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District Contributions

Performance Review/ Growth Plan Committee

Grade 7 Full Day Visits to Secondary Schools Committee

SEA / TOC Interviews

Presentation to Support Teachers meeting:  Grade 7 Transition for SPED Students

District Welcome to Kindergarten presentation

Attended and assisted at DSAC Core Project

Video Testimonials

Please click on this video link to view the video containing testimonials by teachers, parents and students of Laity View.  In the first part of this video, teachers and staff address the question: "Why do you believe Ramin is an ideal administrator within the district?" in addition to "How would you characterize Ramin's personal leadership qualities?"  In the second part, students describe what my strengths are.

Distance Mentors

Inspired by Will Richardson to develop a PLN, I have been fortunate enough to connect online and in some cases, in person with these mentors.  The following passionate educators have helped me tremendously by shaping my thinking and practice as a leader:

Chris Wejr,

Principal, Kent Elementary, Fraser-Cascade School District (#78)

Leadership, Intrinsic motivation, School Culture

Chris Smeaton

Superintendent, Holy Spirit Catholic School Division (Alberta)


Tia Henriksen

Vice Principal, Bear Creek Elementary, Surrey School District (#36)

Technology in Education, Blogging

Rachel Walters

Principal, Cannella Elementary (Hillsborough County, Florida, USA)

Leadership, Mentor (School Admin Virtual Mentor Program established by George Couros)

Skills & Attributes

Leadership:  I put kids and their success at the centre of all of my decisions, using my strong moral compass and integrity to guide me.  I lead by example, model life-long learning and work hard.  I model risk-taking in order to learn and to include innovative initiatives in my school (such as the recent Grade 4/5 Science Inquiry Project). I am a consensus builder who acknowledges my mistakes and works collaboratively in an adaptable and flexible manner to find answers that best fit the school's needs.  I am an authentic, genuine leader, one who builds trust and credibility with my staff in a multitude of ways.  I am a visible leader and enjoy interacting with all members of the school community. 

Relationship builder:  I am passionate about creating a caring community built on positive relationships.  I am approachable and my good sense of humour helps me to readily make people feel at ease.  I am an excellent listener and work with people to solve problems.  I am authentic and trustworthy; I consistently show my appreciation of others.

Visionary:  I know what I believe in; I have a clear vision and invite others to provide input in order to make our school vision their own.  I am forward-thinking and I keep focused on the vision, while dealing with everyday tasks.  I focus on the big ideas and work to build school-wide systems that ensure student success.  I am excited about innovation; I love to learn and am not satisfied with the status quo.  I view myself as a "talent scout", empowering teachers to lead every day.

Action Oriented:  I get things done and am persistent in working toward achieving goals.  I am proactive and also a good trouble-shooter.  I am calm under pressure and make the tough decisions when needed.  I prioritize and efficiently organize my time to ensure that the required tasks, necessary for student success, are completed.

Passionate:  I care deeply about my school community and am passionate about being a leader, striving to positively impact my students' lives.  I dream big, while at the same time being a realistic optimist.  I am a positive, enthusiastic, can-do person.  I am excited to continue to develop as a leader and seek out mentorship opportunities, both within our school district and beyond.  Being a connected leader has become integral to my practice; I welcome exposure to new and different ideas.

Inclusive:  Due to my background in Special Education, inclusivity and collaboration come naturally to me; I work with all of our school community members on many levels.  My priority is to always ensure that success is meant for all students in our school.  In my role as Support Team leader, I strive to ensure that classroom teachers, support teachers, SEA's, and itinerants work together to develop personalized plans to suit the needs of each student.  My style as an administrator is one where I share leadership within, and include all members of the community.

Communicator:  I focus on talking with people rather than talking to them.  I emphasize conversation (a reciprocal relationship) rather than simply just communicating information.  I am a good listener and negotiator.  I take a reflective, caring and encouraging approach to problem solving.  Communication with all school members is a priority for me, whether it be face to face or via a newsletter.  I further connect using social media, both with my own school community (by establishing the Laity View Facebook and Twitter pages) and also with fellow educators (by using my own Twitter account, for example).  Learning to communicate in these innovative ways pushed me outside of my comfort zone and further demonstrated my commitment to life-long learning as well as my persistence and resilience to staff and students.

