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Work experience

Sep 2015Present

Guest Lecturer

Instituto pa Formashon den Enfermeria

Lecturing on various topics in anthropology for students in nursing and related care professions, including psychiatry, drug addiction, food and nutrition, care and medical services.

Sep 2011Present


National Archaeological - Anthropologival Memory Management

Creating leadership in safeguarding tangible and intangible Heritage, NAAM is a scientific research, conservation, educational institute of archaeology, anthropology and oral history. It is also the official guardian of the tangible heritage of Curaçao as described in the conservation laws. Its educational role ties into the need for integral approaches to sustainable development and the continuous strengthening and exercise of the commons.



Alimá Translations

Translation, interpreting, proofreading, editing and transcription services in the humanities, social sciences, religion and spirituality and health, ecnomics, policy and education.

Mar 2008Present

Transformation Coach and Healer

Alimá Transformations

The disconnection we experience between spirituality, our bodies and illness is paralleled by the disjuncture between organizational process and the wider social and natural world. Paying attention to these disconnections leads us to the deeper story of how our bodies, and our organizations respond to these larger relational, cultural and environmental aspects of all change. Transformation and integration emerge from listening to your personal or organizational story; accessing intuition; doing social dreamwork; exploring gifts and developing a practice of integration. Finding the connections between your story and its sources of wisdom helps direct the transformative process during llness, life transitions, organizational change and community development.

Oct 2006Mar 2008

Executive Director

Global Medicine Education Foundation

As Executive Director of Global Medicine Education Foundation I coordinated the completion of the Transformative Medicine program as well as shepherding major organizational changes towards the closing of its then current programming. GMEF provided deeply transformative programs for health care practitioners and medical students. The foundation's work focused then on self-care, personal transformation and developing skills that honor the scientific and the spiritual aspects of healing. Currently I am on the Board and we look at changing the focus towards more sustainable programming that empowers the community towards living healthier lives.


Transcultural Healer/Transformation Coach


Since the mid-seventies I have been practicing healing work in one form or another, from folk herbalism in Curaçao to energy work to deep listening to story or dreams, deepening in the eighties and constantly developing ever since. The transformation coaching made it possible for me to see healing in a wider context. Moving from the individual body to the community, organizational and environmental bodies my healing work has concentrated since the late nineties on supporting people and groups to go through transformative processes from a strong identification with their own inner resources.


Program Director

Global Medicine Education Foundation

During this period I organized the business management of the Global Medicine Education Foundation as well as co-developed the Transformative Medicine Program curriculum, research setup, and educational perspective, along with the rest of the faculty. I ensured that the logistics, internal operations and communications reflected and supported the goals and ideals of the educational program.


Associate Director

John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute

The John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute at Duke University promotes the humanities through a wide variety of academic programs that bring together Duke faculty and students and academics from other institutions from around the world. As Associate Director I coordinated and substantially transformed the residential seminar. I also created the conversation series,  the first major space for weekly campus-wide intra-university scholarly exchange in the humanities at Duke University. I introduced strong programming ties with the medical center and integrative medicine community at Duke University and in the Triangle area.



Cultural Affairs Office

The Cultural Affairs Office used to be the Curaçao government's main office of cultural promotion. This function  was eventually privatized and is now carried out by Kas di Kultura, providing a continuity with the work previous done by the government. As Director I led the office through a major merger and forced privatization while still maintaining the promotion of cultural research, international exchange, policy making, and cultural management. One of my most vivid encounters with magic was to promote culture at a continuously increasing level of output with a budget that dropped substantially over the years.


Cultural Policy Aide

Cultural Affairs Office

I created support cultural research, cultural events, international cultural exchange and cultural education through creating new policy, advising the executive branch of the government and working with local cultural promoters, community groups and advocates of social and cultural work.


Research Director

Cultural Affairs Office

I set up the Oral History Program for the Cultural Affairs Office and coordinated cultural research activities in the areas of oral history, news archiving, literature acquisition and audiovisual documentation of cultural events. During this time I paid special attention to developing a research perspective on popular spirituality, spiritual healing, and the role of religion in promoting or suppressing culturally relevant ways of promoting health and healing.



I provide excellent translation in English and Papiamentu as well as editing and proofreading in Spanish and Dutch. My attention to detail, consistency and nuances has been a hallmark of my quality services in this area.

Transformative coaching

I serve as witness and mirror to those going through life transitions. This process will take us through:   listening to your story identifying the resources and constraints in your story reframing the story turning the new insights into sustainable habits   

Transformative education design

I work directly with education program designers for organizations and community groups to bring out the inner core strength of the participants. This includes:   including narrativity and self-reflection in the process creating meaningful experientials leading experiential retreats aligning personal, group and environmental identities  

Being a healing presence

This is a clear move away from specific techniques, methods, procedures. By allowing the body's own intelligence and the intelligence of place, group and culture to show through, healing will happen.

Intuitive access

Following your body, story, energy and your personal and cultrual resources I listen to what emerges and what is being called for at the specific moment we meet and at this time in your life. We then work with that in ways shown to us intuitively.

Dream work

Rather than interpreting dreams from a standard set of images and their purported meaning I work with the timing of a dream, its shape, how it resonatres with other areas of your life, your intuitive reactions to the dream and other ways in which the dreams call forth a new understanding of self and the world. Dream work includes: following synchronicities exploring your own dream language asking dreams for clarification visiting your dream consciously

Story work

I listen to story for how it reflects, encapsulates, guides or limits the flow of life energy. I do this by listening for and engaging: recurring patterns generative metaphors culturally shaped narrative forms significant dreams

Energy work

In my energy work I re-balance energy flows identify and work with embodied memories open the compassionate heart  work with the energetic manifestations of life stories