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My objective is to have a great experience in my work in the future, and to reach high potentials in my career field.


All kind of sports, reading marketing books.


My name is Rania Aboumerhi. I'm 22 years old, still a student at American University of Science and Technology. My major is Marketing and Advertising. I have never worked in my life, and am really excited to start my career life. My hobbies are Swimming, dancing,and almost all kinds of sports. This is my last semester at the AUST and ESC, and am looking forward to continue my Masters. Through the years that have passed in the University, I have done many projects in Marketing and Advertising and I worked hard on each project which has strengthen my knowledge and my personality.These projects had made me gain a lot of experience and made me somehow ready to start my work field without the fear of failing. 

Work experience




Oct 2007Present



Majoring in Marketing and Advertising.

Oct 2010Present


Empire State College

I have studied 30 credits online with the Empire state University. Learning online, has made me develop an independent  personality and it is such a great experience in which I have learned a lot from it.


Online Marketing
Marketing Communications