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What Others Say

Matt Shattock – CEO, Beam Global Wine & Spirits'Jesus Ramos brought his tremendous leadership skills, marketing experience and brand building talent to make the difference for the Cadbury's Russian business in 2004. Over the next several years he did an outstanding job of leveraging those personal assets to create powerful mixes for the Gum & Candy businesses, in a way which allowed Cadbury to challenge and steal market share from a much larger competitor, thereby enabling the company to build and sustain a business in this challenging and important market'.

Ilya Blinov – CEO, Russian Standard VodkaI worked with Jesus in Russia for number of years in the Cadbury business, where I was the person representing regional and local Supply Chain. Jesus has a set of unique skills which makes him very efficient in both Commercial and Supply Chain. This is achieved due to very structured approach to the strategy, on the one hand, and due to known to depth of all aspects of sales and marketing, on the other hand. Great level of emotional intelligence helps Jesus to be successful as people manager in all over the world. This is also due to the respect he usually pays to cultural aspects of the country he works in.

Rich Pond – EVP & Global Director Candy, Cadbury PLC.I have worked with Jesus in a number of different roles:  global, local and regional.  Jesus is an exceptionally strong influencer who knows how to accomplish things which bring great results. He’s very effective with people of all cultures, forming solid bonds in short periods of time.  He’s also a gifted marketer with a good intuition on what will work with consumers.

Stephen J Argyle - Supply Chain Director Cadbury PLC, Middle East & Africa I worked with Jesus Ramos when he was Commercial Director for the Middle East & Africa region of Cadbury PLC. I think it is safe to take for granted, at the level Jesus had reached in the Cadbury organization, his technical competence and expertise in the Marketing profession. What impressed me most were not his technical competences, but his leadership and collaborative skills. He managed in a very short time to take a disparate group of businesses with their parochial commercial strategies and meld them to a fully supported regional strategy, which they set about executing with enthusiasm. This was a particularly difficult task because historically these small hub businesses were being run as fiefdoms with local MD’s taking complete control of their commercial strategies. Jesus led the introduction of a regional strategy, which to some degree restricted their control and pulled more control to the centre or region. In addition to his collaborative skills he also demonstrated a patience and wisdom that made him an excellent mentor. He helped me personally by taking on the mentorship of one of my high potential supply chain team who is a very intelligent and strong individual. Jesus helped her greatly in determining her career path and the areas of personal development she should concentrate upon.

Jose Angel Amarista – Science & Technology Director Latin America, Cadbury PLC.Jesus is an experienced Global Leader with strong intuition to identify opportunities and craft the corresponding strategy and business model to effectively leverage it. He portrays a unique combination of business savvy, a vast multinational brand management experience and interpersonal effectiveness, which enable him to quickly grasp the big picture, conceptualize a plan, and -most importantly- charter and lead the team to successfully execute it.  Jesus is an integral global leader capable of making a difference.

Uida Havinga – Supply Chain Development Manager, Cadbury South Africa

Jesus Ramos influenced my life in the capacity of both a remarkable leader and mentor. I would like to refer to his leadership style as authentic: he understands the story of his life, which provided the context of his experiences, and where he magically found the inspiration to make an impact in the world.

Jesus is a multi-dimensional, yet whole, person and his integrated, balanced approach to life forms the comfortable connecting point with diverse people. He has a steady and confident presence, complimented by a rare ability to really listen.Jesus has a natural mentorship style, steered by strong intuition, a wealth of experience and wisdom of a rare kind. He has a special ability to help an individual discover and restore the powerful connection between heart and mind; preparing the soil to sow the seeds of executive intelligence…It has truly been a life changing experience.

My Profile

My career has spanned through General Management, Sales & Marketing, Financial Planning and Consulting, in Local, Regional and Global roles; with primary focus in the FMCG and Pharmaceutical industries.

My contributions have provided a foundation to Strengthen Leadership, Turn Around, Start Up or Realign Business Units of up to $600 MM revenue in Mexico, USA, Russia, Africa & Middle East, which consistently achieved above target results and sustainable economic growth.

My goal is to collaboratively apply leadership, experience and creativity to support a sustainable organization in driving significant economic growth and developing solid human capital. 

Work experience

General Manager - México

ISDIN SA 2009 - 2010

1.Started Up local affiliate, delivering P&L targets.

  • Designed & Implemented model & plan to transition from former distributor and to set up local operation - The model became corporate standard for international start ups.
  • Started up local affiliate from 0 to Start up in 5 months, including key operating processes and 3PL selection & establishment. Start up plan was built in full alignment with corporate guidelines, securing full legal and regulatory compliance
  • Revamped regulatory strategy and execution, in alignment with corporate guidelines, and secured direct access & coordination with local regulatory board, resulting in a 3 year innovation pipeline, endorsed by corporate and supported by supply.

2.Designed and led implementation of local Commercial Strategy

  • Secured double digit revenue targets 2011 - 2012 through comprehensive growth plans with top 3 customers (60% of current revenue)
  • Based on corporate strategy & guidelines, locally focused on sell out, leveraging existing high prescription levels to fuel in store sell out & re-order
  • Implemented KOL management program amongst relevant medical community

3.Recruited and Built the local team.

  • Provided leadership and training
  • Prepared Sales Force to augment technical background and increased call rate frequency in 20%

Earlier Professional Experiences 1985 - 1992

Quaker Oats (México) 1987 - 1992

Financial Analyst / Financial Planning Supervisor / Brand Manager

Arthur Andersen M.I.C.D. (México) 1985 - 1987

Business Consultant /Sr.Business Consultant

Warner Lambert / Cadbury 1992 - 2009

2007-2009 - Commercial Director Middle East Africa (Member of Regional Board & Global Commercial Leadership Team) Johannesburg RSA. Turnover: $ 630MM

1.Built & Led a cohesive Sr. Regional Commercial Team (5 Marketing Directors + 5 Sales Directors) focused on securing regional revenue and M. Share targets while significantly improving local capabilities.

