’s children in distress. Her efforts range from creating safe educational environments to planting shade-providing greenery. Raquel Brule also supports efforts to find a cure for breast cancer. Excelling academically, she earned a B.S. in Communications and Criminal Justice at Boston University. Ms. Brule also studied French in Paris at the Alliance Française Paris Ile-de-France.


Volunteering, Writing, Traveling, Advertising, Marketing