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Work experience

Aug 2007Present

Associate Director, Education Technology Development

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Rural Hospital Program

The Associate Director of Program Development provides leadership for faculty and staff in the effective use of new and current technologies for instructional and educational purposes.  This position consults and develops collaborations with external organizations and implements and promotes instructional technologies throughout the state and nation for medical continuing education. Work contacts include administrators, faculty staff, committees and representatives from computer and new technologies business and industries. 


In addition to performing duties as assigned the Associate Direct consults with faculty and staff in:

  • developing instructional uses of technologies
  • researching, analyzing and evaluating new technologies for potential applications in instruction
  • promoting the implementation of technological innovations
  • creating demonstrations of instructional applications of technologies
  • planning, coordinating and conducting special topics workshops in the use of technologies in instruction for faculty, staff or conferences
  • arranging and scheduling new technologies demonstrations and workshops
  • providing assistance to faculty, staff and administrators who have instructional technology needs
  • publicizing and promoting services, resources and activities of Regional Programs
  • Installing, configuring and maintaining software and courseware, as well as troubleshoots problems with microcomputer hardware and peripherals for Instructional Technology design and use
  • recommending new technologies, hardware, software and related printer material for acquisition
  • designing and developing new instructional technology applications

Instructional Design Specialist

University of Arkansas School of Continuing Education & Academic Outreach

Instructional Design/Distance Education Responsibilities: Principal duties and responsibilities assigned to instructional design/distance education include:

1.    Analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation of instructional content as needed for support of faculty at the University of Arkansas. 

2.    Collaboration with subject matter experts in the development of content.

3.    Evaluation of textbooks for course adoption.

4.    Incorporation of learning theories and current research in the development of instructional design as it relates to technology delivery.

5.    Evaluation of software for use in online education including making recommendations for course use and requesting costs for budgeting.  Comparing comparable packages for best

Project Development:

1.    Stays informed of current research in relation to instructional design to improve course delivery.

2.    Develops project plans to ensure time sensitive delivery of course obligations.

Faculty Support:

1.    Assists faculty in understanding the courseware management system including training, and assisting with addition of documents required for courses.

2.    Provides guidance to faculty in developing communication within the online course.

Consults by reviewing outside electronic sources of information that can supplement course material.


Education Media / Communications Coordinator

University of Florida College of Pharmacy

Course Administration Responsibilities:

Principal duties and responsibilities assigned to this position are coordinating course administration including:

1.    Assembling course materials (e.g. textbook orders, reserved readings

2.    Publisher permissions for reprints

3.    Procurement of special needs such as computer software needed by students

4.    Verifying course scheduling of classrooms for routing and special project use

5.    Reserving AV equipment as needed

6.    Handling logistics for guest lecturers and part-time instructors

7.    Handling all course handouts for lectures and labs

8.    Exam preparation and photocopying-machine grading

9.    Supervising registration

10.  Setting up and maintaining integrity of student grading-monitoring

11.  Monitoring student absenteeism

12.  Assigning discussion sections and work groups or setting up oral exams per course needs

13.  Triaging student e-mail and verbal requests

14.  Making necessary accommodations for students with disabilities or other special needs

15.  Standardizing materials distributed to students - within a single course and eventually across the department's offerings at the professional level

16.  Creating a template, monitoring preparation, and evaluating instructional handbooks for graduate teaching assistants and off-site course instructors

17.  Tracking peer evaluation of teaching, making all arrangements for peer evaluations and peer evaluators

18.  Assessing grading procedures for reliability

19.  Organizing administration of and preparing summaries of student evaluation within and across department courses.

Instructional Design/Distance Education Responsibilities:

Principal duties and responsibilities assigned to instructional design/distance education include:

1.    Setting up and maintaining course web site using UF designated software

2.    Coordinating with DigiScript representatives for online lecture presentations

3.    Facilitating course administration at distance learning sites, including setting periodic meetings with site directors, knowing the unique requirements, constraints and opportunities at each site

4.    Coordinating training sessions and conference calls with course instructors

5.    Setting up visits to distance learning sites for faculty

6.    Plans and produces audio, visual, and audiovisual material for communication and learning

7.    Develops production ideas based on assignment or generates own ideas based on objectives and personal interest

8.    Conducts research or utilizes knowledge and training to determine format, approach, content, level, and medium which will be most effective, meet objectives, and remain within budget

9.    Plans and develops preproduction ideas into outlines, scripts, continuity, story boards, and graphics

10.  Executes rough and finished graphics and graphic designs,

11.  Reviews, evaluates, and directs modifications to material produced independently

12.  Sets up, adjusts, and operates equipment, such as cameras, sound mixers, and recorders during production

13.  May perform narration or present announcements

14.  May construct and place in position properties, sets, lighting equipment, and other equipment

15.  Develops manuals, texts, workbooks, or related materials for use in conjunction with production materials

16.  Conducts training sessions on use of various software packages as related to course material.


Graduate Assistant / Instructional Designer

University of Arkansas School of Continuing Education & Academic Outreach

Marketing Responsibilities:

1.    Developed a marketing database for implementation of various marketing initiatives at the Division of Continuing Education

2.    Database creation using Microsoft Access and data collection using various methods.

3.    Developed mass marketing campaigns for the Health Sciences Cohort, ETEC Internet in the Classroom, Special Education Courses, and English as a Second Language.

