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Mar 2010Present

Systems Approach to Assessment in Health Science Education


Work experience

Sep 2007Present

Assistant Professor

Division of Prosthodontics

Department of Restorative Sciences

Awards and Recognition

Professor of the Year Award

School of Dentistry

University of Minnesota

Given by the Class of 2012

Publications, Scientific Abstracts and Academic Papers

  • Adarve R, Advance Dental Simulation: Module on Crown Preparation.  MedEdPORTAL; 2008. Subid=1682
  • Adarve R, Gallery of Prosthodontic Procedural Technique Videos. MedEdPORTAL; 2009. Subid=7744                                                       
  • Adarve R, Dynamic Concept Mapping: Learning Fixed Prosthodontic Procedures. MedEdPORTAL; 2009. (submitted)
  • Adarve, R. and Nazmul-Hossain.  Students’ Perception on the Use of Rubric in Course Evaluation. Journal of Dental Research. 84. 2027, 2009
  • Adarve, R and James, L.  Dental Educators as Evaluators: Use of Contemporary Evaluation Tool.  European Journal of Dental Education. 2009:13 pp 110-126
  • Adarve, R and Madden, M. Development of an Innovative Faculty Tool to Systematically Construct, Bank and Retrieve Test Items.  Journal of Dental Education. 2009:73 pp 271-276
  • Adarve, R. and Singh, I. ComPACT: Developing a System of Evaluating, Monitoring and Calibrating Student and Teacher Performance in Preclinical Dentistry. Journal of Dental Education. 2009:73 p. 645
  • Adarve, R and Robison, N.  Scenario-Based E-Learning in RPD: Use of Computer-based Tool to Map Out Various Learning Paths.  Journal of Dental Education. 2009:73. p. 664
  • Adarve, R. Use of Computer Based Tool to Generate Test Blueprint.  Journal of Dental Education. (in review)
  • Adarve, R. Dynamic Concept Map: Engaging Students to Meaningful Learning.  European Journal of Dental Education. (in review)
  • Adarve, R and Pesun, I.  The Cognitive Influence on Interactive Multimedia Design: Towards the Development of a Computer Based Instruction in Removable Partial Dentures.  Journal of Dental Education. 2005:69 pp 109-112
  • Adarve, R and Brunner J. The Use of Course Management Tools to Support P2P Instruction. Journal of Dental Education. 2007:71 pp 104-114
  • Adarve, R.  Learning Approach and Academic Performance of the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry Students: Drawing Implications for Dental Education, Thesis presented to Graduate School, University Of Minnesota, April 2005
  • Adarve, R. A Study of Students’ Learning Approaches and their Engagement with the Context of Learning: The Case of University of the Philippines College of Dentistry.  Thesis presented to National Teachers’ Training Center for Health Professionals, University of the Philippines, April 2002

Professional Presentations

  • Test Construction and Banking Tool, Fourth Best Practice Institute, Academic Health Center, University of Minnesota, May 2009
  • Crown Seating Procedures, In-Service, Division of Operative Dentistry, University of Minnesota, February 2009
  • Dental Educators as Evaluators: Use of Contemporary Evaluation Tool, Association of Dental Educators of Europe – 34th Annual Meeting, September 2008, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Rubric-Driven Evaluation of Performance and Calibration of Raters, American Dental Educators Association – 86th Annual Convention, March 2009, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Multimedia RPD Course, Section of Prosthodontics, American Dental Education Association, Dallas, TX, March 2008
  • Advancing Predoctoral and Postdoctoral Prosthodontic Curriculum, Educator’s Mentoring and Predoctoral Educators’ Workshops, American College of Prosthodontics, Miami, Florida November, 2006
  • Cognitive Influence ofInteractive Multimedia Design, American Dental Education Association, February, Baltimore, Maryland, 2005
  • Course Management Tools, American Dental Education Association, March 2007, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Learning with Technology: Enhancing the Students’ Learning Environment, Department of Restorative Dentistry, Oregon Health and Science University, Bend, Oregon, November 2005
  • Teaching Portfolio Development. Inter-Professional Faculty Workshop. Academic Health Center, University Of Minnesota, June 2003
  • ZOPP ("Ziel-Orientierte Projekt Planung") – Objective Oriented Project Planning.Faculty Wokshop for the Faculty of University of the Philippines College of Dentistry, April 2002
  • Development of Test Blueprint and Test Construction, Faculty Development Workshop for the Health Professionals, Philippines, February 2002

