Randolph Hencken

Randolph Hencken

Development for Visionary nonprofit Organizations

  • Oakland California

Work experience

Work experience

Executive Director

The Seasteading Institute
2011 - Present

Strategy development and implementation, fundraising, capital campaigns, resource management, communications, event planning, staff and volunteer management

  • Secured and managed more than $1.5m in donations
  • Oversaw a portfolio of hundreds of donors
  • Developed key relationships with high net worth contributors
  • Engaged with foreign dignitaries and celebrity CEOs
  • Built a team of nearly 100 international volunteers
  • Envisioned and directed the Floating City Project, a blueprint to launch the first politically independent floating city
  • Presented at international conferences at home and abroad
  • Directed an international entrepreneurial focused conference
  • Conducted successful online fundraising campaigns, including crowdfunding, annual giving and sustainable giving campaigns

Communications Director

MAPS-the Multidisciplinary association for psychedelic studies
2008 - 2011

External communications, fundraising, event planning, marketing

  • Wrote and edited monthly newsletters, a tri-annual magazine, periodic blogs, fundraising letters, and other materials
  • Managed the website, including a major website overhaul
  • Created and managed social media messages and campaigns
  • Created and directed fundraising campaigns, including online fundraising, direct mail campaigns, social events
  • Interfaced with media, supporters and community
  • Managed interns and volunteers
  • Directed the 2010 Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century conference, with 1200 attendees - $300k in revenue, $70k in profit.
  • Provided key input to organizational strategy

Chairman of Board of Trustees (volunteer)

Students for Sensible Drug Policy
2012 - Present

Financial oversight, strategic guidance, development

  • Chair organizational structure evaluation committee; member executive director evaluation committee and honorary/advisory council fundraising committee
  • Produced 2013 crowdfunding campaign netting more than $100k during a critical moment in the organizations history

Graduate Teaching Associate

San Diego State University, School of Communication
2006 - 2008

Instructed twelve 30-student communication courses over four semesters

  • Taught basic communication and public speaking skills
  • Designed course work and facilitated group discussions

Program Director

The Ibogaine Association
2001 - 2005

Partnered in the creation of a startup to treat and assist people detoxing and overcoming drug addiction by administering ibogaine in a semi-clinical setting in Mexico.

  • Conducted more than $250k annually in business, treated more than 100 patients a year
  • Marketed the organization and recruited patients through web, printed material, face-to-face meetings, and news media
  • Branded the company – it was considered one of the most highly regarded ibogaine treatment centers at the time
  • Managed staff and finances



Master of Arts, Communication Studies

San Diego State University
2006 - 2008

Investigated and wrote a quantitative thesis. Studied qualitative methods, rhetoric, philosophy of science, the dark side of communication, organizational communication, and statistical methods. Graduated with honors.

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration

San diego state university
2004 - 2006

Emphasis on business management. Graduated Magna Cum Laude.


Getting Things DOne

Studied GTD strategies and implement them in daily practice.

Public Speaking

Comfortable speaking in front of audiences large and small.

Camp Leader

Lead organizer of Camp Miscellaneous Heathens since 2003.

Mutant Vehicle Commander

Builder, mechanic and driver of The Pollinator (Beethen) since 2013.



My colleagues from The Seasteading Institute are not aware that I am applying for the Director of Philanthropic Engagement Position, so the following references are not directly tied to my current role.

Scott Banister, Angel Investor. Scott knows Randy through philanthropy, having given major gifts to SSDP in response to Randy's asks.

Betty Aldworth, Executive Director of Students for Sensible Drug Policy. Betty has worked closely with Randy on development and organizational structure in Randy's role as Chairman or the Board of Trustees for SSDP.

Stacia Cosner, Deputy Director of Students for Sensible Drug Policy. Stacia has known and worked closely with Randy since they were both student activist.

Rick Doblin, Executive Director of MAPS. Rick was Randy's boss at MAPS, they worked closely on the majority of Randy's activities at MAPS. Rick was a key mentor in Randy's professional development.

Brian Wallace, Entrepreneur. Brian was a co-worker at MAPS, and then a temporary employee of The Seasteading Institute coordinating the Institute's 2012 conference with Randy as a direct boss.  Brian and Randy are close friends, have lived together, and camped together at Burning Man for several years.

Henry Chang, Artist & Entrepreneur. Henry and Randy became friends in 2005 as co-leads of Pangea, an Esplanade camp. Randy has helped with Henry's art projects and art cars Soul in the Machine and Fusion. Henry camped with Randy's camp Miscellaneous Heathens in  2011 and 2012.

Sharon Hagle, Philanthropist. Sharon and Randy became friends during a Virgin Galactic retreat Randy was invited to at Sir Richard Branson's Island. Sharon is an enthusiastic Burner.

Diane GoldStein, Executive Board Member Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. Diane has worked with Randy in community building activities related to drug policy reform.

Peter Andersen, Professor of Communication (retired). Peter was Randy's thesis chair at SDSU.