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Work experience


Randi Glazer Underwriting


InterContinental University


With over twenty years of experience in the commercial insurance industry, Randi Glazer has succeeded at building a solid track record of creating greatly profitable books of business across a variety of product lines and industries for admitted and non-admitted carriers. Randi Glazer has also managed large teams of staff, effectively raising productivity levels, opening more positive lines of communication and encouraging the creation of a happier workplace. By making her employees aware of the contribution their input makes to the overall organization, Randi Glazer has been able to help everyone showcase their potentials and realize what they can really do to grow as individuals and to facilitate more profitability and higher progress for the company in the process.

Randi Glazer is a dedicated and motivated professional with a diverse background in Underwriting, Marketing, Customer Service, Business Development, and Organizational Leadership. Amongst other things, she possess years of successful experience consulting on multifaceted projects, developing effective policies and programs, and streamlining internal processes to enhance overall productivity. Randi Glazer is also able to build and maintain positive and profitable relationships with a wide range of clients and key business partners, and has been consistently recognized for outstanding contributions to the bottom line.

Ms. Randi Glazer also has a fascination for wines, something that has grown for over ten years. This special interest has become even greater when she was persuaded by a trusted friend to spend a few days vacationing in Napa and Sonoma California before she embarked on an professional’s insurance conference in Monterey, California.