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Professional Interests:

            Ø      Interested in Attending seminars related Embedded Systems, Particularly  related MSOC, SBC etc.

Ø      Pro actively observe new products technical updates and technological break throughs for self development.

          Ø      Work on self development projects as a hobby, to face the challenges & understand the nuances in complete module development, using a new software or a hardware Dev Board.

Personel Interests:

              Ø      Work Hiking & travelling, Solving Sudoku & Rubix-Cube, Reading Novels, Improving Vocabulary, Cooking.       




Direct Thermal Printer (Customer: INTERMEC)

Ø  Involved in the design of various modules of Input Output, User Input, Power  

        Regulation PCBAs for the printer

Ø  IO Board – Design of USB Hub, USB to RS232 Converter, Power Supply 

        Section with over voltage protection logic control circuitries.

Ø  UI Board – Design of LED driver circuitry using processor controlled octal 


Ø  Power Regulation Board – optimal Design of Buck, Boost and LDO regulator

        circuitries based on load requirement.

Ø  Ensure 100% Test coverage for PCBAS in ICT and FCT.

ØDeveloped testing plans (IRS) for the mentioned PCBAs

Ø  Verification of layout and design, debugging and testing of prototype 


Ø  EE technical support during printer build and incorporate those solutions for 

        design issues into next board revision

Ø  EE support for FW and test engineering team

Ø  BOM management and control

Ø  Component selection and qualification for design

Ø  EMC-RE verification and identification of harmonics and apply EMI solutions.

    Ø    ESD verification for air and contact discharge and increase grounding for 

          failure points.

Photo Kiosk (Customer: HP)

Ø  Designed Hardware Controller PCA

Ø  Developed functional testing (FCT) plans for the printer

Ø  Designed, tested, debugged, verified layout and prototype development

Ø  BOM management and control

Ø  Component selection and qualification for design

                                    Vehicle Cradle Mount (Customer: INTERMEC)

  Ø  Design Owner & EE Lead of this Vehicle Dock Unit, that provides regulated,

          short circuit protected power input to Printer on Vehicle.

  Ø  Conducted ESD Testing and implemented the improvements through 

          addition of ESD diodes, Varistor and Improvement of Grounding techniques 

          through layout or cabling to achieve Class B Test Requirements for 

          Consumer Designs.

ØProvide timely instructions to production during PCBA build time.

ØDeveloped Manual testing (MT) plans for the printer to facilitate mass 


ØDesigned, tested, debugged, verified layout and prototype development

ØBOM management and control

ØComponent selection and qualification for design


Extensive engineering experience in the area of Embedded based Printing & Medical Systems.

Embedded Hardware/ Software Design

ØCadence OrCAD

ØAllegro Design Entry HDL Schematic Capture

ØPspice simulation

ØMentor Graphics Power PCB

ØAllegro Layout Viewers

ØGerber Viewer.

ØFamiliarity with the development of Assembly level Programming.

ØGood Experiences on micro controller series such as Atmega, PIC and Atmel 8-bit Controllers,

ØVisual Basic and MATLAB programming.

ØFamiliarity with CSM, AVR, 8051 C Compilers,

ØFamiliarity in EMC - RE Investigation and enforcing EMI solutions.

ØExposure in identifying & testing of ESD Test points for air ±15kv and contact  ±8kv discharge, implementing effective solutions.

ØBasic knowledge of VERILOG Programming using Xilinx Tool.

Ø      Familiarity with UART, I2C and SPI protocols.

                                        Ø      Experiences in using Spectrum Analyser, Oscilloscope and ESD Gun.


An complete Embedded Engineer with 6+ Yrs of  Experiences in Firmware and Hardware Developments  for consumer electronic products such as printers ( label & Inkjet ), security systems and medical electronics like neo natal products and hand held instruments like glucose meter & bio-impedance analyzer.

