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Work experience

Jan 2007Present

Medical Advisor

Antiaging World Trading
Medical revision of different products, conferences and medical assistance for geriatrics. Geriatric assistance and testing review. I have received many prizes as University Professor and many International awards for Anti-aging medicine. I dictate many different conferences in different countries during the year.





Music, camping, fishing, foot ball

Professional Organizations

Member of The American Aging Association, Member of the Thymus Society and Cellular Therapy, Life Extension Member, National Childhood Programs for the Government, Medical Missions in Haiti, Puerto Rico and Chile


Dr. Ramón Ravelo Hernández leverages many years of professional experience toward his current role as a Medical Advisor for Antiaging World Trading. Since 2007, Dr. Ramón Ravelo Hernández has worked with the Mexico City-based company to develop and test unique anti-aging products. Dr. Ramón Ravelo Hernández’s impressive achievements throughout his professional career have led to his winning several awards for anti-aging breakthroughs. Dr. Ramón Ravelo Hernández has also given numerous lectures and addresses at conferences worldwide. Passionate about contributing to the community in both a professional and personal capacity, Dr. Ramón Ravelo Hernández has donated both time and money to a number of initiatives designed to improve the lives of others. Dr. Ramón Ravelo Hernández plays a key role in assisting those less fortunate through his membership with the St. Vincent de Paul Circle. Dr. Ramón Ravelo Hernández has also participated in a number of programs designed to assist children. A regular participant in medical missions, Dr. Ramón Ravelo Hernández has been to some of the poorest regions in South America, including parts of Haiti, Chile, and Puerto Rico. Dr. Ramón Ravelo Hernández laid the groundwork for his professional success with his academic achievements while studying medicine at the Universidad Nacional de Chile. Demonstrating the talent and fortitude that would come to define his career, Dr. Ramón Ravelo Hernández graduated magna cum laude with his medical degree. Dr. Ramón Ravelo Hernández is a resident of Mexico City, Mexico. In his spare time, Dr. Ramón Ravelo Hernández enjoys camping, fishing, attending ballets, going to concerts, and reading.