  • ME&A region achieved 13% growth in 2008; the largest for that year throughout the organization.
  • Joined up ME&A innovation strategy fueled a $160MM pipeline. Global emerging markets in LA & APAC on-boarded
  • Gathered regional team around one common goal (In line with corporate direction)
  • Developed clear regional engagement and performance guidelines in alignment with local GM's securing effective ways of working (Spent 70% of time in the markets working with local operators)

2.Led & Coached key markets to upgrade RTM strategy and commercial capabilities

  • Redefined distribution strategy by trade channel, in alignment with local GM's, around comprehensive portfolio priorities and pricing strategy.
  • Defined new organizational structure and profiles and new incentives and reward system for sales team
  • Supported local operators to implement new strategy in key channels

3.Led external team of consultants to analyze +40 countries to develop entry strategy to unattended markets

  • Developed entry strategy for "white space" markets in the region, resulting in $120MM incremental growth target.

4.Led interface with global categories for the region

  • Developed, aligned & implemented strategic growth framework for Emerging and Nascent Markets Globally

5.Developed, in collaboration with Manufacturing, a regional supply strategy, overcoming a critical capacity shortage.

2004-2007 Consumer & Trade Marketing Director Eastern Europe (E.E. Board Member) - Moscow, Russia. Turnover: $320MM

1.Built & Led a high performing Commercial Team

  • Raised team's performance levels around best practices, leveraging professional coaching for team and Implementing individual objectives, performance appraisal and career planning. After 2.5 years 10% of talent pool was exported to other Business Units

2.Led Commercial team to create and implement differentiated Marketing strategy

  • Achieved 68% ($ 100MM) revenue growth 2004-2007. Russia/CIS (the 6th highest priority market) was transformed from former Sales/Distribution company into a consumers driven organization, while moving to a profit position.
  • Re-built portfolio (Product, Package, Innovation) based on deep analysis and detailed segmentation of markets, consumers and competitors. Quality and perceived image gaps vs. key competitor were closed.
  • Reversed declining M. Share trend in all 4 categories: +10 pts up in Chewing Gum - Achieved market leadership in Candy. European award best Market share performance in 2007
  • Developed and implemented differentiated & relevant communication (European awarded)
  • Secured long term effective media deal, resulting in 3 - 1 effectiveness ratio vs. key competitor.

3.Re-built Trade Marketing organization & capabilities

  • Turned around the Point of Buying to drive 4 products into stores top 10 selling sku´s
  • Redefined packaging and shelf strategy to outperform in-store visual space.
  • Developed store & shelf management strategy & guidelines and trained Sales Force. Aligned priorities with Sales

4.Aligned functions and resources to deliver strategy and plans

  • Co-led implementation of S&OP (with Manufacturing) and Integrated Project Management (IPM) (with Logistics) - Russia became, in 2006, lead country for IPM and Best Project Management practices in EMEA.
  • Built & Chairied cross-functional team to manage improvement & innovation programs, resulting in 95% success rate for innovation initiatives.
  • Procured R&D full R&D team and Global experts focused to Russia and facilitated dialogue and collaboration with Manufacturing for alignment and expedited timing.
  • Implemented new incentives & reward system for the Sales Group based on sales, distribution and exhibition

5.Led interface & collaboration with Regional and Global Commercial Teams

2001-2004 Global Business Director - Strategic Brands / Kids - New Jersey, USA

1.Created a high performing multifunctional Global Team

  • Spent 50% of time in the regions working with Sales & Marketing and redefined ways of working involving local management and transferring knowledge and learning across markets (vs. centrally dictated)

2.Led the team to create and implement differentiated strategy

  • 15% and 17% global revenue growth in 2002 and 2003 in the largest global business for the company, which led also to profitably attain global market leadership in Bubble Gum.
  • Defined global strategy, based on local diagnose of needs, challenges and opportunities, thus building on commonalities while recognizing differences. Functionally & Geographically validated to secure feasibility and resourcing.
  • Globalized BBG - Globally aligned Model - Regionally managed P&L - Globally managed Innovation - Globally led communication and guidelines

3.Led the team to identify, develop and implement joined up innovation pipeline

  • Developed a sustainable global growth strategy and led implementation for joined-up innovation pipeline in the organization ($90MM long term annual revenue) Signed up in annual and long range plans
  • Clear and aligned methodology involving all functions to secure feasibility- Screening and Testing processes

1998-2000 Regional Category Manager - Chewing Gums MECCA - Mexico city. Turnover: $200 MM

1.Most profitable and fastest growth business within Adams 1998-2001 - 42% revenue growth over a 2 year period

2.Grew 5 pts. market share in Mexico (from an existing 67% market share position)

3.Re-launched and built Trident (the largest chewing gum brand in México) based on effective communication, distribution and selective innovation.

4.Built the strategic plan for the gum business in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, introduced one new brand and repositioned 3 existing businesses. President's Innovation Award in 2000.

1992-1997 - Warner Lambert (México)- Sr. Brand Manager / New Products Manager / Group Product Manager


U.N.A.M. 1982 - 1986

I.T.A.M. 1989 - 1990

Thunderbird - Thunderbird School of Global Management 1998

Wharton, University of Pennsylvania 1999