Profound technical background, strong team player, self-motivated, 100% flexible, analytic thinking, communicative,  international ( Malaysia & Singapore ) work experiences, open minded  to accept  critics positively.

Work experience

Firmware Engineer

Maveric Info Systems Pvt Limited

ØDeveloped Firmware for Digital Security Systems that run on PIC Micro  controllers.

ØTweaked the performance of the system running in production based on feedbacks from service team.

Ø      Tested firmware for various security products during NPI phase to release a bug free product for MR .

Feb 2006Present

R & D Engineer

Venture Corporation Limited

Ø      Design owner for wide range of PCAS by contribution of 

      implementing regular design ideas and EMC-RE, RF and ESD 

      improvements throughout the project cycle

Ø      Validation of design ideas by both waveform and parametric 

      verification and bench testing of the prototype designs.

Ø      Complete 'Bill of Materials' management and updating in accordance

      to design changes.

Ø      Component selection and qualification for design; adhering to RoHS.

Ø      Supporting and debugging, design and product build issues during

      the Hardware development.

Ø      Developing Internal Reference Specifications (IRS) of the individual 


                              Ø    Maintaining periodical discussion with the customer through weekly

                                    teleconference for project status and development updates and with 

                                    the vendor to facilitate production with Inter Circuit Testing (ICT) and

                                    Functional Circuit Testing (FCT) Equipments up gradations for

                                    respective PCAs.

Ø      Developing Vendor contacts for quick evaluation boards & sample 

      components procurement.

Ø      Develop Schematic Symbols for various design templates.

Apr 2005Jan 2006

Design Engineer

Phoenix Medical Systems Pvt Limited

ØInvolved in Implementation of Embedded Designs, mostly firmware for Neo Natal  Medical Instruments like Warmers, Incubator etc.,

ØDeveloped Micro controller based Hardware and Firmware Designs for  Apgar  timer module, a SSD clock for measurement facilitation.

ØProto typed a complete concept in Analog Design for a Hand held instrument “  Bio-Impedance Analyser “ and subsequently interfaced it with a Micro Controller Circuit to view the Fat quantity in a human body through a calculative firmware C coding.

ØSupported Production for new feature updates on existing products with request from customer.


Jun 2000May 2003

Bachelor Of Engineering

Sri Venkateswara College Of Engineering

ØWorked on my final year engineering project dealing with an extraction of

      speech  parameters and thereby, resynthesizing the speech from the obtained 

      parameters and  training the system to identify the pitch of the speaker to 

      operate the different peripherals using voice commands. Obtained a fine grasp 

      over MATLAB and the  ability to simulate any desired application in the MATLAB

environment instantly using a GUI.

Jun 1997May 2000

Diploma in Engineering

Panimalar Polytechnic

ØWorked on my Diploma Project dealing with 8051 micro controller based

      Electronic Voting Machine with an enhancement of Voter's Identification Card 

      enable voting approach exploiting the  complete  GPIOs, memories and 

      peripheral features ATMEL Micro controller.

Jun 1996May 1997


Bethel Matriculation Hr Sec School

Participated in various speech & essay writing competitions  in English & Tamil Languages.


Mr. Michael Wong

Mr Michael Wong mentored me as a Project  Manager  during the development of Work Bench Label Printer for INTERMEC customer, right from scratch to Manufacturing Release. I learned trouble shooting ESD and EMC issues as a member of his team.

Kindly contact him for more information about me.

Dr. Boby George


I have known Mr. Ramesh Anand as an Embedded Design Engineer during the period 2005 to 2006,when I was his External Project Consultant for Phoenix Medical Systems, INDIA.

During this period, I was a Ph.D research scholar and, he worked with me and developed a handheld medical instrument namely ‘‘Bio-Impedance Analyzer’’, in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras.

He is a highly motivated and sincere engineer with lot of enthusiasm. You may contact me for any further information about him.

Yours Sincerely,Boby GeorgeGraz,20th August 2009.