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To gain a position in your organization that will utilize my skill sets and provide a challenge for me, so I will become an asset for you. 

Work experience

July 2014Present

Sales Engineer

Mist America

Responsible for acquiring, designing and managing projects from start to finish. Duties include, but not limited to, prospecting new clients,  design and sell projects and manage projects to completion.

Jul 2013Jul 2014

General Manager

Bedmart/Mattress Liquidators Inc.
  • Managed 60+ Sales Force, including 2 regional managers and 2 district managers
  • Culture Management and Sales Management
  • Responsible for annual and monthly Sales and margin targets.
  • Merchandising and product selection
  • Merchandising Pricing
  • Sales reporting and monitoring.
  • Sales Event coordination and implementation.
  • Conversion of Processes and Procedures to align Mattress King and Bedmart.
  • Developed Sales Training Manual for Bedmart
  • Maintaining directives from Corporate Office in Denver
  • Responsible for IT POS, Inventory Control and G/L software
  • Managed Daily Office Functions
  • Real Estate site selection and lease negotiations
  • Inventory Management
Oct 2012Aug 2013

General Operation/IT

Bedmart/Mattress Liquidator Inc
  • Responsible for management of 12 Bedmart locations
  • Conducted the upgrade and conversion of POS/GL/Inventory control software
  • Implemented upgrade of IT hardware throughout company.
  • Implemented training program for systems upgrade
  • Streamlined and consolidate processes and procedures for the store level and distribution level.
  • Commercial Real Estate site selection and lease negotiation.
Nov 2011Oct 2012

Northern Arizona Sales Manager/Director of Conversion Implementation

Sleep America
Sales Manager/Director of Conversion Implementation
  • Contracted for implementing the conversion and transfer of responsibilities for sales, purchasing and general operations of Sleep America of Northern Arizona to Sleep America LLC after buy out
  • Developed new operational procedures for distribution and warehousing
  • Project manager implementation of new sales culture into Northern Arizona Sales Force
  • Responsible for the continuation of driving sales, maintaining sale force morale, inventory management
Sep 2002Nov 2011

Managing Partner

Sleep America of Northern Arizona LLC
Founded First and Only Licensee for Sleep America
  • Co-authored license, operating and restrictive agreements for new venture
  • Conducted lease negotiations, including but not limited to site selection, CAMS, TI allowance and general lease terms and structure
  • Established and developed the Sleep America brand for a total of 2 markets
  • Annual budgeting P/L & Balance sheet management
  • Expansion market research
  • Merchandising of new location; product assortment, pricing and placement
  • Vendor negotiations
  • Creating a sales culture that would allow long term growth and success in new markets
  • Hiring and training new sales/distribution team
  • Determining the optimal advertising outlets, placement and frequency per budget
  • Developing and maintaining general operations of the company; accounting payables/receivables, H/R, warehousing and distribution purchasing
  • Growth and expansion; opened 2 additional stores with one in separate media market
  • Community relations; charitable organization and community events
  • Building and maintaining vendor relationships
  • Maintaining corporate relations per license agreement
Apr 2000Sep 2002

Director of Information Technology

Sleep America

Developing and Maintaining IT Department:

  • Daily Operations and systems developement and management the POS,G/L and inventory management software (Storis)
  • Software/hardware training for Central Office Support Group, along with training sales personnel
  • Project manager for expansion to new distribution center
  • Project manager networking new store locations in Tucson to Phoenix corporate office
  • Project manager for developing and maintaining EDI along with bar-coding implementation, setup and training and vendor relations
  • Executive Information Systems training and data management
  • Project manager for implementing web email for Sleep America corporate office
  • Project manager for
  • Project manager for web advertising campaign with America Online
Jan 1999Apr 2000

Multi-Store Management

Sleep America

Retail/Clearance Outlet Management

·Site selection for first Sleep America Clearance Outlet

·Procedural implementation for Clearance Outlet

·Creation and placement advertising for radio and print media

·Creating sales training and culture separate from Sleep America's retail program

·Managed product flow both in and out of outlet

·Simultaneous management of regular retail store and clearance outlet

·Personnel management

·Inventory management

·Driving sales on a daily basis

Nov 1997Jan 1999

Retail Sales

Sleep America
  • Responsible for the daily operations of store
  • Driving sales


  • Family
  • Personal Health (General fitness and weight training)
  • Various Equestrian Events
  • Hunting and Fishing
  • Water Skiing
  • Snow Skiing



  • Member of The Ranchero Visitadores (2007) Santa Barbara, Ca
  • Member of the National Home Furnishings Association
  • Member of the Prescott Frontier Days Rodeo


  • St. Jude Children's Hospital
  • Yavapai County Food Bank
  • Stepping Stones Women's Shelter
  • Disabled American Veterans
  • Horses with Heart


Through my skill sets, I will quickly become an effective member of your organization.  I have the ability to view and analyze the many working parts of a business.  After owning and operating my own business for 10 years, I have the knowledge to work and manage many different aspects of a business. Skill Sets

  • Sales and Culture Management -The sales force is the engine to an organization. Creating and maintaining a sales culture is key to driving sales. Recognizing and implementing a direction and daily habits are crucial to the overall health and morale of a sales force.
  • Merchandising- Product selection, flow and concepts
  • Customer Service -If the customer is not happy, then no one is happy. Having the awareness and wherewithal to keep customer service top of mind is essential in any organization.
  • Vendor Relations -This is a key area to the overall health of an organization. Realizing vendors are a vital instrument to the success of any organization and how these relationships can impact the company is critical.
  • Operations - This is another very crucial area of any business. Proper operational management will have an acute impact on the bottom-line. Recognizing how operations such as warehousing, distribution and purchasing affect other aspects of the business is a strong element of my skill set
  • Information Technology -Effectively managing POS, G/L and inventory management hardware/software can be key in any organization. Coupled with proper communications; functional email system, data line, cell phone and land line management, will make any organization more competitive.
  • Negotiations- Vendor and lease negotiations can be central to the profitability of a company. Having the ability to recognize and utilize leverage is a key component in negotiating any deal.
  • Commercial Real Estate- Site selection, Letters of Intent, leave negotiations and execution
  • Communication -  Communication is crucial to any organization, and being able to communicate to every employee, at any level is critical to a fluid organization. 


    Sep 1996Dec 1998

    BA - Political Science

    Arizona State University


    Sep 1993May 1995

    Scottsdale Community College


    Michael Angel

    Dan Voetmann

    Ken Cloud

    Wes Harrington

    Jim Kehoe

    Leonard Gaby