Web/Design Responsibilities:

1.    Re-designed the Division's current Web site using Macromedia Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Adobe Photoshop.

2.    Created lessons for introduction to Blackboard using the new Tegrity software applications. Developed web pages for Technology Planning Guidelines for the technology portion of the No Child Left Behind Act, and for the Special Education Masters program at the UofA.

Instructional Design Responsibilities

1.    Create online courses in Arkansas History, and Ethics for Rehabilitation Counselors.


Technology Teacher

L.D. Bell High School

Created curriculum and taught Web Design/E-commerce/Computer Science to high school students at L.D. Bell High school in Hurst, TX. Applications used: Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Flash, HTML, C++.


Sr. Marketing & Business Analyst

Source, Inc.

Marketing Responsibilities:

Responsible for the development, design, content and maintenance of SOURCE's main website coordinating Web marketing, graphics creation and online content management. Other web related duties include:

1.    Supports the creation and implementation of specific website initiatives to support Internet marketing plans

2.    Coordinating efforts of design and content management teams which include outside website developers and internal resources to ensure sites meet marketing objectives and guidelines

3.    Monitoring access patterns to adjust internet marketing strategies and plans to maximize internet impact to bottom line and ensure that they continue to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

4.    Coordinates direct mail marketing programs, and literature related to SOURCE, INC.

Business Analyst Responsibilities:

Business/systems analysis for projects to enhance the company's infrastructure for sales content and personalization. Duties include:

1.    Develop business and technology requirements through close interaction with a variety of groups, notably web content, market data, architecture, QA and operations

2.    Facilitate, review, & manage reporting specifications

3.    Retrieval and analysis of data in support of the Executive Management Reporting, and ad-hoc Customer requests

4.    Assist in designing, programming, and implementing new reports, as well as maintenance of existing programs, containing performance measures to evaluate the operations of the Sales Department

5.    Utilize appropriate system technology to collect, evaluate and report business information

Skills include:

1.    Top communication and analytical abilities

2.    Background in managing the requirements process

3.    Experience with information architecture and/ or market data

4.    Strong documentation & process flow diagram skills (MS Office / MS Visio)

5.    Strong MS Project and project management/life cycle methodologies.


Sr. Program Manager, Strategic Alliance Programs

PC ServiceSource

Responsible for the creation and on-going improvement of project management methodologies and applications for use in customized logistics offerings to large service providers and personal computer Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Development responsibilities include:

1.    conceptual design

2.    operational process assessment and recommendation

3.    application architecture assessment and recommendation

4.    implementation and testing

5.    on-going improvement planning.

Logistics offerings include:

1.    centralized and de-centralized inventory management

2.    inventory repair and reutilization

3.    warranty administration

4.    repair vendor management

5.    program financial assessment.

Tool solutions include:

1.    MS Access database creation, design, implementation and training for team of sales representatives and Program Managers

2.    Informix designed reports for communicating performance measurements on program service offerings

3.    warehouse and distribution modeling using input/ output database models

4.    documentation and presentation templates for effectively communicating routine performance measurements.

Project Management offerings include:

1.    Project Plan development, execution, and overall change control

2.    Scope definition, verification, and planning

3.    Time management, definition, sequencing, duration estimation

4.    Cost management, estimation, budgeting and control

5.    Quality planning, assurance, and control

6.    Staff acquisition and team development

7.    Communication planning, distribution, reporting, and closure

8.    Risk identification, quantification, and response development

9.    Contract implementation, administration, and close out.

Additional requirements involve supporting an eight-member program management team with planning, organizing, analyzing, prioritizing, and executing multiple projects to ensure program compliance.


Sr. Project Manager

NationsCredit Financial Corporation

Responsible for application development, documentation, and creation of value-added delivery processes within a project management team responsible for:

1.    Coordination and planning efforts with Architectural Engineers, Information Technology, Furniture Contractors, Telecommunications Professionals, and Executive Management

2.    performance of facilities management and project delivery

3.    measurement of lease obligations and deliverables

4.    budgeting analysis

5.    site assessments

6.    documentation and RFP creation

7.    start-up and implementation

8.    metrics reporting

9.    continuous improvement plans


Logistics Manager / Customer Service

J.B. Hunt Transportation

Logistics Support:

Managed express shipments for large customers located within geographic territories. Responsibilities included:

1.    asset utilization analysis

2.    labor & resource allocation

3.    transportation planning

4.    transportation compliance

5.    equipment maintenance.

Customer Service

Compiled and documented information for knowledge sharing with team of CSR's in and effort to improve efficiencies in standard offerings. Team responsibilities included:

1.    freight order entry

2.    outbound sales calls to industrial and commercial customer base

3.    freight rate quoting of tariffs and schedules

4.    load planning

5.    resource planning of special equipment and routes

recommendations for methods of loading, crating and handling freight.


