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Rancho Vista Mortgage

Giving you access to concierge mortgage lending service, Rancho Vista Mortgage Corp. has been recognized for its expert team of lending specialists in the California region. Having served the needs of countless clients in Los Angeles, Inland Empire, Orange County and San Diego, to name just a few, RVM is led by the progressive-minded Randy Kosich, who specializes in residential mortgage lending wholesale and retail sales. Rancho Vista Mortgage Corp. was founded in 1988. Fort Worth-based auto finance company AmeriCredit Corp. acquired RVM in 1996. The boutique mortgage firm eventually got reincorporated by Rancho Vista Mortgage in 2003. Presently, RVM has serviced the mortgage lending needs of numerous real estate professionals, builders and individual home buyers. Rancho Vista Mortgage has a talented team of lending specialists and strategists who can map out an impressive action plan for every customer. Guiding the client from beginning to closing, these experts make it a point that the borrower fully understands the concepts of their particular mortgage package and is provided regular progress reports and updates on their personal and online credit reputation. Everyone in the RVM team shares an entrepreneurial mindset that works optimally for the client’s benefit. Offering the best cost, terms and loan rates, the RVM organization is a dependable support group for first time home buyers or individuals who require refinancing. Through the RVM Credit Mapping Service, a client can maximize their credit scores or rehabilitate a less-than-perfect credit rating. For competitive pricing and speed of financial transaction, go to the professionals at Rancho Vista Mortgage. It’s about time you got your home purchase plans off the ground!

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