Tech savvy:  I practice using technology on a daily basis and have become the "tech guy" at our school by troubleshooting whenever problems arise for our staff and students.  I'm a quick study and an enthusiastic learner.  Further, I am resourceful; I seek answers to questions I may not know by using my PLN and District IT employees.  I promote the relevant use of educational technology in our school and am always ready to support our students and teachers.  I model the use of educational technology while teaching Core French to enhance the learning opportunities of my students.


At the heart of my vision for an ideal school is a positive, supportive learning environment - a culture that promotes excellence and innovation in learning and teaching.  As an administrator, I am passionate about establishing this culture, one caring relationship at a time.  I am a visible leader, one who takes time to forge connections with staff, students, and parents; a connected community being at the root of my vision.  Being "present", whether it's in the parking lot, on the playground, at evening performances or family movie nights is one starting point for me to build these relationships.  And because I'm willing to go out of my comfort zone to reach the students in the ways that they find engaging, they are more willing to reach further themselves (as an example, view my "Super Mehrassa" movie created with students to promote a part of our school code of conduct).Within a positive culture, providing choice and flexibility allows students to pursue their passions and strengthen their areas for growth.  These expanded learning opportunities result in a higher degree of engagement; improved student achievement naturally follows.  I, myself, can attest to the powerful positive effects of engaging in passion-based work and view the promotion of personalized options for students as an important part of an administrator's role.Even with more options and flexibility to pursue their passions, students still need our help.  We must support and guide our students, particularly when they struggle or experience challenges.  As an administrator, I support my staff to embrace the shift in pedagogy that results in teachers being supportive coaches and actively guiding the student's individualized learning as opposed to teachers taking centre-stage in transmitting knowledge. In this way, the focus is on students learning to learn, as opposed to simply learning information.  Using educational technology as a tool to promote accessibility and choice enhances students' ability in learning how to learn.  It is one of my jobs as an administrator to provide access, support and training to my staff to ensure they feel comfortable using this technology in their classrooms.As an administrator, I am ultimately guided by my core belief of putting the student at the centre of any school decision.  I provide teachers with the support needed to enhance the learning of their students and to grow in their own learning as well.  With learning and success for all at the centre of my vision, I nurture a caring school culture in which all members of the connected community will thrive.

Professional Development

The Reform Symposium E-Conference  (October 2013)                                                                

Educational Leadership

Motivation From the Inside Out  (September 2013)                                                                                    

Alfie Kohn

School Admin Virtual Mentor Program  (August 2013)                                                               

George Couros

Surrey Edcamp  (August 2013)

Inquiry / Twitter

Estrie Language School  (July 2013/2012)                                   

Conversational French

Kent Elementary Visit (Shadowing Principal)   (April 2013)

Chris Wejr

SFU Inquiry Conference  (February 2013)

Bruce Beairsto

Anxiety and Stress in Students:  (December 2012)

Harnessing Social Emotional Learning in Schools

Dr. Lynn Miller

Delta Edcamp  (November 2012)

Blogs / PLNs

Principles of Behaviour Series  (Winter 2012; four sessions)

Laurie Smith, Student Support Services

iPad workshop  (January 2012)

Apple Canada

iPad workshop including iCommunicate  (February 2011)

Becky Kozol, retired teacher

Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders  (Spring 2011; five sessions)

Marianne Garrison, District Autism Consultant

Crosscurrents Conferences  (Spring 2009)

BC Special Education PSA,Vancouver

BCESIS training  (September 2008)

Darren Rowell

Kurzweil workshop  (November 2008)

Nedra Post, SET-BC consultant  (included follow-up at Laity View)

