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Life Skills

I am a sociable person that is always keen to have a chat when I have completed my tasks for the day. I am very eager to learn new things and will always participate in any activity offered to me. I value efficient work practices but am fully aware that there is no substitute for safety. In and out of work I am constantly looking at complex situations and trying to simplify them to achieve the most effective performance and outcomes. I am capable of leading a team very effectively and have attained many years experience in this throughout my sporting life.

I have been a member of a soccer team for most of my younger and adult life, and have found myself captaining the team on many occasions. I am also currently involved in a social indoor soccer team. Volleyball was also another of my passions. I captained my school team to win many competitions and was also involved in a social beach volleyball league. At all opportunities along the way I have attempted just about every sport on offer. Representing my school or club was something I prided myself on as I felt it was an enriching part of my education.

Other life experiences involved a volunteer program in which I spent 1 hour each week at a retirement home, providing company and conversation for the residents. This program was very rewarding as it allowed me to develop relationships with people I would not normally spend a great deal of time with. Overcoming the intellectual and social barriers was a challenging task but it gave me the opportunity to further develop my inherent patience and understanding which allowed me to interact freely with the residents.

My spare time is typically spent outdoors, playing soccer with my friends, going to the beach or simply reading a book. Overall I am a casual person that is always ready to enjoy the company of people, inside and outside of work.


After my excellent start to tertiary schooling I am currently aiming to maintain the high standards that I have set. My objective throughout university is to graduate with First Class Honours, which I am currently on track to achieve.

There are two main goals that I wish to achieve throughout my career. The first is simply to exceed expectations with every task I complete. I would also like to reach as far as possible along the workplace hierarchy.

Schooling and career aside, my objective in life is to appreciate the world for what it's worth and to live without regrets.


Bachelor of Engineering

Curtin University of Technology

I have currently completed three years of a four year degree and have achieved the following:

  • Accepted on an Engineering Excellence Scholarship for achieving a TER of 98.9 which was above the required 95.
  • Achieved a course weighted average of 85.96.
  • Attained six letters of Commendation.
  • Received the award for 'The Best Second Year Entry to Chemical Engineering Course' in 2009.
  • Received a Certificate of Merit for 'The Best Performance in your Tutorial Class' for the unit Engineering Sustainable Development 201.

Work experience

Dec 2010Present

Vacation Student


I was accepted into the Schlumberger team as a petrotechnical vacation student for the 2010/2011 period. After completing an extensive training course on safety within an oil and gas company, I was sent to work in the Schlumberger Information Solutions segment in the Perth office. I received advanced training in the Oilfield Manager 2009.1 and DECIDE! 2009.1 software. Once my training was completed I worked on a proof of concept for a client involving the use of neural networks. The concept used neural networks to generate proxy models which were used to predict future parameter values for the client. The work that I contributed consisted of the bulk of the proof of concept delivered to the client. I was personally given positive feedback for my contribution from the client's lead petroleum engineer. After my successful summer internship, I was asked to remain with the Schlumberger team throughout my final year of University. I will continue to work for Schlumberger on client projects until I graduate as I feel this experience is invaluable.

Mar 2009Nov 2010


The Breakwater Tavern

I was employed at The Breakwater Tavern as a casual bartender. My duties involved - customer service, food and drink preparation, glass collection, cleaning duties and keeping up the presentation of the workplace. This required a friendly attitude to deal with customers as well as a neat and tidy appearance to enhance and develop the reputation of my employer and the tavern. After only a short period of time I was given the added responsibility of training the new employees whilst still progressing with my own education as there was always new things to be learnt. I was awarded employee of the month during the month of May 2010 for my excellent attitude towards my work. I left The Breakwater Tavern to work with Schlumberger as this work was directly related to my area of study.

Nov 2008Feb 2009

Metallurgist's assistant


During my period working at AMMTEC I was a general assistant to the two metallurgists that worked in the iron ore sector of the company. The typical duties that this line of work required were the operation of minor machinery used in purification procedures, the operation of minor machinery used in sample preparation and the general cleaning of machinery within the building. The position required an analytical approach towards my tasks in order to attain the desired results. Soon after I started at AMMTEC I was privileged to be given the opportunity to share my training with a co-worker. Through my own endeavour I was able to complete tasks without supervision and I took the initiative to complete these tasks whilst also training my co-worker. My position at AMMTEC was cut short due to the economic downturn requiring majority of the student workers to be made redundant.


Denise Fishwick

Carl Mullen

Shripad Biniwale