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Highly skilled and motivated Sales Professional with a deep understanding of the retail environment, exceptional attention to detail, proven organizational skills, and a passion for effectively communicating value, while maintaining the utmost integrity and work ethic.

Work History

Mar 2013Present

Retail Sales Leader


Awarded Highest Accessory Dollar Attachment rate for Sales Leaders for Q1 2017.

As Sales Leader, helped my Riverside Store to beat our highest activation record 3 times in 1 year, September 2017

Achieved the Top 5 Retail Stores in the Nation for two straight months. (March & April 2016).

As a Sales Leader in Q1 2016, contributed to excellent store performance, raising Riverside to consistantly lead most of the market.

Awarded the Platinum Club Award for Q4 2015, for highest performance within the market.

Recognized as the Top Sales Representative for the West Coast through the Winners Circle Award, Q3 2014.

Recognized by District Manager for Highest Percent to Quota, 158%, for Q3 2014.

Recognized by Director of Sales for Highest Performance, $43 accessories for every box sold, and 205% to quota, highest in the market.

Won an award for best 2 minute sales pitch.

Due to my unique success story and exceptional performance, chosen to participate in a MetroPCS Career Recruitment video, launching online soon.

Personally surpassed the accessory sales volume of 5 different stores for December, 2014, selling almost $8000, an all-time record for a single employee at the time.

Promoted to Full time within 7 months of employment.

Created an excel file that allowed for more efficient tracking of all relevant metrics of performance, as well as graphically representing sales trends across employee, store, district, and market levels.

Responsibilities included reaching various quotas for accessory volume, amount of devices sold, amount of new customers, and various other metrics, all while maintaining a robust, energetic, and professional work environment.

Although a sales representative, I soon performed many managerial duties such as motivating the team, creating contests to encourage sales, running reports to track performance, and rallying the team to reach our goals.

Jun 2012May 2013

Senior Customer Service Representative

Jrummy Apps Inc.

Performed customer technical support through email.

Responded to nearly 300 emails every day.

Trained all new associates.

Received many compliments as to my quality of service, speed, and attention to detail in every answer.

Responsible for seeking out new content and updating existing databases for the product.

Other responsibilities included replying to 200-300 emails per day, addressing every kind of question from general inquiries to more technical details about the various products of the company, and ensuring continual customer satisfaction in the process.

As the company grew, I began to lead other new representatives and introduce them to the quality standards I and the business owner had established, and my responsibilities moved further towards managing a growing team and learning new aspects of the business.

Sep 2011Apr 2013

Crew Trainer


Promoted to Crew Trainer in under a year.

Highlighted as providing the best customer experience consistently.

Exhibited excellent multitasking skills.

As Crew Trainer, became responsible for building up every new hire to the strict standards of my store.

Received constant compliments about my quality of service, positive attitude, and strong work ethic.

Responsibilities included leading the team in presenting the absolute best customer service experience, while maintaining the strict quality, excellence,  and speed standards that we were known for. This extended from managing drive through flow, to preparing orders, to taking customer requests and resolving any issues.



Associate of Arts, Business Administration

Fullerton College

Associate of Arts, Political Science

Fullerton College


Strong Leadership Skills

As a Leader, I aim to encourage every member of my team to achieve their full potential through motivation, constructive criticism, and technique refinement, while also leading by my own example.This translates to balanced performance, a close-knit, motivated team, and store distinction.

Excellent Communicator

I communicate with clarity and tactfulness to ensure complete understanding as well as healthy work and personal relationships.

Fast Learner

Since there is always room to improve, I am always ready to learn from those with more experience so I can better myself and my team.

Highly Persuasive

I specialize in getting to the true value of the product, and presenting it in such a way that refusal is not a natural response.

High Integrity

Uncompromising integrity allows me to be trustworthy to my managers, my team, and my customers, knowing that I will not take advantage of a position or relationship, but genuinely get the best result, the right way.