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Information Technology enthusiast with a focus on Game Design Industry & Beta Testing and wide experience in Java Programming Language seeking a full or contract role in Nordrhein-Westfalen and Berlin, Germany.


I was a student of Media and IT in Hochschüle für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin, specializing on Java Programming Language within Eclipse or BlueJ, as well as HTML, JavaScript, CSS3 or CSS5.

Organizing online events and gathering has been a great experience for me and I have done many small and big events, such as home office gathering in Berlin for every Beta Testers in EU Region or "Artchipelago" Music and Food Festival in Berlin.. Our community-organized Steam group is dedicated to help newcomers by writing guides and tips, as well as teaching and helping the community by organizing monthly Pickup Games. I just expanded my role as Lead Organizer in Beta Testing Community. 

My consistency of bringing high quality projects and bug reports on time, as well as attention to details, has helped the development of the games I tested, mainly in Gameplay designs and Balancing aspects. 

I am fluent on using Nvidia ShadowPlay as well as Microsoft Office softwares to pinpoint specific behaviour or exploit to trigger certain bugs and glitches within the game and it is proven to be effective and simple in developing games. Video and Audio Editing for testing purpose, backed with vast experiences to organize events.

I am a communicative person, speaking in English as well as  German, easily adapt to any pressure and circumstances and foremost, have team-oriented approach for different problems.

Work History

June 2016July 2016

Freelance Web Programmer in OPNoobs Streaming Service

Freelance programmer for Streaming and Gaming Organization, OPNoobs based in USA, as well as part-time content developer in Verdun Community Tournament

Jan 2016Present

EU Branch Beta Tester

Game-Labs LLC. Kiev, Ukraine

Beta tester for EU branch of game "Naval Action" developed by Game-Labs LLC Studio. Providing a full report of Bugs and Glitches from in-game Crash Reporter.

May 2014Present

EU Branch Lead Beta Tester and Organizer

M2H & BlackMill Studio. Alkmaar, Holland

Lead beta tester for EU branch of game "Verdun" developed by M2H & BlackMill Studio.  Providing a full report of Bugs and Glitches  from Unity Engine Crash Extractor, as well as fluent in Video & Audio Editing and organizing beta testing events before an update launch.


Studentisches Hilfskraft für Dozenten (Assistant Lecturer)

Hochschuele Zittau/ Goerlitz

Assistant Lecturer for Deutsch and Mathematics for Prof. Dr.-Ing. Irina Ender in Wirtschaft (Economics) Kurs.



BSc. int. Medieninformatik (Media and IT Computing)

Hochshüle für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin

IT and Programming Courses

Nurul Fikri IT Educational and Training 

- Java Programming Language Basic and Advanced Training

- C and C++ Programming Language Basic Training

- SQL Database Basic Training


Dipl. Fahrzeugtechnik (Automobile Engineering)

Hochschüle für Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden

Studienkolleg Abitur (Fachhochshulreife)

Studienkolleg Hochschuele Zittau/ Goerlitz

Technisches Kurs

- Mathematik

- Physik

- Deutsch & Englisch

- Informatik