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    • My name is Rami Kuseybi and I am a sophomore at Queens University of Charlotte.  I am currently double majoring in psychology and communications.  I am highly interested in helping people as part of my career and am very people-oriented, but also am very interested in social media. My goal is to find a job in the field of psychology or communications  that incorporates being around people and involves communication.  I do not really know a certain job that I would like to pursue yet, but am interested in doing something with the media or becoming a counseling psychologist.  


A Communications internship that uses my skills in social media in the Charlotte, Greensboro, or any metropolitan areas.


Volunteer Activites

End Hunger campaign, Charlotte NC                             2011

Special Olympics, Greensboro NC                                  2011

Soup Kitchen, Greensboro NC    2008-Present

Communications Experience

Digital Media Consultant, Couture Consignments- Summer 2011

•Designed website for retail clothing store

•Created Facebook company page and Twitter account

Digital Writing Project, Queen's University of Charlotte- Spring 2011

•Developed a Wix website for Final english class project

•Built a Facebook page and WordPress blog for my topic

Work experience



Research Assistant

Sutton Kennerly & Associates.

Went around the city of Charlotte comparing student housing, then had to present a full report about my findings.


Floor Model


Greeted and assisted the needs of the customers.


Love being around people and have worked around them for many years.
Social Media
Great with the many aspects of social media and how it is used to benefit a company.