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Work experience


Technology Portfolio Manager

ACT, Inc.

Development of a new role aimed at improving the technology organization's ability to deliver quality services to internal and external customers

  • Combined I.T. project and support plan data with business product roadmap plans to create a consolidated resource capacity and demand capability to allow I.T. to improve alignment with strategic business planning
  • Definition and implementation of consistent and effective project and portfolio management processes, tools and measurements
  • Process integration between Enterprise Architecture, Project Management and emerging Agile development capabilities to efficiently solve business problems

Project Manager


Project Management of infrastructure initiatives supporting strategic business unit and information technology goals

  • Managed multiple Payment Card Industry remediation projects spanning a large number of diverse business systems
  • Managed large Tier 6 Disaster Recovery project for a major business system, including mainframes, over 60 virtual servers and multiple storage arrays.  Project objective was to reduce Recovery Time Objective from days to less than one hour, with a Recovery Point Objective of 10 minutes.

Technology Director

SourceMedia Group

As the leader of technology for an independent regional media company, I directed a new focus on digital product development and implementation to adapt to a changing company role.  By implementing process focused methods to optimize legacy environments and adapt to new technologies and methods, I.T. became increasingly flexible, agile and responsive.  This enabled the business to focus on the shift from a traditional newspaper and broadcast model to one that engages communities through digital technologies.  Accomplishments include:

  • Introduction and integration of project and portfolio management processes and tools to ensure the full alignment of technology initiatives with business goals.
  • Design, planning and implementation of server consolidation and virtualization to reduce capital and operational costs while improving capabilities, performance and disaster recovery - includes planned 90%+ reduction of physical devices.
  • Creation of a high performance web development team, definition of standards and procedures and implementation of an extensible web infrastructure, in less than six months.
  • Restructuring of the enterprise business system architecture through outsourcing, cloud hosting, and implementation of new integrated systems. Greater than 60% reduction in systems will result in significant operational and capital expenditure savings.
  • Definition of new business process flow and solution architecture to support centralized content gathering and curation, with flexible support for multiple product channels. Successful development and implementation of toolset to prove the validity of the business concept.

Product Manager

Accomplishments include:•Business and technical ownership of a set of domain management tools available for both public and internal use.•Design, development and integration of an online portal for domain registries to use to track and improve visibility within the domain purchasing process•Improvement of iterative project execution by implementation of project and portfolio management techniques.


Sr V.P., Development / General Manager

Planet Discover

As the head of technology for a responsive, customer focused internet application service provider, I employed standard I.T. Service Management, Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management concepts to ensure successful business strategies.  I drove demonstrable improvements in Quality, Execution and Innovation.  Accomplishments include:

  • Progression from an uncontrolled, ad-hoc development approach, to process aligned, quality focused methods while retaining agility and improving quality and innovation.
  • Introduction of Project and Product Management disciplines that ensure a comprehensive lifecycle approach to internal tools and external products and services.
  • Definition and implementation of Product Portfolio and Roadmap process to align the business, solution and technical architectures.
  • Established QA processes and tools, integrated with Software Development process. QA testing included unit, performance, user acceptance, usability, deployment, load and regression. Tools were a mixture of internally code integrated, automated and manual.

Manager, System Engineering, Technical Publications & Training

Rockwell Collins, Inc.

As the Manager of System Engineering for Collins Aviation Services, I defined strategy, directed implementation and ensured process integration for technical information delivery solutions.  I delivered end-to-end solutions that support customer needs, focus on return on investment, and align with enterprise initiatives.  Accomplishments include:

  • Strategic vision setting and alignment of skill sets, enterprise resources and industry standards to define and implement an effective technical architecture to align with the business roadmap
  • Establishing and ensuring consistent business and technical processes for the design, development and implementation of appropriate technical solutions
  • Improved communication and interaction between direct reports, peers, e-Business, other business portfolios and business units
  • Delivery of effective technical solutions, including an internet/intranet portal based solution for extensible digital delivery of information and technical documentation to internal and external customers
  • Leadership for Lean and Quality initiatives including successful ISO 9001-2000 certification

Principal Process Analyst

Rockwell Collins, Inc.

As a charter member of the Service Planning group, I led the definition of the team's role in the direction and support of the IT Service Management processes for all of Rockwell Collins e-Business/I.T.  This integrated set of processes, based on an industry standard framework, provides the principal means of ensuring the delivery of quality services. 