Software Development

  • Computer Based Performance Assessment and Calibration Tool, 2008Web-Based Application / ASP.NET Programming Software used: Microsoft Visual C#
  • Module on Full Crown Preparation, 2008 Web-Base Application/ SWF Programming Software used: Adobe Captivate 3
  • Test Construction and Banking Tool Program Application for Window Programming Software used: Microsoft Visual C#
  • Dynamic Concept Map in Learning Fixed Prosthodontic Procedure Programming Software used: TheBrain Knowledge Management Software
  • Procedural Videos in Fixed Prosthdontics For Web-Based Program
  • Procedural Videos in Fixed Prosthdontics For iPod, iTunes
  • Procedural Videos in Fixed Prosthdontics For WebCT
  • Computer-Based Instruction- Removable Partial Denture, 2005Web-Based Application/ SWFProgramming Software used: Macromedia Flash MX

Positions Held

  • President-elect 2009-2010 Educational Research / Development and Curriculum Section, American Dental Education Association
  • Secretary-elect 2008-2009Educational Research / Development and Curriculum Section, American Dental Education Association
  • Permanent Representative, 2008Commission on Change and Innovation American Dental Education Association
  • Advocate, 2008-2009MedEdPORTAL, Association of American Medical Schools and Colleges
  • Founding Member, Scholarship with Academic Technology (SWAT)Interprofessional Group, Academic Health Center, University of Minnesota
  • Reviewer, 2005-2009TechExpo Abstracts and PresentationsAmerican Dental Education Association
  • Reviewer, 2006-2009Scientific Program, Annual ConferenceAmerican Dental Education Association
  • Department Representative, 2007-2009
    • Educational Policy CommitteeSchool of Dentistry University Of Minnesota
  • Member, 2008
    • Speaker’s BureauSchool of DentistryUniversity of Minnesota
  • Committee Member, 2007-2008
    • Admissions Committee
    • Faculty Consultative Committee
    • Scholarship Committee
    • Ad Hoc Committee on Tenure and Promotion
    • School of Dentistry University of Minnesota

Other Creative Works

  • Evaluation Rubric -grading guidelines for the different procedures in Fixed Prosthodontics
  • Concepts Maps- use of mind mapping tools to graphically represent important conceptual relationships for meaningful learning
  • Test Questions and Test Banking - collection of test items used to comprehensively evaluate student performance
  • Advance Organizers - primers to activate students prior knowledge before learning a new information
  • Power Point Lectures -  topics in fixed prosthodontics

Professional Affiliations

  • American Dental Education Association (ADEA)
  • Association of Dental Education of Europe (ADEE)
  • International Federation of Dental Education and Associations (IFDEA)
  • Association for Educational Communication and Technology (AECT)
  • Philippine Dental Association
  • Philippine Prosthodontic Society
  • University of the Philippines Alumni Association
  • Rotary Club
  • UP Alpha Sigma Fraternity

Personal Statement

Advancing Dental Education to the Highest Level

Career Summary

Prosthodontics | Health Professions Education | Multimedia Design

Well experienced oral health care provider with comprehensive background in clinical Prosthodontics. Technical expertise covers all clinical and laboratory aspects of all restorative and prosthetic services including implants. Have work in various clinical settings such as private practice, school-based clinics as well as hospital-based training programs. Board Topnotch in Philippine Dental Licensure Exam out of 2,167 Examinees.

Extensive professional involvement in Dental Education having worked in four Dental Schools with varying educational contexts as an educator in multiple capacities. Have lectured to local and international organizations and conferences. Organized and implemented workshops for Faculty Development and career advancement. Furthermore, actively participated in the design and development of curriculum and instruction and deep involvement in the Strategic Planning for the future of the dental school.

As multimedia instructional designer, innovated several technology-enhanced learning, designed and developed several instructional materials including, on-line courses, self-instructional material in CD-Rom. Set up Websites, On-line Learning Resource Site and other electronic media to support dental education. Expertise includes working knowledge on several programs and educational tools such as WebCT, Macromedia Programs and Microsoft Office.