Ramzi Abdelmoula

Ramzi Abdelmoula


Jan 2014 - Present

Masters of Science

University of Waterloo

Courses taken so far:

- Embedded Systems (ECE 423) - Grade: 82

- Software Testing, Quality Assurance (ECE 653) - Grade: 93

- Soft Computing and intelligent system design (ECE 657) - Grade: 90

Ongoing courses:

- Methods&Tools for Software Eng (ECE 650)

- Statistical Learning (STAT 841)

Ongoing research:

Literature review: Using artificial intelligence (Neural Networks, Stacked Auto-encoders) for speech recognition.

Sep 2003 - Jun 2007


Habib Thameur High School

Work experience

Work experience


Prepatory School For Engineering Studies of Sfax

Research in the laboratory of Dr. Halwani about the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell.

Jan 2014 - Present

Embedded systems engineer (Part time)

Vestec Inc.

- Cross compilation of voice recognition software components to different ARM based platforms.

- Develop bash based scripts for testing automation.

- Develop features for the voice recognition solution.

- Investigate and develop optimization opportunities of the voice recognition engine.

- Investigate using machine learning for voice recognition

Sep 2012 - Jan 2014

C/C++ Embedded engineer

Vestec Tunisia

Porting voice recognition software components to various embedded platforms.

Feb 2012 - Sep 2012


University of Waterloo

Porting Embedded Speech Recognizer to Embedded Platforms 

Jul 2011 - Aug 2011


SBS Consulting

Design and implementation of a professional chat and file tranfer software for companies with VB.NET 

Feb 2011 - May 2011

End of Second Year Project

National School of Computer Sciences

Design and implementation of an interactive 3D virtual tour of the school "ENSI".



German speaker

Machine learning

Cross compilation

Prepare and use a cross compilation environment for multiple embedded platforms.

Fluent English and Frensh speaker

Red Crescent First Aid

Level One  


  Autocad, Photoshop, Corel draw  

3D Software Designer and Programmer

  Unity 3, Maya 2011, Animeeple, Quidam, Google SketchUp  

Data Base Programmer

  Oracle, MySQL, Access  

VB.NET Programmer

Assembler, MIPS, VHDL Programmer

HTML, XML, JSP, JavaScript Programmer

UNIX core, Shell, Lex, Yacc Programmer

JAVA, JAVA 3D Programmer

C, C++, C# Programmer