  • Definition and communication of a comprehensive strategy for implementing integrated I.T. service management practices including processes, procedures, role definitions and tools
  • Strategic definition of an e-Business Service Portfolio which ties high level customer focused services to operational level team activities
  • Design of a standard Service Level Agreement format and process that ensures the coordination of the business and technical ownership of systems, processes and tools
  • Design and delivery of an enterprise-wide web based software management tool that supports procurement, licensing, standards and delivery processes

Sr Team Manager, Enteprise Web

Rockwell Collins, Inc.

As a Manager of the Enterprise Web Team for a large, global supplier of communication and aviation electronics, I worked to ensure a secure, robust and stable web infrastructure environment while providing innovative and creative web development solutions for internal and external customers.  Though the management of web development and infrastructure projects and by participating in strategic planning and process improvement efforts, I facilitated the alignment of technology solutions with business problems.  Accomplishments include:

  • Technical ownership of all web technologies including the design, implementation and support of infrastructure, tools and processes for the internet, intranet and extranet portal environments
  • Integration of Web Team into new, evolving e-Business organizational structure
  • Support of distributed web development and administration processes within e-Business, other business units and other regional sites
  • Coordination with Application Development, Project Management, Business Relationship Managers, Regional I.T. Managers, e-Business management, I.T. Infrastructure teams, vendors and business unit internal customers
  • Creation, documentation and implementation of processes and procedures for Web infrastructure administration and Web site/application development services.

Technology Manager

Howard R Green Company

As the Technology Manager for a mid sized, growth oriented engineering firm, I planned, designed and implemented extensive information & telecommunication technologies that established the firm as a technology leader in the industry.  The technology innovations were instrumental in positioning the company for aggressive growth.  Accomplishments include:

  • Management of all information and telecommunications technologies in a multiple office, multi-disciplined growth-oriented company.
  • Formation and management of distributed Information Technology Team
  • Development of current and long range objectives, plans and policies paralleling company strategic plan.
  • Design, implementation and support of a secure company wide integrated network including seven offices, universal remote-access and over 200 users.
  • Implementation of an ERP system to provide integrated support of Finance, Accounting, Customer Relationship Management and Human Resources business functions across a multi-site company.

Manager of Computer Services

Hansen Lind Meyer Inc.
  • Development and implementation of standards and methods to improve productivity and quality.
  • Design and implementation of PC based network to replace a Mainframe based CAD system which resulted in an increase in productivity, a more expandable system and over 25% annual cost savings.
  • Change agent for technology in a multi-office, growth oriented company in an industry rooted in tradition.


Hansen Lind Meyer Inc.



Master of Architecture

Process Management

Project Management

I.T. Operations/ITIL

Product Management


Understand the business goals and value proposition

  • Separate business and technical decisions
  • Let business leadership make business decisions
  • Define and communicate the technical impact of business goals
  • Define and communicate the business impact of technical changes

Define processes

  • Start at a high level - then work out the detail
  • Educate everyone on the value of process  - then prove it
  • Identify owner/stakeholders of each component
  • Define indicators and metrics - use them to improve the process, not to punish

I.T. Operations should be proactive - and routine

  • Document & diagram the infrastructure
  • Define core issues and gaps
  • Simplify  & Standardize
  • Monitor & report 
  • Do it the easy way
  • Use 'Out of the Box' when possible

Use a Portfolio approach for Projects and Products

  • Find right level of definition & documentation
  • Prioritize from the portfolio view
  • Align with business goals
  • Define roadmaps - use them to prioritize & make decisions

Use an iterative, inclusive development process

  • Minimize documentation - and make it effective
  • Make the results visible
  • Hold In-Process-Reviews frequently - 'fail fast'
  • Define & discuss risks early

Value Standards

  • Research published standards
  • Use published standards as a starting point
  • Distill the standard & rewrite for your own use
  • Use Standards to guide, not to rule


Information Technology Operations

Infrastructure Standardization & Optimization

I.T. Service Management Processes/ITIL

Workflow & Support Processes

Software Development Life Cycle

Agile Software Development

Software QA & Testing

Web Application Architecture

Digital Product Development

Product & Project Portfolios

Project Management Methods & Tools

Product Architecture & Roadmaps

Business Process Management

Business/Technology Alignment

Process Improvement/Lean

Portfolio and Project Management


Summit Schools, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

  • Member & Secretary, Board of Trustees, 2005-2008
  • Technology Manager (volunteer), 2003-2008

Kirkwood Community College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

  • Web Technologies Advisory Committee, 2007-2011

Washington High School, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

  • Patrons of the Performing Arts, Vice President of Fund Raising, 2007-2009
  • Drama Department - Parent Representative, 2009-2012
  • Volunteer - Performing Arts Department, 2000-present