Help Desk Technitian

Walmart Corporate Offices

Provided research, documentation, and management responsibilities of knowledge regarding technical information, which allowed troubleshooting on a large installed base of PCs supporting 300+ Wal-Mart retail outlets.

Responsibilities included:

1.    Documenting hardware & software diagnostics tools

2.    Advising team management on applications issues and improvements

3.    Researching technical manuals and summarizing solutions for team utilization

4.    Researching industry publications for new problem resolution techniques

5.    Auditing and reporting network testing and diagnostics tools via use of Unix remote dial up applications.



Video / Audio / CDrom Production
Web / Multimedia Design
Project / Program Development & Management
Instructional Design
Corporate Communications


My Goal is to work towards a more unified Arkansas from an educational perspective.  I want to connect every person in the state to educational opportunities that enrich and empower our citizens to seek purpose and fullfiment of their personal life ambitions through the use of education technologies.

Professional Memberships

  • Council for Exceptional Children - 2008
  • Arkansas Distance Learning Association - 2007
  • Arkansas Association of Teacher Educators - 2006
  • International Society for Technology in Education - 2004

Courses Taught

Fall 2006/2007: ETEC 5313 - Principals in Visual Literacy - UofA Fayetteville Provided participants with a sense of how visual images can be employed in the teaching process. The use of digital photography, and Photoshop techniques are vehicles for studying the use of visual images in education.

Summer 2006/2007: ETEC 5062 - Teaching & Learning with Computer Technologies - UofA Fayetteville Provided students admitted to the Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) program with the information and experience needed to use computer-based teaching technologies to meet instructional objectives in content area classrooms.

Spring 2007/2008: ETEC 5253 - Information Technologies in Education - UofA Fayetteville An intensive examination of the role of telecommunications and distance education technologies and their implications for educational practice.  Emphasis is on telecommunications, and distance education technologies in classroom environments.

Summer 2008: CIED 6603 - Multicultural Education - UofA Fayetteville - Teaching Assistant

This Ph.D. course is designed to trace, examine, discuss, and promote understanding of issues related to multicultural education, different views of multicultural education, and the impact of multicultural education upon the schooling process.  Emphasis is upon schooling experiences of culturally diverse students, language issues, gender issues, and evaluation issues.

Educational Media Productions

  • Grantwriting CD-Rom Tutorial
  • Commercial Website - Division of Continuing Education
  • Preskool Kool Kids - Website
  • WebQuest: Six Degrees of Separation - Website
  • Blackboard Online Training - Division of Continuing Education Online Continuing Legal Education - Website
  • Philosophy of Education & Historical Foundations of Education - Website
  • Macromedia Flash MX Copypack & Online Application - Website Course Development
  • Using MS Excel to Produce Statistics - Chi2, T-tests, 2x2 Tables, and Descriptive Statistics

Websites Developed

Contributions to Organizations & Community

  • Develop a UAMS presence on iTunes University
  • Develop relationships with the state AHEC offices and staff to gain understanding and insight into each unique location for development of AHEC residency recruiting videos.
  • Volunteered to Chair the ARE-ON ELearning Action Committee
  • Consulted with ANGELS and CDH on development of a Telemedicine Training Institute
  • Taped the 2nd Annual Symposium on Autism Spectrum Disorders at UAF - March 4 & 5, 2009 - Fayetteville, AR
  • Developed online education module for Arkansas Department of Health on gaining Recognition for Diabetes Self-Management Education
  • Worked to establish a UAMS presence on the MedShow


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Martindale, R.A. (2009).  $75,000K.  Performance Improvement CME. UAMS Innovation Grant.Martindale, R.A. (2007).  $35K.  Carry over budget request for Area Health Education Centers Model Grant.


McComas, W.F. (2007). $1.6M,  The Science Misconception Access Project (SCI-MAP) Discovery Research K-12 National Science Foundation (NSF) 06-593.

Winterstein, A. & Martindale, R. (2004). $21,044. Interactive Teaching Modules on Evidence-Based Medicine. RFP presented to the office of Academic Technology, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, October.

Reports / Publications

Murphy, C., Riffel, B., Martindale, R., Stover, L., & Terrell, E. (2007). Snapshots of success: Technology Integration in Arkansas Schools. Report produce for Arkansas Joint Education Committee, Arkansas Legislature. Available:  

Murphy, C.,  Martindale R., Schwartz, K.,  Stover, L., & Terrell, E. (2005) Proposal for the Establishment of a Center for Instructional Technology (CIT). University of Arkansas Campus, Fayetteville.

Technology Proficiencies


  • Chair: Arkansas Research and Education Optical Network [ARE-ON] Academic Agenda Action Team.  Working with the 12 member institutions to collaborate on statewide eLearning activiites and initiatives.
  • Member UAMS Northwest Arkansas medial school campus expansion committee.  Providing support for eLearning initiatives such as video capture and developing repositories for eLearning materials.
  • Member UAMS Distance Education Steering Committee chaired by Michael Manley Outreach Director for the Center for Distance Health.