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Work experience


Co-Founder/ Chief Concept Officer

Family Life Success

Identified opportunity in a new market and developed an effective strategy as a startup, securing multiple Fortune 500 companies as clients.

Developed “unpaid” Social Media strategy with the following results for the first half of this year; increased “Likes” by 69%, increased Weekly reach by over 900% to 92,056 and tripled weekly “engagement” score.

As a business owner, designed and implemented an award-winning online tool which allows users to complete an online self-assessment to create a 60-page personalized action plan—featuring over 126 million unique versions.  

Recognized by Huggies / Kimberley Clark as top innovation in 2010, earning the highest possible grant as one of 500 applicants. 

Created the opening Keynote, “Work-Life 3.0” for a Nationally recognized conference to recognize the 100 Best Companies for working parents.

After going through our program; 100% of parents agree that "I will be happier and more successful if I apply what I learned," and 98% of parents agree that "I have established some systems and routines to help my family run smoother."

Improving family well-being translates to meaningful and measureable business outcomes to; reduce total health care costs, increase employee engagement (retention and performance) and strengthen employment brand.


Vice President of Brand Strategy & Innovation

Applebee's International

Sustained an average of 10.7% compounded growth for 4 years – 37% greater than category average in growth for that time period. 

Contributed significantly to brand enhancement which developed a new $400M business segment—driving up both new and existing customer bases. 

Delivered pricing strategy and testing process resulting in 40% of annual business plan profit growth.

Catalyzed a groundbreaking initiative resulting in a $40M increase in incremental business and $120M in total sales.

Managed a 12-month innovation pipeline to develop creative growth solutions in products, service and programs from inception to launch. Created this sustained process to support a $100M annual marketing calendar. 

Instituted a long-term tracking study to identify reasons for category and brand specific usage as well as changes in brand performance on a quarterly basis


Senior Director of U.S. Brand Strategy

McDonald's Corporation

Led Brand Strategy teams responsible for allocation of the $780M annual budget

Identified $1.6B in actualized growth opportunities over 3 years.

Created an analysis to double business and triple cash flow for an $18B enterprise by proportionately reducing the marketing budget and reinvesting in operations by $300M.

Oversawbrand management of a highly profitable $8B product category, boosting product volume by 10%.

Utilized proprietary segmentation analysis to identify a 3-year strategy based on future growth. 

Focused on growing the base salesby building the brand - sustaining category leadership through a combination brand enhancements to make the offerings more attractive, preferred, and relevant to the target.