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About me

Jr Developer with an engineering background.  Started out my career as an Industrial Engineer  now working as a software developer. As a   self-motivated learner, technology and programming provide me with the perfect setting to always continue learning. Extremely interested in making a difference and achieving excellence in the industry. Passionate about the software design process, and hoping to leverage my engineering background to develop and master skills in solving complex programming challenges. 

Hobbies include basketball, soccer, strategy card games and board games, and piano. 


Rotten Pineapples:

  • Rails backend with a relational database.
  • Movie review website based on Rotten Tomatoes. 
  • JavaScript and JQuery on the front end for added effects. 
  • Used the rotten tomatoes API to query movie titles. 
  • Included user accounts and comments. 

Contacts Made fun:

  • Sinatra application for contact management.
  • Stored contact information uploaded from csv file or by direct input.
  • First application made using Restful Principles.
  • Included user accounts.  


  • Sinatra application utilizing Restful Routes.
  • Built using Instagram's API , and Google's API, allows users to query any location on the planet see all the Instagram posts associated with it.
  • Used Bootstrap  and JQuery for front end design.

Pokecard Web Scraper: 

  • Web scraper built using Node.js.
  • Designed to get the image url of all the cards in a given card set from the Pokebeach fan made Trading card game website. 


  • Meteor.js application with Bootstrap for css design. 
  • Allows users to create events, add a playlist, invite other users, add songs, vote song preference and allow attendees to do the same. 
  • Songs are queried and played using the Soundcloud API.
  • Final Project presented after the Lighthouse Labs programing bootcamp. 

Work experience

May 2015Present

Software Developer

Jun 2014Jan 2015

Operations Manager

Caribe Juice LLC
  • Beverage industry startup bringing exotic all natural and High Pressure Processed  fruit Juices to the United states market.
  •  Managed and trained production employees. - Created a production plan that helped keep manufacturing cost under budget.
  •  Resolved manufacturing delays while ensuring on time delivery.
Oct 2013Apr 2014

Facilities Planner

  • Account Management for the Air Canada Capital projects Department.
  •  Managed budget for minor projects in facilities planning and maintenance.
  •  Resolved emergency facilities issues in remote maritime Canada locations.
  •  Negotiated with vendors to ensure quarterly budget targets where met.
Mar 2013Aug 2013

Industrial Engineering Intern

Measurand Inc
  • Geoengineering tools manufacturer based out of Fredericton New Brunswick
  • Created manufacturing worked flow based on JIT and lean principles.
  •  Improved knowledge of the manufacturing process by conducting biweekly kaizen sessions.



Web Development Bootcamp

Lighthouse Labs

Intensive Web development bootcamp.


Bachelor's degree Industrial Engineering

Concordia University

Solid foundation on mathematics and physics.