Work experience

Dec 2010Present

Acting / Continuing Elementary School Vice Principal

Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows School District (#42)
  • Vice Principal of and teacher at of Laity View Elementary School with a population of approximately 640 students. Teaching includes grade 4-7 support, Core French for grades 5-6, Intermediate math, and grade 4/5 reading groups.
  • Plan daily resourcing requirements by organizing and directing the Teachers Teaching on Call (TTOCs) and Special Education Assistant (SEA) floats and printing out dayplans for absent teachers
  • Plan the teacher prep schedule, including P.E., Art, Music and Library preps
  • Coordinate services of itinerant staff to efficiently meet the needs of students
  • Support team leader
  • Organize special school events (eg. Christmas concerts, Grade 7 Leaving ceremony, assemblies, and student dances)
  • Set up community events such as the district sponsored All Day Kindergarten Forum held at Laity View
  • Facilitate PAC sponsored events within the school such as Family Movie nights, Breakfast club
  • Coordinate and chair SEA meetings
  • Performance evaluation of new SEAs and SETA students
  • Promote school safety (supervision of school parking lot during peak times, created a school rule video)
  • Organize and facilitate student leaders to undertake activities such as Lunch Hour Games club, Lunch Monitors, Equipment monitors, morning announcements
  • Oversee and manage Information Technology requirements at Laity View
  • Reading to French Immersion Kindergarten students
  • Support Intermediate students academically
  • Responsible for developing and implementing strategies for student discipline
  • Communicate with parents regarding their children on a regular basis; address parent concerns and questions
Nov 2008Present

Intermediate Support Teacher

Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows School District (#42)

Worked as one of the Intermediate Support Teachers at Laity View Elementary School

  • Work with Learning Disabled Students, Autistic Students, Students requiring Behaviour Support,Students Requiring Intensive Behaviour Intervention, Students with Moderate to Profound Intellectual Disabilities
  • Develop positive Positive Behaviour Support Plans and write Individual Education Plans for support students
  • Teach social skills, study strategies, reading, writing, and math skills both within the classroom (to all students) and, at times, on a pull-out (small group) basis
  • Collaborate with teachers and develop unit plans to enhance support students' ability to be successful within their own classroom
  • Develop and implement social skills sessions for at-risk students with the school counsellor
  • Schedule Special Education Assistants' time to work most effectively with the school Special Education students
  • Assist students individually and in small group settings in both the English and French programs
  • BCesis school support team member for Laity View
  • Chair Laity View Technology Committee
  • Participate in Social Responsibility Committee
Feb 1992Feb 2008

Support Teacher

Surrey School District (#36)

Worked as a Support Teacher at Frank Hurt Secondary

  • Taught Learning Disabled (LD) and English as a Second Language (ESL) students
  • Developed, implemented and taught the Frank Hurt Peer Tutoring Program
  • Planned for and taught Beginner ESL students; activities included students reading the Westcoast Reader (ESL newspaper), summarizing articles and then writing an article with the topic of their own choice; using drama to re-enact stories from text book; using cooking as a method to encourage conversation
  • Liased with administration and counseling staff about placement of LD students
  • In charge of creating LD student schedules to match student learning styles with teachers' individual approaches
  • Scheduled and coordinated SEA time to fit within student timetables and classroom teachers' schedules to most effectively meet student needs
  • Organized and lead homework club after school for LD students
  • Organized and taught study skills sessions in the evening for senior students and parents
  • School Based Team member
  • Professional Learning Community member: technology focus
  • Coached Senior Girls' soccer team
Sep 1989Feb 1992


Surrey School District (#36)
  • Taught a variety of different subjects as a TOC
  • Planned for and taught French 8-11 students on a long term assignment
  • Planned for and taught mildly developmentally delayed students in Secondary Learning Improvement Program (SLIP) on a long-term assignment.
  • Responsible for teaching modified courses for English, Socials, Science and Math


Sep 1994Dec 1996

Masters of Education, Reading

University of British Columbia
Sep 1983Jun 1989

Bachelor of Arts, History

Simon Fraser University


Stephanie Dand

Bruce Grady

Shelley Linton